A teacher has been awarded £150,000 after she lost her voice trying to make herself heard in the classroom. Joyce Walters damaged her vocal cords straining to raise her volume above the clamour coming from a nearby playground. As a result she was forced to quit her job as an English teacher. The 50-year-old says she now struggles to speak on the phone and suffers a sore throat and hoarseness when she raises her voice in noisy bars. Mrs Walters, who taught for 12 years, won a total of £156,000 in out-of-court settlements from her council after claiming she could never teach again.

It is one of the largest payouts of its kind and an example of the growing compensation culture among injured and sacked teachers, which costs the taxpayer more than £20 million a year. Last year another teacher was awarded £173,595 for dislocating an ankle during playground duty. In comparison, an injured war veteran could expect a maximum of £34,100 for a similar injury.

compensations for lags

COMPENSATION claims by prisoners for injuries caused by trips and slips behind bars are costing the taxpayer £15,000 a day. Last year saw inmates bring a total of more than 3,000 successful cases against the Ministry of Justice, at a cost of almost £6million, the biggest total payout for at least five years. In the past year 354 prisoners brought claims that cost the ministry a total of £3.8million to settle, though much of this money would have been used to cover prisoners’ legal fees. Some incidents in prison are caused by physical attacks but many of the claims are brought for what might be considered run-of-the-mill accidents such as trips, falls and sports injuries.

The ministry revealed that one inmate was paid more the £250,000 in compensation, the biggest award last year, for an injury he suffered behind bars. Another seven each received cheques in excess of £25,000. The overall total payout included compensation averaging £2,450 to 77 prisoners because their release date had been miscalculated and they were held in jail for too long. " Taxpayers already pay to keep criminals locked up". They shouldn’t have to fork out for an out-of-control compensation culture as well Robert Oxley of the Taxpayers’ Alliance .

A total of £16,000 was paid out because prisoners’ property had been damaged and another £140,000 was to compensate for lost possessions. In addition to the £6million paid out in claims from prisoners, a further £8million was spent settling cases from prison staff.


Leaked documents revealed that an estimated 15,000 people were involved in sham marriages so they could remain in Britain.  Thousands more pose as students on bogus college courses but nothing is being done.  Checks have been waived on 25,000 East European migrants since September 2003.  How many potential terrorists have been let in?

Phoney marriages at £200 open the door to migrants.

Eastern European are paying £200 for bogus marriages as a way of entering Britain , they exploit lax rules in Countries about to join the EU.  Immigration sources in Slovakia  and Czech Republic say impoverished Bulgarians and Romanians are streaming in for arranged unions and thus become EU citizens and then can get into Britain.

Visa Scams.

Over 37,000 people on Visa's have switched and stayed on in U.K last year alone.  They apply for a College course then re-apply for another Visa once they have secured work etc.

Drug-addicted prisoners have received compensation because their human rights were breached when they were forced to go cold turkey, it was revealed today. Around £11,400 was paid to three inmates at Winchester Prison in Hampshire after a court ruled that it was a breach of their human rights to deny them drugs such as heroin and substitute substances. The cash payments were revealed in a Freedom of Information Act (FoI) request by the Southern Daily Echo newspaper.


Rioting foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers were fed McDonald's take-away meals by prison staff during a £60 million orgy of destruction which wrecked an immigration detention centre.  Fearful that the human rights of inmates would be breached, staff ferried in sackfuls of Big Mac meals and soft drinks.  The revelation came in a damning official report into the riot at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport.  More than 500 inmates awaiting deportation wrecked and burned down much of the site, it took riot squads two days to regain control.


Compensation payouts to prisoners leapt to nearly £9 million in the past twelve months.  In the financial year that ended in March 2006, compensation to prisoners was £8.8 million in the year before it was only £2.1 million.

£4,389,179 was paid out for general injuries, £1,944,261 for medical negligence and £1,458,802 paid out for assaults by staff.


A civil servant in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) who suffered back strain after lifting a printer has received a payout of £202,000 – more than three times the sum awarded to the youngest British soldier to be shot and wounded in Iraq.

Private Jamie Cooper, 18, a Royal Green Jackets soldier, was hit twice by mortar rounds in Basra in November 2006. His compensation was just £57,587 even though he lost the use of one leg and a hand and suffered internal injuries.

A huge handout to a refugee group provoked outrage on June 2nd 2003 amid renewed claims that National Lottery money is being used to patch up Britain's sham of an asylum system. Nearly £250,000 of Lotto money is to be put towards English lessons for bored economic migrants who are still waiting for a decision on their future.  The £227,087 windfall will go to Southampton based City Life Education and Action for Refugees group. (CLEAR). It will pay for about 100 refugees to learn English.
Sex slaves smuggled into Britain are to share millions for their pain and trauma. The Criminals Injuries Compensation Authority has agreed to hand over £140,000 to the first four cases before it. The women had suffered a sustained period of sexual abuse after being trafficked into the UK. A further 10,000 cases are estimated to be eligible under a new interpretaion of guidelines by the CICA.
£270,000 for police person raped by a fellow officer.
A former policewomen has been awarded £270,000 in compensation after accusing a colleague of rape.   Eileen Waters won the money despite the Crown Prosecution Service deciding NOT to bring charges and a failed industrial tribunal case.   The out-of-court settlement was agreed after Scotland Yard chiefs decided not to incur further costs.  Miss Waters claims was for £1.6 million.
Iraqi's To Get £3,000,000 In Damages.
The Ministry of Defence has agreed to pay almost £3m in damages to Iraqis tortured by UK troops in Basra in 2003. Nine Iraqi men who were mistreated and the family of a man beaten to death in custody will share the compensation money.
Lying teacher
A Teacher who lied about an accident at work and took six years off sick on full pay has been lambasted by an employment judge. Anna Yerrakalva, who had brought an unfair dismissal claim in 2010, yesterday won the case on a technicality – but was told she would receive no compensation because of her lies. However, the case has cost taxpayers  around £300,000. Mrs Yerrakalva, a widow and mother of two, went off sick after her alleged accident in November 2003. The 58-year-old primary school teacher claimed a teaching assistant had an epileptic fit in the classroom and fell on her, trapping her on the floor and leaving her with chest, neck and spinal injuries. An investigation by Dearne Carrfield Primary School in Bolton-on-Dearne, South Yorkshire, concluded the accident never happened. She briefly returned to work there, only to be struck by a bus in June 2004, and has never worked since.
failed asylum cheat sues
A FAILED asylum seeker, jailed after he threatened to set himself on fire in front of a terrified MP, is suing Home Secretary Theresa May for compensation.

