This year me and my friend Charli visited Marmaris in Turkey in June 2007.  We hired a scooter for YTL 110 for six days - which worked out just over 5 per day.  We were initially given a 100cc machine which had a dodgy fuel gauge - so we ran out of fuel and luckily a Turkish man went for more petrol for us.  The same machine got a puncture another day so we were then given a 50cc machine which my friend managed to crash on with me on the back due to a poor back brake.  He crashed again when riding on his own.  We were then offered a 125cc machine which was much better but the rev counter was not working on this machine.  A English breakfast can be purchased in Marmaris for YTL 5.

For a good night out head for Bar Street in Marmaris.  Club Arena and Crazy Daisy are both massive clubs which have no roofs so you keep cool whilst dancing, both have professional dancers to entertain you and have foam partys late at night.

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Xymalf 2007.