Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was a Jewish writer financed by Jewish bankers. He founded a Pan European movement whose goal was to create a federation of nations. One of his first supporters was a Jewish banker Max Warburg who donated 60,000 Marks to this racist cause in 1925.
The ideology was to replace the white European race with a new mixed race slave race to serve the Jewish masters. This would be the Eurasian Negroid race of the future. The Coudenhove prize has been awarded to Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompey.
Remember Jack Straw Jew said “ The white race is not worth saving”.

Most wars including the English Civil War and the American Civil war and many others were financed with Jewish money. Jewish Bolsheviks were responsible for the death of millions of white Russians and Ukrainian’s. Both Putin is hated and Hitler was hated because they took their countries out of Jewish bank control. The Jews are behind the mass immigration and multiculturalism we now see in most Anglo-Saxon countries. The Jews control the banks and most of the British media.
As a result you can no longer put your ethnicity as English on most diversity forms but you can put Irish or Welsh. Charities for the English like the Steadfast Trust have been outlawed.
A lot of M.P’s like Ed Milliband are direct descendents of these Jews who were responsible for the death of a lot of white people.

With 3 billion people in Africa all wanting a better life in Europe his plans and those of the Marxist School of Frankfurt (USA) are likely to come true. No politician is answering the simple question - How will the UK pay for all the migrants in 60 years time when they have grown old?

I have a HND in Electronics over ten years experience as a Technician and more senior roles. I have a Certificate in Management Studies and a European Computer Driving Licence Level 2. I understand IT and software. Yet the only work I can get is basic soldering paying a basic wage and needing working tax credits. I suspect age discrimination is why I can’t get a more suitable job.

Why is the UK letting in refugees from Eritrea, other African countries, Syria and Pakistan? There are plenty of safe countries within Africa where Africans can claim asylum and many Muslim countries like Turkey where Muslims can claim asylum. Why are the rich Arab countries not helping their fellow Muslims and why are most of these refugees rich young men?

I think we should stop foreign aid and pay countries that help refugees.

Africans want to come to UK for free housing, free NHS, welfare and free education for their children and child benefits.

When I worked for a medical company sending out HIV prescriptions most of these were going to Africans living in London. Not only do these medical migrants cost the NHS a lot they get to live rent free in the most expensive part of the UK. We have even given Somali families 1 million pound homes in London, rent free - seems the welfare cap does not apply to them

My rent is £495 but council make it very hard for me to get the extra £95 I need. They won’t house me in a council flat but this would enable me to take lower paid jobs.
The council will not give me a DHP grant for extra rent money. They say I need to find a cheaper property but I have visited estate agents and most 1 bedroom flats are £600 a month – so I am paying well below market value.
Even just a room in a shared home is £425 a month – but I suffer from bipolar and need support from my family who cook me a meal once a week. I would not be able to sit around a table with them if I lived in a bedsit. Plus when before I have lived in bedsits I have had a lot of things stolen.
We seem to be always able to find money to help economic migrants but not our own people whose taxes will rise to accommodate them here and whose wages will be lowered.
I lost my house to DHSS paying mortgage interest - my mortgage was just £210 - this is madness as now council pay £400 e.g. Government had paid mortgage it would have only cost you £200 a month and surely some sort of deal could have been made that if ever house is sold then Government gets so much money.
If I work for minimum wage I am only £2 a day better off as then I have to pay for prescriptions and dentist etc.
Agencies are paid a lot of money by companies but most just offer minimum wage even though company is saving money from never having to pay redundancy money.
I spent 5 years studying Electronics and over ten years working in Electronics but hardly any skilled Electronics jobs remain in Northampton.
I know several people who have been given council flats who never work. I think those that have done at least 5 years work should get priority council housing. The homeless points are just being abused by people who play the system then move in with TV’s and Computers.

A family of Somali benefits claimants living in a £2million home courtesy of the taxpayer admitted they couldn't’t believe their luck yesterday.
To the anger of neighbours, the family of ten are allowed to live in a six-bedroom end-of-terrace Georgian townhouse in one of London’s most fashionable areas, populated by high-flying lawyers and stockbrokers.
The family use housing benefits to pay a heavily discounted rent for the four-storey house in Islington – close to Tony Blair’s former home – which boasts a variety of period features, including chandeliers and wood flooring.
I believe anybody from Africa should be refused Asylum as Africa has plenty of safe countries. Why are we giving in to these economic migrants and to make things worse giving them luxury homes?
Why does the welfare cap not apply to them? Why are they being homed in the most expensive part of England and not being removed from the country? Somalis have raped many white women in the UK.
These people could not get a job that would pay the rent because they have no skills or education.
Revealed: How 500,000 immigrants have been given social housing in last decade as number of families on waiting list hits record high

Why are migrants being put before our own people? Who need social housing as this provides low rents and makes working affordable if single! All migrants who make it to an EU country should be accessed to see if they have passed near a safe country and if so returned by the EU country.