Algerian Abdel Zahali, 51, is demanding £50,000 in damages, saying his human rights were breached.He was imprisoned while he was depressed and suicidal, he says.The legal action, which comes after an 18-year battle for asylum during which Zahali has remained in Britain by launching repeated legal appeals, caused fury last night. Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “It would be wrong for taxpayers to foot a hefty compensation bill for someone who shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.

“His choices have landed him where he is.” Zahali, from London, was jailed for 10 months in 2009 for affray after dousing himself with petrol in the constituency office of Liverpool Labour MP Louise Ellman.

Fraudster who has never held a job receives £240,000 after claiming he fell in the shower at Wayland Prison.  He claims injury made his legs numb and made him impotent.  He later fathers a daughter.  Teacher wins £330,000 from Birmingham City Council for her trauma after an intruder enters her classroom but does not harm her.  Prisoner who tried to kill himself at Northallerton Young Offenders' Institution is awarded £575,000 from the Prison Service - even though his life was saved by Prison Officers.  A total of £750,000 is paid to 197 heroin addicts who had their treatment cut short in prison.  They claimed the cold turkey they had to endure amounted to torture.

A Kosovan who was mistakenly shot in the jaw by a British soldier has been awarded £2.4million compensation. The huge sum is more than 200 times the amount available to a UK soldier suffering a similar injury in a battle. Muhamed Bici was shot by a paratrooper in the Kosovan capital, Pristina, in 1999 as he and his friends drove around a building which British soldiers were guarding. There were five other men in the car with Mr Bici and some were firing guns into the air as part of wild celebrations to mark a national holiday. Two were killed when the soldiers opened fire. The paratroopers were investigated by Royal Military Police but cleared of any crime because they believed themselves to be in extreme danger. Mr Bici, then 24, was flown to Britain where NHS surgeons rebuilt his face. He was later granted legal aid to sue the Ministry of Defence in the UK courts at taxpayers' expense.
The Crown Prosecution Service says four police officers will be charged with assaulting the terror suspect Babar Ahmad during his arrest in 2003. Barbar is wanted by the Americans for links to Chechen and Taliban terrorism. Pcs Nigel Cowley, John Donohue, Roderick James-Bowen and Mark Jones, who are all members of the Metropolitan Police's territorial support group, will appear before City of Westminster magistrates on 22 September. The CPS said they would be charged with actual bodily harm. Babar Ahmed received heavy bruising to his head, neck, wrists and feet during his arrest in Tooting, south London on 2 December 2003. Officers had been accused of a "serious, gratuitous and prolonged" attack which included racist abuse. In March 2009, the Metropolitan Police paid £60,000 in damages to the 36-year-old IT worker, after lawyers for the force's Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson admitted he was the victim of violence.

A convicted paedophile has been awarded £6,000 by the European Court of Human Rights because his trial was delayed for too long.  The payout to former barrister Rupert Massey, jailed for just six years after sexually abusing three schoolboys, has sparked outrage. Massey, 59, argued that his human rights had been breached by repeated adjournments which delayed his case coming to court.  His trial was held four years and nine months after the first complaint to the police. 


The bogus ‘asylum seeker’ racket knows no end. The latest twist in this disgraceful rip-off of Britain is that six of these scroungers are now suing for £300,000 compensation after they lied about their age and were “wrongfully detained” as a result. The asylum swindlers (there are no legal asylum seekers in Britain, as all have crossed dozens of safe countries to reach these shores) claimed they were under 18 when they first crawled ashore. However, they had no supporting documentation and were held while their ages and status were checked. At least three of the asylum seekers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were detained with adults for up to two weeks at an immigration centre. Each claimant is seeking up to £50,000 for “false imprisonment and breaches of human rights as a result of the actions of the Immigration Service.”


Inmates are also using legal aid to fight disciplinary cases after they flout the rules in jail - by fighting other inmates, disobeying instructions or being caught with drugs or mobile phones. While the cost of legal aid has been spiralling, the number of extra days added to a convict's sentence has been falling - suggesting they are mounting a better defence. In 2007, the number of punishments where additional days were added to a sentence was 13,460. By 2009 it was down to 11,550. This compares with a legal aid bill of £12.49million in 2007, rising to £21.61million last year - or almost £2,500 every hour, according to figures slipped out before MPs left for the summer recess.

Is there no end to the PC madness afflicting Britain? Drug-addicted prisoners forced to go “cold turkey” received compensation payments totalling £750,000 in the last year, according to official figures. The payments stem from a test case by six prisoners settled out of court in November 2006 by the Home Office. They came after a High Court judge approved damages after their claims the practice amounted to an assault and breach of human rights. Payments totalling £750,000 subsequently went to 197 prisoners forced to stop taking drugs at jails across England and Wales under the Opiate Dependent Prison Litigation. Lags made ill by dodgy egg-mayo sarnies are suing the Prison Service for up to £500,000. Around 250 came down with suspected salmonella after eating the sandwiches. Now the Wandsworth prison cons including rapists, killers and paedophiles - are lining up for a taxpayer funded windfall. Each lag is expected to sue for between £1,000 and £5,000.


