Hook handed Abu Hamza has received over 100,000 pounds of benefits in the last five years.
The poison profit gets:-
40 pounds a week disability pay    80 pounds per week incapacity pay
80 pounds per week mobility pay   55 pounds per week income support
10 pounds per week for gas bills    80 pounds per week in housing benefit
27 pounds per week council tax benefit.    source Daily Express 22-jan-03

Plus the unemployed can get free dental treatment, free prescriptions, free eye tests and free glasses.

No wonder so many economic migrants head for Londinistan !!!!

Almost 380 pounds per week for not working and he can still do cash in the hand jobs as well! What is
the point of going to college and getting into debt when our stupid Politically Correct system will give them this for

Hamza is also sitting on a hefty profit after buying a council house at a knockdown rate 3 years ago.
Hamza purchased the lease on a property in Adie Rd, Shepard's Bush, on May 22nd 2000, receiving a 37,500 pounds right to buy discount. The flat is now valued at 240,000 pounds. [

Hamza should not hold a British passport because his marriage to Briton Valerie Traversa 23  years ago in 1980 was illegal. She was still married to another man , Michael Macias at the time.  Valeria Traversa married Mr Macias in 1971 and did not divorce him until July 1982.

The bigamous marriage increases the pressure on the Government to act over Hamza who welcomed the destruction of the twin towers on September the 11th.

Hamza's son, was convicted of terrorism in Yemen , is also receiving benefits here in the U.K.


Hamza plans to stay in Britain for up to ten years to fight his deportation - leaving taxpayers footing a £400,000 bill. His lawyers say they will use every available court to stop the Home Secretary kicking him out.  Hamza currently gets over £20,000 pounds per year in benefits.

Taxpayers are forking out tens of thousands of pounds to allow Abu Hamza to carry on his hate ranting, it emerged on the 20th October 2003.  The hook handed cleric is banned from entering Finsbury Park mosque.  Every Friday he still preaches his fundamentalist hatred outside the mosque in the street outside.  12 police officers guard Hamza and prevent violent scenes.  Scotland Yard also closes a road to allow him safe passage.  Onlookers say he arrives in a Mercedes each week before starting his rants of the evils of the West.  More than 1,000 scumbags turn up to listen to this vitriol.  He still gets over £200 a week in benefits.  The U.S court says he sent large sums of money to the Taliban.


Taxpayers are forking out nearly £17,000 a week in legal aid to the Muslim lawyer who championed hate preacher Abu Hamza.

Muddassar Arani's law firm received the huge sum for representing clients including key terrorist suspects.  The latest figures reveal that her practice netted £506,466 for the first seven months of the current financial year.  She also claimed £1 million for representing Hamza.[2007].

Hamza conned sick grandmother out of £4,000

The Fanatical scum bag preacher Abu Hamza  conned a sick grandmother out of £4,000 it has emerged.

For more than three years Linda Jones had to pay £20 per week for furniture she never received after swapping flats with captain hook.  Hamza offered to exchange his ground floor flat for Mrs Jones, and said he would leave behind furniture he had bought on credit from a housing trust.

Mrs Jones signed a contract to take on payments for goods. Hamza's sons signed on his behalf.  When she moved into the flat it was virtually bare.

Documents seen show that Hamza signed an assured furnished tenancy agreement to move into Vencourt Place in 1998.  He agreed to pay the weekly rent of £63.62 and £20.92 for the furniture over 4 years.

Mrs Jones has since moved out of her flat after paying £3,850 for furniture she has never received.

The Sun newspaper  called for Hamza to be deported over 12 months ago.  Costs include £225,000 on policing with 12 officers assigned to him each week   Another £500,000 is being used for fund surveillance operation by M15.  He gets benefits of £1,030 per week - the money going to his wife and his seven children , who live rent free in a £350,000 house which would cost £600 per week.    Mrs Mostafa alone gets benefits totaling £430  a week or £22,393 a year - equivalent to a £30,000 job after taxes have been paid.

Abu Qatada (Bin Laden's London envoy' , is linked to :- His family get £47,000 a year in benefits and live in a council house worth £800,000.

Abu Dahnah  - terror suspect being held in Spain   , is linked to :-

Jamal Zougram - prime suspect for the Madrid bombings , is linked to:-

David Courtellier - French terror defendant whose brother shared same flat in Londonistan as:-

Zacharias Moussaoui - 9/11 20th Hijacker who worshipped at the Londonistan mosque of :-

Abu Hamza .

The European Court of Human Rights today ordered a halt to the extraditions of Babar Ahmad and radical preacher Abu Hamza, both wanted in the U.S. on terror charges.

The Strasbourg judges said they wanted more time to examine possible breaches if the men face trial on charges which could mean life sentences without parole.

Ahmad, a 36-year old computer expert, has been in a UK prison without trial for nearly six years, refused bail since his arrest in August 2004 on a U.S. extradition warrant.

Radical preacher Hamza is also wanted on terror charges in the U.S.

Both appealed separately to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that their treatment and potential punishment could violate Human Rights Convention provisions on the 'prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment'.

The appeal prompted a stay of extradition proceedings pending today's verdict, which further postponed a final decision

HATE preacher Abu Hamza yesterday launched a new bid to keep his ­British passport in a legal battle that has so far cost £1.4million.

Hamza is fighting attempts to strip him of his citizenship arguing it is a breach of his human rights.

The hook-handed cleric says that he has been disowned by his native Egypt and that taking away his British passport would leave him “stateless”.

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has won his appeal against government attempts to strip him of his British passport.

A Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) upheld his appeal in a 12-page ruling.

The preacher had said he would be left "stateless" as he had already lost his Egyptian citizenship.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said David Cameron was "disappointed" but it would not affect ongoing extradition proceedings.

Hamza, 52, was jailed for seven years in February 2006 for inciting murder and race hate.

At a three-day hearing in London last month, Hamza's lawyers argued he had already been stripped of his Egyptian citizenship so could not have his British passport taken too, as that would render him "stateless".

TAXPAYERS are forking out thousands of pounds for ­renovations to terror ­ preacher Abu Hamza’s £600,000 home.

Town hall chiefs are paying an ­estimated £10,000 to have the Islamic bigot’s council home underpinned.

Hamza and his brood have already cost the British state more than £3.5million in benefits and prison and legal bills.


The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been locked up for attacking police during anti-Israel riots in London.

Yasser Kamel, 20, was caught on camera lobbing sticks at police and wielding a stolen police riot shield during a demonstration against Gaza sanctions outside the Israeli embassy.

Wearing a scarf to disguise his face, the student was at the frontline when hundreds of protesters caused £50,000 of damage to shops and cafes last year.

Then 18, he was seen throwing four missiles at police before changing his clothing to evade detection, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Yesterday the son of the firebrand cleric was sentenced to 12 months in youth detention after pleading guilty to one count of violent disorder..