THE DOORS R1         The Doors Collection - Region 1 .


   This DVD is a must for all Doors fans :- includes 3 concerts i.e. dance on fire, live @ Hollywood bowl and the soft parade. New L.A woman video. Ray Manzareks early films and Robby Kriger performing a new version of the End.  My  rating 10/10.


          Apocalypse now Redux - region 1.

    This version has an extra 49 minutes for die hard fans only.  Film now 202 minutes.  Extra bits added include the centrefolds and the French plantation scenes.  Story inspired by "heart of darkness" but set not in the Belgian Congo but in Vietnam.  My rating 9/10.


         Almost famous - bootleg cut. Region 1.

   You get two DVD's with this version and a CD with 6 Stillwater Songs.   Ignore the DVD cover this film is great and you real think you are on tour and backstage  with the band.  My rating 8/10.


        Alien 20th Anniversary edition.  Region 1.

  This version has directors commentary , deleted scenes and artwork and original story boards and also a hidden Easter egg.

  Includes a PC screensaver and web links.   Rating 10/10.


         Saving Private Ryan.. Region 1.

First 15 minutes of this film are quite harrowing.  This version has a message from Spielburg.  Rating 9/10.


    GLADIATOR     Gladiator region 1.

This is A two set with the second DVD full of extra features like what  real gladiators were like.

Has photo gallery's and a slide show plus deleted scenes.



Days of Glory - Algerians fighting for France in WW2. Great Movie.

Only the Brave - Story of Japanese Americans fighting for the allies in WW2. Great movie.

Redacted - Story of American GI's in Iraq - quite shocking.

9th Company - Story of Russians in Afghanistan - great.

The Winter war - Story of Finnish Army fighting Russians in WW2

This is War - operation Iraqi freedom

71 into the fire - 71 soldiers from South Korea held back the elite North Korean commando brigade

Company K -Americans fighting in WW1 trenches.



 Gangs of New York   Great film only spoilt by Leonardo De Caprio being too much of a wimp.         8 out of 10
 Feardotcom   poor excuse for a movie; watch a bondage film instead.                                    5 out of 10      
 Resident Evil   Good film true to the original game.                                                                  7 out of 10
 Thin Red line   Good war film                                                                                                  8 out of 10.      BUY THIS.
 Rabbit proof fence   Good story of Aboriginals in Australia                                                               7 out of 10.
 28 days later   excellent story and well filmed                                                                           8 out of 10  
 dog soldiers   very boring and predictable                                                                               5 out of 10
 Pianist   Good film about Warsaw at start of WW2,                                                       9 out of 10.      RENT THIS.
 The Ring   Great film based on Ringu a Japanese film,                                                         8 out of 10      RENT THIS
 My Little Eye   Big Brother type film.                                                                                        6 out of 10
 Xtreme Ops   Great action photography                                                                                  9 out of 10       BUY THIS.
 Final destination 2   Great horror movie                                                                                           9 out of 10.      BUY THIS.
 Phone Booth   Good suspense movie about a sniper.                                                               7 out of 10        RENT THIS

Good Films:-

Shoot em up, Wanted, Jumper. Tokyo, Japan - A new blue-laser standard to be proposed by Toshiba and NEC may not receive a happy welcome...

Both Toshiba and NEC have paired up to propose their next-generation DVD format, using a blue-laser. However, in February, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Pioneer, Sharp, Samsung, LG Electronics, Philips, and Thomson Multimedia teamed up to introduce their own blue-laser standard, dubbed 'Blu-ray.' The latest announcement by Toshiba and NEC set off a heated debate.

The blue-laser uses a short wavelength, allowing for a more compact data structure on the disc. The Toshiba/NEC format allows for 15-20GB per layer/per side, while the Blu-ray allows for 23.3GB per layer/per side. Currently, DVD discs using red-lasers allow for 4.7GB per layer/per side.

These two formats have their pros and cons. Currently, Toshiba uses the cons of blu-ray as a major disadvantage to the consumer. Blu-ray will not be backwards-compatible, as the current standard has a rigmarole of disc requirements, caddys, and other issues that will force consumers to keep both players around. The new proposed standard from Toshiba/NEC will allow red-laser discs to be read in the blue-laser players, something that will save consumers money, and in the manufacturing side, is more cost-effective to produce than the blu-ray discs.

"Toshiba and NEC were hoping to make a formal decision this week on submitting their format to the DVD Forum, an industry group of more than 230 companies that defines DVD format specifications and aims to promote DVD use."

DVD's initial take-off had problems similar to the blue-laser debate, with multiple formats. The DVD industry hopes to make the transition to blue-laser as smooth as possible, and will examine all details of the proposed formats carefully.







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