Of  twenty foreigners who terrorized air passengers to force their way into Britain, all but two are still here.  So does crime pay?

The hijackers have built comfortable lives for their families here in the U.K.  Taxpayers though have had to pick up the bill of more than 50 million pounds for police and immigration investigations, court cases , welfare payments and asylum claims.  One hijacker allowed to stay regularly returns to his homeland.  Besides the hijackers the passengers also took the opportunity to also start a new life.  Immigration officials believe over 50 passengers are still here.  In some cases both hijackers and passengers have been joined in the U.K by other members of their families.

Hijack no 1 - February 1992.   Five Tanzanians seized control of a Boeing 737 and shot and wounded one of the pilots.  They told Police at Stansted to bring 100 coffins.  2of the hijackers were granted asylum after a short prison sentence and 2 others were later granted leave to remain.  

Their families came with them on the hijacked plane.

Hijack no 2 - August 1996.   Six Iraqi's seized a Sudanese Airbus carrying 192 passengers .  The leader was described as a Scarlet pimpernel for his role in helping others escape.  All men now live in Londonistan some have been granted leave to remain here and the others are in the asylum appeals system.

Hijack no 3 - February 2000.  Nine Afghans took over a plane.  Cost to taxpayer so far exceeds 37 million pounds.  

All but two of the above hijackers are still in Britain.  The Afghan hijackers have been joined by 27 relatives and all live on welfare in West Londonistan.


The spate of "ridiculous" payments from taxpayers was revealed amid concerns that the growing number of claims is now seeping down to the classroom. Education officials revealed how they forked out more than £600,000 for a series of "trivial" school incidents involving both pupils and teachers. More than £200 was paid to a schoolgirl who slipped on a carrot in a school dining room while another pupil was compensated £165 for slipping on leaves.

Other children won compensation totalling £160 for being pushed down a grassy bank, £1,300 for jamming a finger in a door frame and £160 for falling over a playground pothole. Teachers also won thousands afterlodging claims. More than £9,000 was paid to a teacher who stumbled over workmen's tools at her school. Another £1,750 was given to a teacher who fell over after pupils tipped washing up liquid onto the school floor. One of the largest pay-outs was £28,000 in compensation and court costs by Merthyr Tydfil council after a pupil fell off a chair breaking an arm. The scale of the compensation culture in Welsh schools was revealed by Welsh Assembly member Chris Franks under the Freedom of Information Act. He said: "Quite frankly, many of these claims are ridiculous. The level of payouts in compensation and legal costs is a reflection of the arrival of no win, no fee lawyers. "In the US claiming for compensation is so much part of the culture and that trait has clearly spread to the UK. "In the past pupils who suffered minor injuries might have just dusted themselves off and carried on with life." Susie Squire, TaxPayers' Alliance campaign manager, said: "It's bonkers that this amount of compensation is paid out for children falling over in the playground. "There's nothing wrong with compensation for serious injury but the compensation culture has gone too far. "It's shocking so much money meant for books and teachers is being wasted in this way."



A takeaway owner who was jailed for helping bogus asylum seekers to reach Britain has won compensation because the charge against him was wrongly worded.  Iraq-born Dawood Hadi was jailed for 9 months in October 2000 after admitting his part in an international plot to supply illegal immigrants with fake visas.  His conviction was quashed a year later because he had been mistakenly charged with ' providing assistance to asylum seekers' - a crime which does not exist.  He should have been accused of 'conspiring to arrange illegal entry of persons'.  Blunkett has agreed to pay Hadi compensation under a scheme set up in 1985 to help victims of miscarriages of justice.The sum has not yet been set but critics reacted with anger.  Mr Hadi had pleaded guilty to the wrongly-worded charge.  He purchased 3,000 security holograms from Miami claiming they would be used on a school certificate.  The National Crime Squad suspect they were used on fake EU visas which allowed thousands of illegal Iraqi immigrants to reach the UK.



A convicted armed robber was awarded £8,000 on 17th July 03.  European judges ruled that police breached his human rights by secretly filming him.  Officers resorted to covert operations when Stephen Perry repeatedly refused to attend identity parades after being arrested and bailed.  But judges in Strasbourg said the West Midlands Police video was a 'ploy' which amounted to an interference with their suspect's right to 'respect for private life', guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.  Mr Perry was awarded £1,000 in damages and £7,000 towards costs and expenses.  The criminal justice system has become a farce with the taxpayers having to pick up the bill for this nonsense.



A KOSOVAN asylum seeker pocketed a £20,000 lump sum in benefits after making a claim backdated over FOUR years, The Sun can reveal today.  He is among thousands of refugees walking off with huge payouts in income support through a loophole - costing the taxpayer millions. The Kosovan picked up his bumper cheque at Gravesend, Kent, just ten days ago.  A few days later, a Kurd who arrived in Britain three years ago, was handed 12,000. Ministers ordered urgent action to close the loophole.  But refugee watchdogs reacted with fury last night - and Tories branded the system "utter madness".  Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "Why is it we have to find out what is going on with our money through a Sun exclusive? British people will say, 'What on earth is going on?'"When pensioners are scraping around to meet council tax demands and police get less in a year than some of these backdated payouts, the public are right to ask that very question." Under the rules, asylum seekers who also get help with housing costs are only entitled to 70 per cent of full income support. But migrant groups have discovered they can make a backdated claim for the balance once they win asylum. The Refugee Council highlights the loophole on its website and encourages successful asylum seekers to claim. Those who have waited four or five years for their claim to be processed have hit the jackpot and collected thousands.  A member of staff at one jobcentre said: "We're not very happy about it - it can be a year's wages for some of us."  Sir Andrew Green, of the independent think-tank Migrationwatch UK, fumed:"It is an outrageous abuse of our hospitality to claim such large amounts."  Home Secretary David Blunkett has ordered the loophole to be plugged fast.  A government source insisted the biggest payouts only go to those with very large families.  He added: "Five-figure sums are rare. The average is more in the order of about £500."However, the Home Secretary is working on this and is determined to close the loophole."  Almost half of the 84,000 asylum seekers who came to Britain in 2002 would have been eligible for backdated benefit. If they had each picked up the £500 average, it would have cost £20million.

