1 In which Country is the town Timbuktu
2 Who was Hotspur
3 Who wrote Lorna Doone
4 Who scored the most goals in the English top Division 
5 Who only sold one painting in his life called the Red Barn
6 Who was crowned King of England & does not appear on the list of Kings & Queen
7 Who was crowned Queen of England & does not appear on the list of Kings & Queen
8 Who Painted the Blue Boy
9 Who wrote Little Women
10 On which English Coast is Little Hampton
11 Who was England Longest Reigning King
12 Who has the bowling strike  rate in Test Cricket
13 Who wrote To Kill a Mocking Bird
14 Who played Atticus Finch in the film of To Kill a Mocking Bird
15 Which person has won the most Tennis Grand Slam Titles
16 Which Mammals Lay Eggs
17 What is Cottonmouth
18 Which Generals in charge of English Army remained undefeated 
19 Who wrote Catch 22
20 What is Europe's Fastest land Mammal
21 Where is Alice Springs
22 In which Book is the Admiral Benbow
23 What painting inspired the impressionist Movement
24 What is the Largest Mammal
25 What is Britain's smallest Bird
26 In which Book do you find the words “ it is a far better thing I do how then I have ever done before” come from
27 The Mens Grand Slam in Tennis has only been done 3 times who Did it
28 In terms of Surface Area what the worlds largest lake
29 What is the worlds Heaviest Flying Bird
30 In which Film were the last words spoken “Rosebud”
31 Who was the 3rd President of USA
32 Who painted the “ Night Watch”
33 How many time Zones in the world
34 Who wrote the 7 Pillars of Wisdom
35 Where in USA is Mount Rushmore