Colonizing Britain

America is not alone in this phenomenon of economic immigration from the Third World. Britain in many ways is worse off than we are. In Britain almost anyone who claims asylum for political reasons is allowed to stay. Immigration services meant to keep the system on an even keel are being submerged by the influx of humanity. Their ineptness is legendary in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.

As it is, countries such as Britain may have freed the colonies. However, its former colonies are now colonizing Britain. Sadly, even in some countries where Britain left an infrastructure in tact, including the basic forms needed to put together representative democracies, the native population failed in to apply those basics.

Marxism, tribal and religious warfare, strongman dictatorships, warlords as in Somalia, as well as bands of marauders roam the countryside. Tribal warfare and religious warfare now replace politics as the main element in the horror. Swept away was any positive legacy left by the West.

In Africa, in particular, the evil of white apartheid was replaced by the evil of a Marxists and racists such as Robert Mugabe. There is not one African country that can be pointed out as a model of stability and progress, not one.

The international leftist elite blames colonialism for this. They overlook India and Israel, which used the basics of what the British left behind to build democratic societies. Selective blindness covers a multitude of sins.

Meanwhile, the United Nations should be in the forefront helping the Third World to progress. It has received trillions to accomplish this end. Where it once had some good effect on world health issues, these days it simply offers an expensive, never ending conference and useless meetings so that the world’s butchers and elite can compare notes and live high. This is expensive and destructive foolishness that plays unconscionable games with the world’s poor and middle class.

In any event, the failures of civilization to take root in the Third World have produced the waves of immigration to the West in what amounts to reverse colonialism.

The Empire Strikes Back

Anthony Browne belongs to the British Labour Party and writes for the London Times. Browne attests: "About a quarter of a million people are coming to Britain from the Third World each year: a city the size of Cambridge every six months, an unprecedented and sustained wave of immigration to one of the world’s most densely crowded islands, utterly transforming the society in which we live against the wishes of the majority of the population, damaging quality of life and social cohesion, exacerbating the housing crisis and congestion, and with questionable economic benefits…I know knee-jerk accusations of racism and xenophobia will be fired at me by those who make careers out of suppressing legitimate debate, but I am hardly anti-immigrant or anti-immigration. I am the son of an immigrant, living with an immigrant, from such a family of émigrés that I have virtually no relatives in this country."

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has had to take in a million Indians, almost 700,000 Pakistanis, 260,000 Bangladeshis, up to a million Nigerians, over 100,000 Iraqis. In the past five years the white population grew by 1 percent, the Bangladeshi community grew by 30 percent, the black African population by 37 percent and the Pakistani community by 13 percent.

As Browne points out in a personal aside, one of his neighbours emigrated from Bangladesh 30 years ago. He brought over his non-English-speaking wife while his older son recently brought over his second non-English-speaking wife after divorcing the first. Six months of the year he spends on the family farm in Bangladesh, where they have servants and labourers to help them.

As happens thousands of times to thousands of immigrants, it isn’t just the "one" special case in which secondary immigrants come over to be with families, and it has created a deluge. As his friend relates they will bring over husbands for his two teen-age sisters, and then they will have rights to bring over the spouse’s parents and grandparents.

Brown maintains, "These are all individual private acts that in themselves are perfectly reasonable, but taken by so many individuals they have huge public consequences."

This chain migration will make sure that entire communities will come from the Third World to the U.K., thus, "they have been transplanted whole streets in some northern English towns: little Third World colonies in Britain." (Browne’s complete articles may be found at


Immigrants from the Third World are responsible for the entire net immigration of a quarter of a million a year. They have higher unemployment and lower earnings than average and do not pay their way.

Additionally, African immigration has overtaken gay sex as the biggest cause of HIV in Britain. If the 28 million HIV-positive Africans can get into Britain they can obtain "free" treatment for the rest of their lives by appealing under the Human Rights Act.

British officials have concluded that Third World immigration is bringing in such high levels of the lethal liver disease hepatitis B that it was considering vaccinating every child in the country to protect them. As Browne wrote, "Third World immigration is doubling the rates of HIV, tripling the rates of tuberculosis and increasing twenty fold the rates of hepatitis."

Housing illegal asylum seekers costs the British taxpayer $14,000 a person a year. There are upwards of 90,000 illegal refugees in Britain seeking public assistance, besides those already receiving handouts.

A report in the London Telegraph states, "Fake asylum seekers carrying AIDS and TB are draining the British free health service of resources the British taxpayer paid for in the expectation of health care being available for themselves on demand."

Furthermore, "Those who get asylum in Britain, which is the most used method, get a pile of benefits which include housing, full health care (including free plastic surgery) as well as free immigration lawyers who will string your claim out for years. Even when such cases are rejected out of hand as happens 90 percent of the time, asylum seekers are allowed to stay any way."

Gangs Bang

"Gangs of New York" have nothing over the gangs of Britain. For mostly second- and third-generation Third World kids with nothing better to do, dealing drugs is one of the best ways to make a quick buck.

Recently, the Brits conducted raids to crack down on the organized criminal gangs of Third World immigrants who have taken over the drug industry in many British cities. Oftentimes, it erupts into open gang warfare. Americans had better not be too complacent because the same thing is happening in the U.S. (Part II has the hard data.)

Wisely, Brown understands that "mass immigration without integration leads to social fragmentation."

Furthermore, he says, "But we are too polite to say anything about it, too worried about being called racist, just too embarrassed about being British or English or whatever it is, just wallowing too much in post-colonial white guilt."

The same arguments used in the U.S. about the benefits of limitless immigration are used in the U.K. Browne recounts in his article some things that the immigration lawyers and the political and economic elites won’t tell Britain: "… from the Immigration Advisory Service to the United Nations and the European Commission, immigration is no 'fix' for an aging society … immigrants grow old too. There are no generalized labour shortages, rather unemployment of 1.5 million; importing communities who are far more likely to claim all forms of benefit apart from pensions and disability allowances, and who can have startlingly high unemployment rates, does not make Britain a richer country. It is, in fact, importing poverty."

Regarding the high cost of cheap labour, in a comprehensive, documented article appearing in Front Page Magazine, Jan. 24, 2003, writer Ellen Almer concludes, "America was founded on the concept – well understood by Alexander Hamilton and the other economic sophisticates among the founders – of a middle-class society, i.e. a society organized to minimize the number of people who constitute cheap labour. Cheap labour was the proletariat which drove Europe’s class-ridden and undemocratic politics, the nightmare of revolution and reaction America was founded to escape."