The Home Office and the Department for Work and Pensions said they have no idea how many asylum seekers have received lump sums or how much money has been paid out but it could be higher than £100 million.   Refugees waiting to be granted asylum sponger status are given free housing , free healthcare and schooling for their children and get income support at 70 percent of the amount ordinary citizens receive.  A couple with two children will get over £500 per month.  In Poland they would get just £40 per month!  20,000 successful applicants could claim back the extra 30 percent of benefits they didn't receive.  They are given a tax-free lump sum and if the case has dragged on for several years this can be huge.  Just another example of the Robin Hood Dane Geld Society that Labour is so keen on.  



An unemployed man who blames educational chiefs for his failure to find work has won £100,000 in compensation.  Thomas Ward claims he was deprived because Norfolk County Council refused to pay for him to attend an independent school after he was expelled from his comprehensive at 14.  Norfolk County Council agreed to pay the yob now 27 £115,000 half way through the trial.  Mr. Ward was expelled because of bad behavior he also has learning difficulties.  What is this compensation for? This bloke would struggle even in an unskilled job!


A drug addict has been awarded £27,000 in compensation after his kidney stones, which were caused by his addiction, weren't treated properly in prison.

The extraordinary payout has been revealed by the police officer who arrested the career criminal for a drug offence earlier this year. Sergeant Richard Sainsbury, of South Yorkshire Police, said that, at the least, the money should have been handed to those affected by his crimes. He also pointed out that further medical treatment would have been free - however the criminal assaulted the consultant so now has to pay for his latest operation. Speaking in Police Review magazine Sergeant Sainsbury, who this year won a Lifetime Achievement in Policing award after 33 years in the force, told how the man was diagnosed with kidney stones last time he was in jail. He added: 'For whatever reason this was not properly treated and he has been awarded £27,000 compensation. 'His condition was self inflicted or at least his drug addiction will have made the condition chronic - he actually told me that amphetamines had caused the problem.'

A trainee nurse has been awarded more than £300,000 compensation from the Health Service after developing an allergy to latex gloves. Tanya Dodd's career was cut short after she discovered that coming into contact with latex could send her into a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. The 25-year-old was forced to quit her job, change her diet and replace everyday items such as hairbrushes, pens, mobile phones and shoes. Yesterday, she won an out-of-court settlement against Scarborough General Hospital, which she claims should have warned her about the dangers of latex and provided her with latex-free gloves. "I am devastated that I will not be able to continue my work as a nurse," Miss Dodd said. "I was in the middle of training when I developed the allergy. "The dangers of latex were not mentioned during my training and I wasn't advised to minimise my exposure to it.


TRAIN driver has been awarded £35,000 for being traumatized — by hitting a GOAT.
He got the barmy pay-out after saying he had recurring nightmares about colliding with the animal. The crazy compensation was blasted by Norman Brennan, director of the Victims of Crime Trust. Mr. Brennan said: “A family whose child is murdered gets a maximum of £10,000.“Yet a train driver who runs over a goat gets three times as much. The compensation culture is utterly out of control.” The incident happened four years ago as the railman’s 80mph express headed through Dorset on a journey from Weymouth to London. Drivers’ union ASLEF — who supported the compensation claim — said the unnamed London-based driver suffered months of nightmares and flashbacks. He was finally forced to take early retirement. A spokesman for South West Trains said the payout was £10,000 in damages, and £25,000 for loss of earnings. He said Railtrack had admitted responsibility for a hole in the fence.


A career criminal who claims he has never worked was given £248,000 in damages after falling over in a prison shower.  Idler Karl Bradley Jones was awarded the payment because his foot slipped three inches down an uncovered drain in 1998.

Jones served 5 years for deception and demanding money with menaces, claimed he was left in chronic pain and unable to walk properly.  He also claimed he was impotent but just months after getting the money he was pictured carrying his baby daughter.  He tried to sell the story for another £15,000.  He said: " They gave me £40,000 for loss of earnings, £40,000 for a new house, £108,000 for the care and £75,000 for back equipment." Jones added: " They paid me for loss of earnings but I have never worked in my life". " I have been inside 5 times and never had a job. But it was all little stuff like fraud and deception".  Jones is still on benefits and lives with his girlfriend and daughter in East London. Karl Jones is the latest in a long line of prisoners to sue for compensation.  In February another fraudster Derek Hersey was claiming £294,300 because his cell bed was not soft enough.  He said sleeping on a lumpy mattress for a week resulted in years of agonizing pains in his lower body. Despite receiving a new mattress within days, he said it came too late to cure him.  His claim is being contested.In March a prison worker won £100,000 compensation after watching a hostage drama training exercise.  She was diagnosed with 'post traumatic stress disorder'.In January 2000 murderer Michael Sams was paid £3,548 for paintings and personal items that were lost in a move between jails.



An asylum seeker jailed for a sex attack on a 76-year-old gran has been awarded £15,000 - because his human rights were infringed.  The judge who locked up Abdelkadir Mohammed said he should be deported back to Somalia when he served his sentence.  When the jail term was up he was remanded awaiting deportation.  But the 29-year-old pervert launched legal action claiming the expulsion breached his human rights because he would face persecution for being a member of a minority tribe.  The high court agreed and gave him £15,000 in compensation , he also got £10,000 in legal aid.  Mohammed has been told he can stay here because of the political climate in Somalia.