We are in a bigger danger than 1945 when the Germans planned to invade us. We now have thousands of FOREIGN INVADERS at Calais hoping to make it to the UK. They know if they do they will never get kicked out. They will get free social housing, free NHS, welfare and free education for their children. Even illegal immigrants are getting student loans and terrorists being given compensation for being put in solidarity confinement even though they had radios and TV’s and were trying to radicalism other inmates.
I think all Foreign Invaders should be shot as they could be members of ISIS. We already have a disproportionate amount of Muslim men in our jails.

Corbyn is up to Labour Part Gerrymandering again by promising to increase welfare and the welfare cap for the work shy. The last Gerrymandering trick they did was to let settle in London so many none EU migrants that Labour now wins most London seats. Do you think we will be fooled by these bribes? Their policies will put us in so much debt. I will vote for a party that puts the working man first and does something about the work shy that have free council flats but just spend their days playing computer games. Also why should people get their full rents paid when they have a luxury car?  I would also like to see an end to large families being given big social housing when they could not get the equivalent size house if they had a mortgage. I also think child benefits should be limited to just 2 people.

Talking to a Hungarian lady today she said most of the migrants in Hungary are either Egyptian’s or Iraqi’s or from other Islamic countries. Why are’t the rich Arab countries helping out their fellow Muslims? These migrants destroy all their paperwork and all seem to put down as their date of birth as 1st January. They do this to stop the Hungarians sending them back home. It is about time that the EU was allowed to use DNA testing to determine to country of origin of the migrant.

Also these economic migrants must be carrying bank cards so these could be checked to work out country of origin. If they say they are from Syria let them speak some words in Syria and answer questions about Syria!

When the Labour party was in power they presided over a massive open door immigration policy for Gerrymandering reasons and to rub the rights nose in diversity. 8 out of 10 social homes went to immigrants many of these being homed in London. A lot of these immigrants were none-EU citizens who should have not been allowed to stay in the UK.  As crime rose in London the native English people left the capital and are now an ethnic minority in London. It is no surprise then that Labour won a lot of London seats in the election.

The breeding ground for jihadis where even the ice cream lady wears a burka: How Dewsbury, the once great textile town of the North, has undergone a terrifying transformation


Few of her friends or relatives live in this part of town any more. Jean is one of only 48 white Britons who have stayed on, while all the other 4,033 Savile Town residents, according to the latest 2011 census, are of Pakistani or Indian heritage.
Their forebears were enticed here as cheap paid labour for back-breaking jobs in the wool mills in the late 1950s. Hard-working, they were soon buying up the terraced houses, building their own mosques and opening corner shops selling burkas, prayer mats and perfumes containing no alcohol, in line with the strict teachings of the Islamic Holy Book the Koran.

‘The change happened so quickly,’ says Jean today. ‘One day it seemed it was all whites, and then it was all Asians.’
Jean remembers when the first Asian family moved into Savile Town, on a road named South Street where she was brought up. Her father worked for the Yorkshire Electricity Board, her mother was a housewife and she was in her teens.
‘We peered at them and they peered back,’ she says now, as she serves a cup of tea in her sitting room. ‘We had never seen anything like them and they probably felt just the same about us. There was no prejudice, just curiosity.’

Yet feelings between the two communities have changed dramatically for the worse in the years since. Across the world Dewsbury was always famous for manufacturing wool products – it was said the town provided the coats for British soldiers’ backs and the blankets under which they slept too.
Today, it has gained another kind of terrifying notoriety. First, the leader of the gang of four bombers who attacked London on July 7, 2005, came from here.
When Mohammed Sidique Khan bade farewell to his pregnant wife on the morning he led his fellow attackers to the capital to claim 52 innocent lives in explosions on Tube trains and a bus, it was from a council house in a quiet cul-de-sac not far from Jean’s house.
Next came Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist, Hammaad Munshi. He was arrested in 2006 when he was 16 while walking home from the local comprehensive carrying two bags of ball bearings – a key component of a suicide vest. Police later found a guide to explosives and notes on martyrdom in his bedroom.
In April it emerged that Munshi’s younger brother Hassan, 17, had secretly travelled to the badlands of Islamic State. He went with his neighbour Talha Asmal, also aged 17, a fanatical recruit who this weekend was revealed to have become Britain’s youngest ever suicide bomber in Iraq.
Talha was part of a four-strong team of IS assassins who killed at least 11 people in two separate explosions near the city of Baiji.
He and Hassan took a Thomas Cook holiday flight to Dalaman, a resort in Turkey, at the beginning of the Easter holidays and journeyed for miles before crossing into areas controlled by IS.
Their departure focussed a harsh glare, once again, on this small enclave of Yorkshire.
The families of the two missing boys insisted they were vulnerable, impressionable teenagers brainwashed over social media.

