MY POETRY                                               
  THE M25..
juxtapose a network of tarmac
Kafkaesque kaleidoscope of jumbled juggernauts
black scar through Eden
kismet paradox an avalanche of progress
losing touch with natural origins
until soul is crushed and heart is empty

THE 2nd Chamber......
kakistocracy insidious inside their abditory
a guerdon for aberrant ancestry
a pantheon for Elysian eligibility
vi et armis contra pacem their motto
feoff granted for nepotism
a bend sinister stripe and shield of tin
abstruse affluence aids a agnate
dyscrasia plunders vitality from within
pantisocracy outside sowed a nemesis
prognostic wisdom from the oneirocritic
ethos united in extirpation of exchequer
puissant retribution reciprocated in rapture
time the savour mutated the genetic cipher
refulgent victors free from regression
vicissitude indissoluble permeates the vicinage


Lost mines and Ghost towns  this spectre haunts

Donít need any third eye to see her aluminiferous ether

Runes foretold the future

Bar codes tattooed on our wrists

Homo Uniformis

Blind dumb deaf in our narcoleptic society

Democracy for the few

Politicians, Oil Barons, Arms dealers and Tobacco growers

Partners in Genocide

Capitalism perverted by greed

Falsified accounts

Oppresses the poor and robs them of life

Lets all speak English, eat Burgers and Freedom Fries

Become Americans and praise God

Embrace the Red, White and Blue Reich

Reject all foreign thoughts and Cultures

Feral humans exist in the Yankee bombed zones

Their night illuminated by the gas from drilling rigs

Lycanthropy of twins suckled by a wolf

Serendipity of lore regained

The Shamans once communicated with Mother Earth

All return to her in mortality nothing but flesh and bones

She controls the future not no false god

Steal her gems and minerals,  make gunpowder from shit

But on death she will steal her spirit back.

The journey.

follow the Rhine to the Bosporus
scowling to sea scatter
on the trapeze high Lena laughs
dogma stiff chased epigram
erato composers prose
pork I pined for in Rome
a rating shares pumice with the Rabbi
and a cabbage white, butter and fries


mountain lions , Baird's tapirs
and white - lipped peccaries habitat here

not arcadia or eldorado nor Memphis
but a nirvana just the same.

a lush rain forest with clear rivers
amongst rocky outcrops

home of Maya ruins , predators and prey?

 The Albatross

Although the Albatross is blue

He does not belong in a zoo

He does not know what to do!

Flying across the sand

Trying to work out where to land

To social distance 6 birds apart