AN angry boss who frogmarched an employee to a police station with a sign saying "thief" around his neck has had to pay the man £13,000 — after the crook sued him for "humiliation". Simon Cremer paraded light-fingered Mark Gilbert through the streets of Witham, Essex, wearing the handmade cardboard sign saying: "THIEF. I Stole £845 am on my way to the police station." He took him to the police station after discovering the father-of-three had written out a company cheque to himself and taken it to Cash Converters in October 2008. Gilbert, 40, admitted the crime and was let off with a police caution while his boss Mr Cremer was hauled into court facing a life sentence for false imprisonment until the case against him collapsed. To add insult to injury Gilbert then SUED Mr Cremer for his "humiliation". And the flooring firm boss has now had to pay out £5,000 in compensation and £8,000 court costs to the worker who stole from him.
A notorious triple murderer has won £44,500 damages after suing the Home Office for negligent dental care while serving a life sentence. Michael Steele, one of the 'Essex Boys' gangland murderers, claimed that being refused proper treatment for a bad tooth had left him in severe pain for years.Today a senior judge said she could 'understand and sympathise' with his complaint and agreed that he should receive the payout. But critics described the damages as 'obscene' and claimed it was further evidence that Britain's compensation culture had got out of control. Steele, 66, was jailed in January 1998 with Jack Whomes for shooting dead three drug dealers in a Range Rover on a remote farm track in Rettendon, near Chelmsford. Soon after arriving at Belmarsh Prison in south-east London, one of his fillings fell out. He has since suffered 'persistent and severe pain' while being shuffled between high security jails, he claimed.
A FORMER prisoner sparked anger yesterday when it emerged his drug abuse behind bar has resulted in him receiving £1.4million in compensation.Ellis Sherwood, wrongly jailed for murder, claims the drugs he took ruined his health. He served 11 years for a crime he did not commit but regularly took a ­cocktail of drugs supplied by fellow inmates. The father of three was cleared by the Court of Appeal of the murder ­conviction but suffered a stroke after being freed. His lawyers were able to prove that his stroke, which caused impaired speech and limited use of his right arm, was related to his prolonged drug abuse in prison. The Home Office agreed to pay Mr Sherwood the compensation in an out-of-court settlement. But the huge payout was slammed by critics last night. Tory MP David Davies said: “I can’t see how anyone who has voluntarily taken drugs – whether in or out of prison – should be paid compensation out of public money. I am concerned that this could set a dangerous precedent.


Teenage tear-aways are to be sent on summer outings costing £25 million in an attempt to stop them committing more crimes.  Up to 70,000 Yobs will enjoy day trips to Alton Towers and seaside resorts and attractions.  Paintballing, Karting and football training are among around 300 activities being offered.  The P.C scheme is to be funded by the Taxpayer and the National Lottery's New Opportunities fund.

Teachers now reward Yobs with time out periods to play computer games.  The Yobs then brag when they return to the class.


A father and son made £10 million in three years from a massive scam involving illegal migrants.  Victor Cox and his son hired out workers to farms and food factories.  They employed over 1,700 illegal immigrants for as little as £1 per hour.  They paid the minimum wage but then deducted charges for transport costs and accommodation , netting millions of pounds per year.  Forged documents were used to fool firms into employing the illegal immigrants. 


A failed asylum seeker was accused on the 25th March 2004 of being a gang-master behind a £5 million network of illegal immigrant workers.  The Ukrainian who has never been granted asylum came to Britain in 2000 and has been making over £1 million a year from the slave trade.  Police seized £25,000 in cash , 160,000 illegally imported cigarettes , An AK47 sub-machine gun  and two replica guns.


A Huge Government asylum blunder has left 4,400 houses standing empty at a cost to the taxpayer of  2 million pounds each week.  The Home Office signed contracts to rent 18,000 beds from councils and private landlords at a price of up to 100 pounds each in a blind panic as the numbers pouring into Britain to claim asylum rocketed.  But ministers failed to negotiate a get out clause and in the five and three year deals.  They are now stuck with a spiraling bill, estimated at 100 million pounds a year for idle flats and houses.



Two brothers who sought asylum in the British consulate in Melbourne after escaping from an Australian detention centre have began legal action accusing Jack Straw of breaching their human rights.  Their case, which went before the Court of Appeal in London on the 20th July 2004, could set a precedent enabling other refugees to make asylum claims in the U.K consulates and embassies around the world.  Lawyers for the pair told the court that in failing to protect them, the Foreign Secretary breached the international convention on human rights.  Almadar and Muntazer Bakhtiyari, aged 15 and 14, were amongst 30 asylum seekers who broke out of the Woomera detention centre in South Australia in 2002.  They applied for asylum at the British consulate in Australia.  Mr Straw turned down their request within hours, a decision they have been fighting, with assistance of thousands of pounds of legal aid from British Taxpayers.  The home office said that the Bakhitiyaris had no grounds to seek asylum in Britain because they had lodged a claim in another country.  Yesterday lawyers acting for the boys went to the Royal Courts of Justice to seek permission for a judicial review of that decision.

STRAIN ON THE NHS BRITAIN'S Health Service faces being overwhelmed by hordes of patients of different nationalities when Eastern Bloc countries join
Many of the eight Eastern European states are in the grip of an HIV and tuberculosis crisis and sufferers will swarm to the UK in the hope of getting free treatment, it was forecast. Health experts insisted that Home Secretary David Blunkett's new legislation designed to stop benefit scroungers will NOT prevent so-called health tourists - many of them without a penny to their names. Figures show around 1.5million people are infected with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia - compared to just 30,000 only six years ago.