Yet can everything be blamed on the internet? Others believe much of Savile Town, now one of the most racially segregated places in Britain, has become so dangerously steeped in a violent brand of Islam that young men there are encouraged to be suspicious of, and even hate, the West.
When I visited recently, as families played on the recreation ground where the cricket pavilion was torn down long ago, almost everyone seemed to be Muslim. Even the woman serving ice cream from a van bearing the slogan ‘Nice and Creamy, Cool and Dreamy’ was wearing a burka so extensively covering her face that even her eyes were hardly visible.
And almost every girl waiting their turn in the queue was clad in Islamic robes, including those of five, six and seven.
Not far away there is a Sharia Court which was criticized recently in a House of Lords report for discriminating against women in the matrimonial disputes it oversees.
The area has several private madrassas – Islamic schools where young boys (and some girls) learn the Koran by heart. Today only two pubs remain out of the nine that once dotted the streets. The others have either been demolished or turned into mosques. Towering over the street where Jean Wood was raised is the giant Markazi mosque. It was built in the 1980s with Saudi Arabian money on a piece of land where the local bowling green club stood and locals used to tend their allotments.
Now it is the European headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat, a global Islamic missionary movement with an austere, ultra-conservative religious creed nurturing the belief that British values pose a threat to Muslims.
One of Tablighi Jamaat’s leading advocates, the scholar Ebrahim Rangooni, has proclaimed that the movement’s purpose is to rescue Muslims ‘from the culture and civilisation of the Jews, the Christians and other enemies of Islam.’
He tells the faithful to ‘save your progeny from the education of the British school or college in the same way as you would save them from a lion or wolf’.

Most of the Savile Town mosques follow the same conservative tradition. One is called Zakaria and is located just around the corner from where the two latest jihadi recruits, Talha and Hassan, grew up. They are believed to have worshipped there because it was founded by one of the boys’ grandfathers.
One man who has seen Dewsbury change is 56-year-old Danny Lockwood, an author and local newspaper editor, who has lived here all his life. He says: ‘The prodigiously industrious first generation of Asian immigrants who came to our wool mills later turned the town into the UK’s capital for bed-manufacturing. They brought with them an incredible work ethic, a single minded aspiration to succeed and a strong religious tradition.
‘But I fear that their offspring and later arrivals seem less fond of hard work. They are also influenced by the mosques.’
Danny also blames the ever- widening cultural chasm on local white liberal politicians who, over decades, signed up to the dogma of multiculturalism.
‘They did not expect new immigrants to respect British ways or Western values, but encouraged them to develop their own culture with no questions asked,’ he explains.
He cites the example of the two local Tory grandees who, seeking support from the Muslim community, gifted the historic Savile Town cricket ground to the giant Markazi mosque on a 999-year lease. The pitch was soon abandoned and turned into a community recreation ground with slides and swings for children.
Before long, a summer gala there was cancelled by councillors amid claims that a planned beer tent offended Muslim sensibilities regarding alcohol, and at the local hospital it was reported that nurses were helping turn patients’ beds towards Mecca, the holiest city of Islam, so patients could pray in the correct manner – although this was never official policy.
In Savile Town, I visited the snooker club where Hassan Munshi and his friend Talha were regular players until they took that Thomas Cook flight.

