A good education system should teach life skills like growing your own food, cooking, catching a fish and gutting it. Education should teach how to use a washing machine and a steam iron and other tools needed to get jobs done.  Education should teach House Skills like how to manage money, do accounts, shop wisely by buying in bulk etc. Schools should teach about how to get on the housing ladder and the welfare system. At present schools only teach people how to be a zombie and not think for themselves or out of the box – do they only want to turn out clones that are happy to work for low wages for a boss? They also teach a lot of lies at school like we all came out of Africa when the history of the earth shows it was one giant continent that broke apart.

The sad reality is children nowadays could learn much more staying at home and going on the Internet.  Schools have become Left-Wing infested institutions who won’t teach the history of the crusades through Political Correctness.  The banking system is never explained – banks don’t have the money to lend you when you apply for a mortgage. All money in circulation is debt and every time a bank gets £1 they can lend £10 thus inflation is built into the system and powerful families like Rothschild’s can set price of gold and own the country of Israel. No teacher is teaching how the School of Frankfurt has destroyed Western morals and values.  No one mentions how Count Kalergi planned the EU for genocide of white people and a New World Order serving American Zionist’s.

THERE IS NO POINT GOING TO UNIVERSITY IN UK TO STUDY ELECTRONICS – TO GET A DEGREE MEANS 5 YEARS NOT EARNING A WAGE  AND THUS A LOSS OF INCOME OF OVER £60,000. By going to university yuo will be £20,000 in debt. You will be 21 and have 45 working years left if you are employed full time. just to break even you need an extra £3,000 a year. The sad fact during my life my skilled eelctronic jobs have made much less than loading vehicles in a warehouse. Reason women can’t do heavy manual work and warehouse jobs tend to have Unions and electronic companies don’t. It is only wortwhile going to UNI if you study Law or Architecture as these jobs pay well. Women a UNI also don’t tend to go out with fellow students they go for men who are working , who have nice cars and can take them out for nice dinners.

It is now a womens world where women walk into well paid jobs just because they have good looks and the boss fancies an affair with them..