The ECAA is supposed to be a migration scheme for business people outside the E.U to work within the E.U.  But just look at the bogus cases uncovered so far - these people have been let into the U.K .  They include a one-legged roofer applying to work with other builders , and an electrician with no fingers.In another case 48 Bulgarians on a six-day holiday in Britain - 37 suddenly applied to stay on grounds of being businessmen.  What a soft touch this country has become!

asylum madness


A failed asylum seeker was deported to India by immigration officials - then ordered back to Britain on the next flight by a High Court judge.  Jorawar Singh Dhillon, 34, has twice been rejected for asylum since arriving in Londonistan eight years ago.  Yet after he was deported his lawyers launched a successful appeal under the Human Rights Act.  The legal bill and the 8,500 mile round trip has cost the taxpayers over £20,000.

After another hearing costing taxpayers more money he was given leave by the High Court to remain to continue his fight to remain.  He now wants to marry a Lithuanian who is an EU citizen.  His Lithuanian girlfriend is still married with two children.  Mr Dhillon has been living in a flat in Hounslow since 1996 and receives £14,000 a year in benefits.  He has also registered as the company secretary of Pizza Milano in Musswell hill although asylum applicants are not allowed to work.


A Pakistani economic migrant who was granted asylum in the UK after telling how he fled his homeland in fear of his life has just returned from a 18 day summer break in Pakistan.  Liaquat Ali claimed asylum in 1998 insisting he would be killed if he returned home saying his business had been firebombed.  The father of nine was elected in 2003 as a councillor in Manchester.  He was granted leave to stay in UK in April 2004.  Four months later he flew to Pakistan for the wedding of his son.  Back in Britain he said he had taken a big risk and said he was accompanied by an armed guard.

Rapist gets £85,000 for police intimidation.
Civil rights activist Delroy Lindo a convicted rapist and best friend of the murderer Winston Silcott is to get £85,000 in compensation from the Police after claiming he was a victim of intimidation by officers - he was hoping to get 1 million from Scotland Yard for racial harassment.  He provoked officers into arresting him 37 times.
COUNCIL TAX PAYERS MONEY BEING PAID TO PIKIES. Families of travellers who blighted a  neighbourhood  have been handed up to £600,000 pounds of taxpayers money to move away.  Council chiefs paid the sweetener to see the back of them.   Council tax payers condemned Labour run Haringey Council for the bribe after suffering years of intimidation and thefts and say it makes a mockery of getting tough on anti-social behavior.  12 families who held licenses to live on the Wood Green site were given £30,000 per family but travellers claimed members of their extended families also received money, pushing the total as high as £600,000.  The revelation comes just two weeks after a landmark ruling in the Appeal Court which stated even if travellers  set up homes in defiance of planning laws they should be allowed to stay.  We have also seen human rights cases on divorced couples who share children equally saying that they both must have a 3 bedroom council house so that the children can sleep over. Another 1/2 million hand out to travellers on green belt land :-

A council provoked outrage and enraged the locals in Runwell, Essex :- by spending £500,000 of taxpayers money on improving conditions for illegally camped travellers.  The funds will provide running water, electricity and drainage - even though they flouted planning laws and have moved on to green belt land.  Thousand more travellers are expected to follow suit and move on to green belt land , already over 4000 Gypsy and traveller caravans are parked on green belt or protected land.  This is a rise of over 60 percent in two years. 

Travellers abandoned a illegal camp in Nazeing, Essex.  It will cost £450,000 of taxpayers money to clean the mess up.  How much are the non taxpaying Irish travellers costing the British taxpayers. Why don't they travel around Eire?


Young criminals could be paid up to £20,000 a year to stay out of trouble.  New police minister Hazel Blears has backed a controversial scheme to pay young offenders in her constituency.  She says the payment works out cheaper than locking them up.  Under the scheme, convicted offenders would be paid £384 a week to do community work.  It would also save money by keeping them out of jail, which costs £24,000 a year, and reduce the burden on the probation service.Mrs. Blears a former lawyer was promoted to her role as Home Office minister with responsibility for crime reduction, policing and community safety in the recent reshuffle.



A Christian run shelter for the homeless faces closure because it is not inclusive enough for other faiths.  Barnabas Houses has been warned it will lose a £150,000 Government grant because grace is said at mealtimes and Bibles put out for use.  It has been told to stop advertising Christian events and lift the ban on alcohol and drugs because this forces problem out onto the streets.  The decision will now leave the homeless in King's Lynn without any shelter.



He scrounges £170 a week in benefits & rakes in another £1,000 every month from illegal tenants... then spends his days going fishing > An asylum cheat is conning British taxpayers by renting out his FREE council home for up to £1,000 a month profit. Crooked Marek Czorun - who also pockets £170 a week in benefits - lets out rooms to other migrants while his four kids sleep on the floor. The Polish gipsy has never done a day's work since arriving here seven years ago, preferring to go fishing. But his housing scam is so successful he now fixes up accommodation in other homes registered to refugees. The self-styled Mr Big even runs a shuttle service in his beat-up Mercedes car to pick up new "guests" arriving at London's Victoria coach station. Czorun, 35, boasted to our investigator: "Life is good. Even when I go fishing I am getting paid.