Outside, I asked two boys of a similar age about the two who had left.
‘We’ve been told at the mosque not to talk about that, and you should not be asking about it,’ snarled one tall lad in a Yorkshire accent. ‘Go away from here and stay away,’ he added. After a long search, I find a second person who is not of Asian descent other than Jean Wood living in Savile Town.
Lorraine Matthews has a tall house across the road from the canal, having moved here four years ago.
A dentist’s receptionist with four sons, her links with this part of Dewsbury stretch back to when her father was a ‘rag-grinder’ who operated a machine turning old rags to powder in the wool mills. ‘I used to go down there as a child and watch him work,’ she recalls.
After getting married, Lorraine, now 53, moved away. She admits she got a surprise when she returned.
‘I wouldn’t go out at night on my own as everyone knows it is dangerous if you are not from the Asian community. My son was riding a motorcycle and was chased by a group of Asian lads in a car. He fell off and they took one of his shoes. He wouldn’t go back in a hurry.’
Alarmist hearsay? Jean Wood has similar stories. When she was returning on a church-organised coach trip to a pantomime in Bradford four years ago, the bus was bombarded with stones thrown by a group of local Asian youths. She believes they wanted to frighten the passengers about being in the area. No doubt local Muslims have their own stories of hostility – certainly the tensions seem real.
I ask Jean to revisit South Street where she grew up – she hasn’t been for 20 years even though it’s less than half a mile from her home. It is an emotional journey and when she arrives, a group of residents – many of them women in full face veils – turn to stare at her.

We have Judges giving people just 2 years for murder. Other Judges rule that sexual crimes against young Muslim girls should carry a higher sentence than other girls. Judges award compensation for economic migrants even though they were in the UK illegally and just because they lodged an appeal. Human Rights Judges have become millionaires by stopping bogus asylum seekers being deported. Other Judges have ruled that a Will is not fixed in stone – the reason for this they know those challenging Wills have to seek legal advice so they get richer. Councils in London have given economic migrants very expensive homes to live in and fixed the rents so that the welfare cap will not be exceeded. Councils don’t check if council properties are being sub let.
The Government gives Foreign Aid to enemies of the UK like Argentina, Yemen, Palestine and North Korea. We have just given China money about 3 million pounds to train to play football.

I am currently working for an agency earning £7.50 an hour. I have to pay my rent of £495 a month, Council Tax of £100 per month and travel to work of £10 per week. If I don’t work I get my rent paid for in full and most of my council tax paid but I also get free prescriptions, free dentist, free glasses etc.
In my opinion the welfare cap is too high and should be a maximum of £20,000 with no exceptions – why should some Somali families be homed in luxury 1 million pound homes in London where the average English person can’t afford to live? The problem with being single is you only have one income coming in so it is hard to save any money. A couple will only have to find £60 each for council tax. The Poll tax was a much fairer system as it cost the bigger households more.
Also I believe council flat rents should be put up to match those in the private sector and those in social housing who don’t work in a 5 year period should lose their social housing. Also you don’t get full rents paid if you have savings more than £6,000 but do if you have a luxury car – those with such luxury items should be asked to pay something towards their rent money.
I used to have a mortgage flat paying just £210 a month mortgage but had to sell due to the DHSS only paying mortgage interest when I was made redundant. For a long time because I had money from the sale of my flat I got no help toward my rent on my new flat.

When I lost my job all the DHSS paid was my mortgage interest of £80 a month. I had to sell my flat and then because I had savings of over £16,000 I got no help towards my rent. The council don't tell you that you can gift money to family members to reduce money in your bank account. The council won't offer me a council flat and now my rent is £495 a month. They only pay a maximum of £400 a month. To get the extra £95 needed you have to apply for a Discretionary housing grant which is awarded every six months. The council tells me to find a cheaper place to live but the going rent for a 1 bedroom flat is £600 a month where I live. I don't want to move into a bedsit because I could not have family over for meals which would affect my bipolar condition.

What annoys me most is none workers are given council flats and remain unemployed for life getting their full rents paid. I now have found a job on £7.50 an hour. I need Working Tax Credits so I can pay my rent as the council gives little help once working. You also have to pay for prescriptions, dentist, eye-tests, glasses and getting to work etc.. I also volunteer for Friday at the Library as an I.T buddy helping disabled people surf the internet and apply for disabled badges and use their tablets. I have a HND in Electronics and over ten years experience as a Technician but no skilled jobs exist now. We have become a low skilled country with low wages thanks to immigration. I also suspect age discrimination stops me getting admin job or I.T jobs even though I have also got a European Computer Driving Licence and a Certificate in Management Studies. How many qualifications do you need to get. I would like to learn PHP better but because I have been to University I would have to pay to do a 2 years course which I can't afford.

Estimates have said the number of illegal immigrants could be as high as 1.1million.
Under the plans, by MigrationWatch chairman Lord Green of Deddington, every lorry arriving in Dover would be searched for stowaways. Those found would be put in ‘one-stop shop’ detention camps, run in part by the Army, with a minimum of 1,000 spaces.
The centres would deal with every stage of asylum claims and appeals, to prevent those caught having the chance to abscond.
Economic migrants would, wherever possible, be removed. Civil servants, interpreters, lawyers, judges and medical staff would all be based on-site.

Britain’s £12billion foreign-aid budget should be used as a ‘carrot and stick’ to persuade countries to take back migrants, the report adds. It says: ‘What is now required is a major game-changer which will change the perception that just to get across the Channel is to be home and dry in a new and potentially prosperous life. This needs to be felt immediately in the camps around Calais and further back along the migrant routes.’
The report says removals of immigration offenders have averaged only 4,300 a year over the past nine years. This is ‘trivial’, it says, compared to an inflow from outside the EU of 300,000 legal migrants and 8million visitors last year.
The study warns: ‘Even a very small proportion of over-stayers would overwhelm the present arrangements for removing those who become illegal immigrants in this way.’

The average English couple only have 1.83 children no civilisation has survived with a figure less than 2.1

Muslims and African families tend to have 6 children - so soon UK will be a Muslim country by 2050. English are already ethnic minority in Londonistan and several UK towns. Churches and pubs are turned into Mosques and Christian gravestones removed to make way for Mosque carparks. It is ethnically cleansing of the English and their culture.

Britain faces £90 MILLION asylum seeker bill from EU – even though we opted out of quotas
BRITISH taxpayers face a £90 million bill from the European Union to fund the relocation of 160,000 asylum seekers.

Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t permit the construction of churches but finances a mosque construction spree in the land of the infidel, will not be taking in Syrian refugees.
Even though they are fellow Muslims.
It will however offer to build 200 mosques in Germany for their use.
It’s a kind offer. The only proper way for Europe to reciprocate would be to send a million soccer hooligans to Saudi Arabia and then offer to build facilities to teach them of the importance of trashing the country and abusing any native they come across.

It is Saudi Arabia and their Wahabi Islam that is funding ISIS. The war in the middle east is a proxy war between Saudi and Iran - Sunni and Shia Muslims. Remember when Russians were in Afghanistan both the CIA and SAS trained the Mujahadeen to fight the Russians. The Mujahadeen became the Taliban who morphed into ISIS.

Britain’s population set to grow by TWICE as much as the rest of Europe combined
BRITAIN’S surging population is forecast to jump by EVEN MORE than expected, with the number of people calling the UK home soaring to 85 million by 2080, according to official EU projections.
In six decades time, the UK will have 20 million more inhabitants than Germany – currently the continent's most populous nation.  
The surge means each year Britain will have to find room for an extra 315,000 people - equal to a county the size of Northumberland or a city the size of Nottingham. 
Meanwhile, Germany's population will have dropped by 15 million. 
By 2080, the EU population will stand at 520 million, according to EU's official statistics body, Eurostat.

I spent two years studying to get an OND and another 3 to get a HND in Electronics. Whilst doing the HND we spent 9 am till 5pm most days apart from Wednesday’s when we did 9am till 9pm. Most evenings were spent doing homework we had no time to do sport. I could have earned £50,000 in the time I spent at college. Since leaving college I have earned more money working in a warehouse than doing Electronic work. Skilled Electronic jobs don’t exist anymore where I live. Whilst at college we had no time to date women and women at college would mainly go out with guys who were working and had cars. About a 1000 people graduate each year in Electronics but the UK needs only about 100 Electronic Engineers at best per year. Through going to college I have lost my chance of having a family. My advice to anyone going to college is to do Computing or Business Studies as jobs in these fields pay much more and the courses have more females on them. I left college in debt most of my spare cash was spent on Technical books.

When UKIP were looking like they would win Tory seats the BBC was always having Mr Farage on. But as soon as UKIP looked like it would also get some Labour seats the BBC stopped inviting them. Also the BBC through a sister company stood a comedian up against a UKIP candidate using money it gets from the TV licence payers. The BBC is Left Wing biased and full of Liberals and Marxists who seem to think all refugees are fleeing war and not the reality that most don't stop in the first safe country but head for those with best welfare, free NHS, free education and free social housing for these Foreign Invaders ( Economic migrants) . Even the UN figures show that 70 percent of the migrants are young men and at least 40 percent are bogus.

There are plenty of SAFE COUNTRIES within Africa so why is UK giving asylum to economic migrants from Africa? Syrians can all claim asylum in Turkey. Arab countries like Saudi Arabia can help fellow Muslims and Israel should open its borders and become multi-cultural it seems it is only the white countries that are expected to be multi cultural. Most countries in Africa will be just full of Africans and most Asian countries full of Asians.

If migrants arrive in Italy or Grece they should be processed there for asylum status and not allowed to do the European tour to the lands with best welfare.

If migrants captured at sea they should not be taken to EU but back to where they came from.