David Blunkett ordered a major inquiry on the 7th of March 2004 after an Immigration Service whistle blower exposed a policy of letting in 11,000 plus migrants per week walk in unchecked.  Steve Moxton the civil servant claimed that certain applications from Eastern Europe were being passed automatically - he was ordered simply to rubber stamp papers in a secret policy codenamed Brace and not to check the applicants credentials.  In a week long clearance exercise his unit granted more than 11,000 applications under a scheme to help businessmen relocate.  He was warned not to mention the fast track policy.  The Home Office said we would only get 13,000 applications from Eastern Europe when the new countries join.  Even figures of 40,000 seem to be a low estimate.  The Government is fast tracking these migrants now so that the figures will not look so bad when the new states join the EU.  There are still three new asylum claims for every failed asylum seeker being removed. EMBATTLED minister Beverley Hughes faced a fresh crisis on 30th March 2004 as a senior British diplomat was suspended for exposing more immigration blunders. James Cameron revealed visas were dished out in Romania even when it was known that application forms were FORGED. He also warned the decision to secretly waive checks to hurry through a backlog of eastern bloc applicants was "only the tip of the iceberg". Mr Cameron, 54 - the British Consul in Bucharest - tipped off Shadow Home Secretary David Davis in an email - and last night Mr. Davis accused ministers of a new cover-up. He said: "They suspend a consul for doing what he feels is his public duty - telling Parliament what Beverley Hughes left out of her account of the whole immigration system. "It goes to the heart of what this Government truly stands for."  Earlier yesterday Home Secretary David Blunkett had leapt to Miss Hughes'  defense and promised to produce evidence showing that moves to clear immigration backlogs dated back to Tory governments in the 1980s.  He added: "Let me be absolutely clear - Bev Hughes is not going, she's not resigning, she's not going to be sacked."  Miss Hughes has already had calls to quit for blaming junior officials for the immigration fiasco. First whistleblower Steve Moxon was suspended for revealing that immigrants from eight countries joining the EU in May were getting visas without checks. Now Glaswegian Mr. Cameron, a former career soldier who is in charge of visa applications in Bucharest, claims applicants from Romania and Bulgaria,which are not among the eight, were also involved.  And he said the bulk had previously been refused tourist or student visas for fear they were benefit scroungers. He said: "No right-minded official would consider issuing a visa to these  applicants.  "When officers state clearly the application is being supported with forged and counterfeit documents, the letters are ignored and the applications are being issued." He alleged that rules were relaxed so that applications bypassed local embassies and were sent straight to Britain. There, officials handling them could not speak Romanian and Bulgarian.  Miss Hughes was grilled about the scam on Channel 4 News last night.  Presenter Jon Snow asked her EIGHT TIMES when she would be able to say whether the claims were true and she would be able to tell people whether immigrants had been allowed into Britain on fraudulent papers.  He stressed that the allegations were so serious that an independent inquiry was now needed. But she insisted: "We don't know if these allegations are true," adding: "I am not considering my position."

Taxpayers are funding a help line which gives Gypsies legal advice on planning laws. One of the Government quangos is running the service, despite anger at the way travellers are setting up camps in defiance of planning laws.

While the help line will not offer advice on how to circumvent the law, it will make it easier to discover and exploit loopholes.  The service is another example of wasting taxpayer's money who have to pay their own legal costs to remove travellers who invade their communities.

Taxpayers have funded legal Traveller camp sites by over 30 million pounds plus they have also had lotto grants on top of this, despite illegal Pikie camps springing up everywhere. Irish travellers would be arrested in Eire if they went onto private land thus they head for England because we are such a soft touch.


An immigrant is suing the Government for £11million for making him unhappy after he and his family were ordered to leave the country. In what appears to be a legal first, Daniel Kiunsi has issued a High Court writ for the distress he says he has suffered since the decision to eject him.He claims officials violated his human rights by confiscating his passport three years ago and says it caused his family 'great unhappiness'. Mr Kiunsi, who is still here, complains that the state has failed to provide the family with their 'basic needs' of accommodation and food, so he has had to pay rent, council tax and other living expenses himself. The electrical engineer from Tanzania says he has 'scientifically calculated' the appropriate figure to compensate him and has reached the figure of exactly £11million.

A terror suspect who went on the run wearing a burka has had his right to legal aid reinstated – so he can launch two compensation claims against the Government. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed was stripped of legal aid when he fled police in November 2013 after changing into the burka at a mosque. But his lawyers appealed against the decision to deny him taxpayer-funded legal assistance and won. If he wins, he could be in line for two huge compensation payouts – despite being a fugitive from the law. Last night Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was said to be ‘incandescent’ at the ruling and launched an immediate review of the legal aid rules. Critics said Mohamed was ‘exploiting’ the legal system and insisted he shouldn’t get a penny from the legal aid purse. Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘It’s absurd the British legal system is being exploited by this individual and his lawyers. ‘Taxpayers’ money should not go to someone on the run, regardless of what his lawyers may claim. ‘Either Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed presents himself to the authorities or any legal aid for his case should be stopped – he can’t have it both ways.’ Mohamed, 27, is said to have received al-Qaida-linked terrorist training in 2008, and has been linked to the murderous Al Shabaab group. He has launched two legal cases against the Government – and is now getting legal aid for both of them. In one, he says he was ill-treated after his arrest in Somaliland in 2011. His lawyers argue he was mistreated by his Somaliland interrogators with the knowledge of British security agents and are demanding huge sums in compensation for the breach of his human rights.

A GOOD education should set up your children with the qualifications they need to earn their way in life. But if you can't be bothered to wait there is always an alternative: sue their school for your child's minor trip in the playground and get your hands on some cash right now. Sadly that is a decision which more and more parents seem to be making. Egged on by solicitors offering no-win, nofee deals they won £2.7million worth of claims last year. The pettiness of many incidents for which claims were made makes you wonder: is this really the same country which nearly 100 years ago succeeded in winning a war in which men had to fight in the most appalling conditions? Leicester City Council paid out £14,000 in compensation to a pupil scalded when a hot drink was spilled on him. Essex paid out £12,000 to a pupil cut with the sharp edge of a tape measure. Newham paid out £19,500 to a pupil who suffered a bump on a slide, while in the West Midlands a pupil won £35,000 for slipping on ice in the playground. If that makes you angry it is nothing compared with the accompanying statistic: the £2.7million paid out in claims by education authorities last year was dwarfed by £3.3million paid out in fees to the lawyers who brought the claims. How on earth have we managed to create a situation in which money that is supposed to be spent on children's education is instead diverted into the pockets of lawyers bringing claims for minor incidents? It isn't just parents using the legal system to earn a quick buck. Somerset Council ended up paying £17,000 to a teacher who slipped on a piece of ham in a school canteen. Rochdale Council paid £10,000 to a teacher who injured her back lifting a table and Kirklees Council £5,000 - plus £15,000 legal fees - to a teacher who was bitten by a flea. It is easy to wonder why councils just seem to roll over and pay these spurious claims. But then South Gloucestershire Council tried fighting the case of a teacher who claimed £30,000 compensation after he tripped up on a goal net. When the case went to court the judge did apply some commonsense, pointing out that the teacher bore much of the responsibility for the accident himself and reducing the award to £619.50. Then the council was landed with a legal bill of £82,070. No-win, no-fee agreements have turned the legal system into a parasite which is feeding off the backs of taxpayers.

The barmy award was nothing to the £200,000 a Cardiff woodwork teacher won for being allergic to SAWDUST. It comes the day after cot-death mum Angela Cannings, 41, was REFUSED compensation for the 18 months she spent in jail. She was wrongly convicted of murdering her two babies.


A wealthy Egyptian accused of traveling to soft touch Britain had his assets frozen yesterday.  Lawyers from the NHS obtained an order freezing the assets of Albert Girgis and confiscation of his passport.  Mr Girgis ran up bills of over £55,000 for heart treatment at major hospitals in Londonistan.  He is accused of being a health tourist after an investigation by the NHS Counter Fraud Service.  


A hotel chef involved in a immigration scam with two pals was jailed for six years on the 15th October 2004.   Guram Mgeladze charged immigrants £3,000 for new identities and bogus places at a language school.  He and accomplices Igor Kopcov and Alyaksandr Havarukhin supplied fake passports then helped the illegal migrants get letters of acceptance from a language school which had been duped into offering places.  The immigrants mainly from Eastern Europe worked instead of studying - often in the hotel trade.  The scam was said to have made £250,000.













267,997 - Somali Healthy Mind Project, Liverpool
£214,679 - Refugee Action, Liverpool
£196,164 - Detainee Support and Help Unit, London
£181,211 - Muslim Youth Association, Liverpool
£170,053 - City Life Church, Southampton
£137,525 - Southwark Refugee Project, London
£102,449 - Pearl of Africa Foundation, London
£59,066 - Refugee Resettlement Support Project, London
£54,520 - Iraqi Community Association, London

"Nice" to know that other than our taxes being thrown at them, that every
pound being spent on the lottery goes to them as well!
Before his resignation at the end of last year, Mr. Blunkett said: "We need legal migrant workers to help fill the 600,000 vacancies in the UK labour market, particularly in sectors which are experiencing recruitment difficulties." 


The Samaritans, Life boat crews and Mountain rescue teams have all been refused lottery money for not helping ethnic minorities and economic migrants ( any one who arrives from a safe country by definition can't be an asylum seeker - as they are choosing where to live). Yet a prostitute support group got 360,000 pounds of lottery funding - so that prostitutes can continue doing cash in hand jobs and not contribute to society?


Trevor Phillips a black man now calls for all black boys to be educated separately. Imagine a white person suggesting this!  Yet Trevor Phillips heads the Commission for Racial Equality whose staff are mainly from the ethnic minorities.  We already have apartheid in the UK with Asian only nights at local swimming pools and faith schools etc. It is about time people were made to integrate.


More than 30,000 pounds of taxpayers money has been ploughed into funding a group that runs a phone hotline telling Pikies how to avoid eviction from illegal camps. The line is run by Solicitors from Community Law Partnership based in Birmingham.


A leading police force was at the centre of a race row in May 2005.  Stephan Bowett a white man was told there were no vacancies yet when an Asian friend applied for the same position he was welcomed with open arms. 

Greater Manchester Police have been accused of discrimination on the grounds of race and preventing the fighting of crime due to political correctness.

A new recruit to the Royal Navy has been awarded nearly £200,000 after breaking her ankle on a 5ft jump she was ordered to make. Sinead Dodds' was just 11 days into basic training when she had to jump to the ground from an assault course obstacle. She hesitated, but with fellow recruits queuing behind her and a petty officer instructing her to go ahead, she took the plunge. Miss Dodds ended up breaking her ankle and now says that as a result of the accident she can no longer wear a skirt.

The former hairdresser sued the Ministry of Defence, claiming that her intended career as an operator mechanic with the Navy had been ruined. Yesterday, in a written judgement judge Malcolm Thomson, QC, awarded Miss Dodds £191,400 in damages.




A Somali child rapist is to receive £50,000 in damages after a judge ruled he had been unlawfully imprisoned while the Home Office tried to deport him.  The failed asylum seeker has been free to return home since 2003. He decided to stay in prison with free bed and board.  The 30 year old Somali entered Britain illegally on a false Kenyan passport.  He raped a 13 year old girl at knifepoint.


Convicts are earning £11,000 a year for prison work - then having it topped up with tax credits , they are paid £5.35 an hour to design leaflets on computers.  Because they earn enough to pay tax they are entitled to tax credits from the treasury.  This is despite having no outgoings and the taxpayer picking up a £37,000 a year bill for keeping them in jail.

The National lottery  £402,200 payment to the North of England Refugee Service is to help successful asylum seekers complete paperwork for subsidised housing and benefits. It is part of more than £2.1million in lottery cash sent to asylum organisations over the past year.More than £75million has been pumped into asylum causes since the lottery began 12 years ago.

Mau Mau fighters who suffered rape, castration and beatings in Kenya's uprising against Britain to get £14million compensation

The Northern Ireland Prison Service has paid £1m in salaries to suspended staff since 2005, with over £440,000 paid out in the last financial year.

Details of the payments were revealed in an answer to an Assembly question by SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone. A prison service spokesman said the current procedures were under review.

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