Both Merkel and Herman Van Rompey are Marxist traitors who will wipe out European culture and cause white genocide.

Nationalist all over Europe need to make contacts and put pressure to leave the EU or re-establish border controls. We can do it together. Andreas Brevnik understood the danger of Marxist indoctrination of children by their left politician parents. He was a hero.

Will UK be a Muslim country by 2050 or will we fight back or wait for civil war to break out? Most Muslims want Sharia Laws so why dont they emigrate to Saudi Arabia? perhaps it is because Saudi has no welfare, social housing or free education for theri children.

What have Africans ever invented to create wealth? They must start inventing things and creating manufacturing jobs instead of living on Foreign Aid that fuels wars and bribery for food given.



We need to get rid of income tax and VAT.

Individuals up to the age of 65 should be taxed on the luxury items they own - obviously washing machines, cookers and fridges and sofas below a certain value would be exempt.

Cars, TV's, smart phones, video systems, music equipment, Cameras, Homes, Motorbikes, Caravans, Homes abroad and all luxury contents. Also cash in bank, Stocks, PIPS.

The Tax Could be 1 percent of valuation price. Unemployed, Self employed and working would all pay the new tax.

This has great benefits as self employed don't declare all the jobs they do but still buy luxury cars.

Criminals would also end up paying for their assets. The council would audit every person's home who is over 16 and thus liable for Council Tax.

This simplifies the tax system and would make the unemployed who only do cash in the cash in the hand jobs pay something.

To refuse entry your welfare would be stopped or if working a court trial would follow.

This system would also detect drug users and stolen goods.


The EU is a profoundly incompetent and profoundly anti-democratic entity.
We might have thought after 1945 that threat from Europe was gone for good, but thanks to decades of incompetence by our and the EU political leaders as well as the deceit of the 1975 referendum on what was to be an economic not political union, that threat looms large once again, and we may not be so lucky this time if we chose not to exit.
Even now Cameron is trying to muddy the waters.
He is supposedly engaged in “renegotiations” with our EU partners but we have no clear specification of what his demands are, or what the success criteria will be.
Clearly the plan is to make it all up as he goes along and claim whatever he gets (if he indeed gets anything) as a “success for Britain” or whatever the spin will be, urge everyone to vote yes and hope that nobody will notice the difference.
There is no doubt the British people have seen with the Greek debacle and the current immigration fiasco the EU in its true bungling form; its uselessness matched only by its megalomania to pass laws and endlessly control our lives.
Witness the contempt Merkel has for her own people’s concern at taking in 1m immigrants in a year.
The UK, unlike the other poor member countries such as Greece, Hungary, Poland and the German people, will at least be given a least get a second chance of escape.
We should take every opportunity to get out while we can. Don’t say we weren’t warned.

It's not just Marine Le Pen's Front National or Geert Wilders' Party in Holland or other Nationalist parties such as in Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark or Sweden that are riding on a wave of public support.
Now the Austrian version of the BNP, the Freedom Party has surged to place in Austria's opinion polls.
Latest polls show them sitting at 36.4%, above the Conservative and Socialist party's who trail at 30% and 24% each.
Recent numbers of Islamic asylum seekers’ heading through Austria and Germany has made more Austrians feel unsettled, fearing the rise of Islam in their nation.
Commissioner for migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, 62, the European Union’s (EU) migration chief has called on the leaders of Member States to forget about the political cost of accepting refugees.
Basically he’s saying the EU will ride roughshod over the sentiments of the European people because they’re not elected so don’t have to worry about being re-elected. Well they’re doing that already.
The true nature of the EU elites reveals itself; they want our governments to ignore voters concerns, lest we stop them from colonising Europe with Arabs and Africans.
This is the very real point; it's the arrogance of the European Autocracy that thinks democracy is only a side note in their greater plan for Europe.
It's the Democratic deficit and the blatant disregard for it that annoys most people.  

And so what if the people vote against the EU they will just ignore it? This means the bureaucrats will have to be removed by force as they are a de facto Dictatorship.

When the refugees – mostly coming from Syria – reach Turkey, they have arrived in the next safe country. As soon as these refugees leave this safe haven they become economic migrants because they are no longer fleeing a war torn country. They’re no different from the millions of others who want to come to Britain and cash in on our welfare, free NHS, and social housing. The vast majority of these refugees are Muslims. Why have Muslims chosen to flood into Christian lands, instead of Muslim lands that would provide for their needs far better? Where is the charity from Muslim nations? Saudi Arabia has said they will throw money at the problem by building 200 new mosques in Europe for the new massive population of Muslims! The extremist state of Saudi Arabia has made a clear declaration of their intent to colonise and conquer Europe in the name of Islam.

The current economic migrant crisis continues to drag on and won’t be going away any time soon. This is simply because the European response to the mass movement of people from Africa and the Middle East has been so contradictory and confusing that many are still flooding into Europe in their droves.

The UKIP stance on immigration is well documented. At the 2015 General Election my party stood on a platform of allowing skilled migration and putting an end to mass, unskilled, uncontrolled immigration. The Labour and the Conservative parties respectively have more often than not been far too afraid to even mention the issue for fear of enraging the liberal left and the apologists who continue to do down our great country.

However, since the elections in May, it seems that the topic of immigration is all these nay-sayers can talk about. This week we had Home Secretary Theresa May pledging a crackdown on asylum seekers and immigration. Empty words when you consider the latest net migration figures stand at a record 330,000 in the year to March 2015.

Meanwhile only last week, Labour leadership loser and political flip-flopper Andy Burnham blamed EU migration for ‘widening inequality’ and a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ with regard to workers’ wages. Either Burnham has had an epiphany, or he has been wilfully lying to the British people when he talked about mass immigration being of great benefit in the past. In fact, his party leader, Comrade Corbyn, believes in a Britain without borders, free from any nuclear deterrent, and seemingly free from any sense of national identity.

The current economic migration crisis continues unabated and we are still being told that Britain isn’t doing enough. In a previous article, I highlighted that we already do more than our fair share in accepting asylum seekers. However, regardless of what we are being told by the media and politicians, the majority of these people are not genuine asylum seekers from war-torn Syria, they are opportunistic economic migrants who see the prospect of work and benefits in rich northern EU member states worth risking their lives for.

According to Eurostat (the EU’s own statistical gathering body), between April and June this year the EU counted in some 213,000 so-called refugees, yet only 44,000 actually came from Syria. Eighty per cent came from elsewhere with 27,000 coming from Afghanistan and nearly 18,000 coming from Albania, a country hoping to join the EU in the not too distant future.

These men – and they are predominantly men – from Albania, are simply attempting to jump the queue under the guise of being a Syrian refugee. Many are travelling on fake Syrian passports, of course. Last month Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos revealed that he was able to buy a genuine-looking Syrian passport for as little as $825 (about £540) in Turkey and have it ready within forty hours. In fact, the German government has said that a third of ‘Syrians’ reaching Germany are in possession of forged Syrian passports and ID cards.

I do wonder where all the women and children are, as virtually all of these migrants seem to be young, healthy men. Only last week the charity Human Relief Foundation reported from the so-called ‘Jungle’ migrant camp in Calais (pictured above) that between 95-97 per cent are men.

So where are the women and children? Back at home in Syria sheltering from bombs and ISIS? If that is the case, then how very gallant and brave of these young men of fighting age to abandon their families in Syria.

American video journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem recently interviewed women in refugee camps in Syria and the general feeling amongst them was that their men had abandoned them. However, on the whole, figures suggest only a small minority of these men making their way across Europe are actually from Syria.

On top of this we also have the security issue. Worryingly, ISIS claim that as many as four thousand Islamist fanatics have covertly smuggled themselves into Europe posing as refugees. In addition, this week it was also announced that the FBI and authorities in Moldova are fighting hard to prevent radioactive materials from falling into the hands of ISIS terrorists. Imagine what carnage they could cause if they had access to caesium and other dangerous and radioactive chemicals. It is clear ISIS view the chaos in Europe as an opportunity.

Finally, if we have learned anything this week it is that EU leaders have decided how to finally resolve this never ending migration crisis.

On their visit to the European Parliament, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have called for… wait for it… even more European integration.

My question is: do we really need ‘more Europe’? Indeed, I suggest it is the EU that has facilitated much of this crisis.

With the Schengen agreement in tatters and opposition to proposed EU asylum quotas led by Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who has claimed that 95 per cent of refugees are in fact economic migrants, I am beginning to wonder whether by 2017 there will actually still be a functional and working EU from which we can withdraw.

The Rothschilds’ Family Logo. The Rothschilds got the British Government in 1917 to promise them Palestine (in exchange for getting the US into WWI). They own 80% of Israel.

The Rothschilds own 80% of Israel,

according to Simon Schama. They built the Israeli Supreme Court. They own Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), the two biggest media agencies in the world. They have a controlling share in the Royal Dutch oil company, the Bank of England and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). They foment wars, install presidents, dethrone kings and bankrupt nations, such is their power.

The Rothschilds typically operate behind the scenes. In the case of Israel, the Rothschilds engineered WWI and waited until 1917 when Britain was in trouble. The Rothschilds then promised the British Government that they could get the US to enter WWI (on the side of Britain) and thus ensure Britain’s victory over Germany et al. However, they wanted something in return: Palestine. Thus the Balfour Declaration was created, which is an official letter from the British Government Foreign Secretary James Balfour to Baron Rothschild. It states that: “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”

There is a big problem with this. Palestine was never Britain’s to give away. It rightfully belongs to the Arab and Palestinian people living there. The Rothschild Zionist Jews came in, took over and forcibly evacuated and killed millions of Palestinians who lived there. They are still committing genocide to this day. The creation of the Zionist state Israel was massively unjust right from the start. Something conceived in iniquity breeds conflict down the road. It is no exaggeration to say that the founding of Israel itself may be the precursor to WWIII.

Zionist Israel controls the governments of the US, Britain, Canada, France and more – and the Rothschilds control Israel.

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The fanatical pro-immigration brigade dismisses all such talk, claiming that the vast foreign influx boosts prosperity. We saw that in the hysterical reaction to Theresa May’s tough speech last week to the Tory Conference when business groups such as the Confederation of British Industry and Institute of Directors lined up to denounce the so called “irresponsible rhetoric” of the Home Secretary. But they are the ones who are socially irresponsible.

They like mass immigration because it means access to cheap labour thereby lowering wages but it is the British people who pay the price. In any case it is a myth that all foreign nationals come here to work. Huge numbers live off our welfare system.

Even the Government’s statistics show the majority of new migrants do not join the labour market. That truth is inadvertently revealed by Left-wing campaigners who continually bleat about unemployment and welfare dependency in migrant communities.

According to the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), just 29 per cent of Somalians and 36 per cent of Afghans here have any sort of job. The CPAG might think it is exposing racism. What it is revealing is parasitism. In fact the CPAG admits that “fear of losing benefits and social housing” is one of the barriers to work for these migrants.

Even most of the immigrants who take low-paid jobs are a burden on the public since they have to be paid tax credits and housing benefits while they get additional cash if they have families. To be a net contributor to the Treasury, an individual must earn at least £27,000 a year, far beyond the threshold of most migrants’ pay.

Contrary to the propaganda of the metropolitan elite, few are skilled engineers, surgeons and financiers, The lobbyists for the open borders whine that our public services, especially the NHS, would collapse without migrant labour. This is another fabrication. Britain had a successful civic infrastructure long before the era of mass immigration.

If there are staff shortages in the NHS, we should be training more staff. After all there is a huge demand from young British people for places on medical courses while there is nothing liberal about robbing the developing world of their trained employees.

Support for mass immigration is a form of national selfloathing dressed up as progress. “This is not a village any more,” said one Longford resident yesterday. There soon may not be a Britain any more.



Stretch limousine, Grand Burstin Hotel, free ferry service across the Med, courtesy of our Royal Navy, free board and lodgings free food free housing.

Hard life being a ‘refugee’?.. Harder life being an indigenous white Brit.

They are making a joke of us all, transporting people to whom we owe nothing and who have contributed nothing to our society and who never will, in a stretch limo!!

No wonder we get no reports about Calais anymore. They are coming here in their thousands for the biggest permanent fully paid holiday.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Whereas, the rest of us will have to hold down our jobs for peanuts and watch whilst the cost of living increases along with taxes and along with a massive decrease in quality for our public services

And these hotel owners who bought houses to rent out to immigrants, whose rents will be paid for by the taxpayer, will be described as shrewd businessmen and not as scrounging off the taxpayer.

Instead of fleeing their lands, they should be there making a stand in their homeland especially as most seem to be young fit and very able….I just don’t understand why the Government cant see through them like the rest of us but there may be other motives at play keep maybe to keep labour costs down for the Tory donors ?

We now must get out of the corrupt EU that is destroying every country that has been shackled to the evil EU, by traitors disguised as leaders of their governments and country.

We can not possibly allow Cameron to make Britain wait until 2017, before we are allowed a referendum.

All these phony asylum seekers will need now is a special card that will allow them to just walk into Britain. And Merkel and Juncker will make sure they obtain one, under the EU freedom of movement law, Cameron must not be allowed to get away with his treachery to our country any longer.

Cameron says we will not be taking any migrants from Calais we will only be taking the ones that have been in camps in Syria for 4 years and what has he done? Taken the worse ones from the jungle in Calais, he is such a liar.

Those in power have completely lost control of our country just wait when there are riots on our streets and we are ordered to take them in.