I arrived at the Tzante hotel in Laganos in May 2005 CE .  The hotel was close to the beach and pubs and I stayed in room 110 with a nice view of Camel toes around the pool and opposite neighbours on two sides as we were on a corner. 

The good bars in Zante are:-

Rescue bar which has a great fire display most nights at 10pm.

Strings Bar with Matt and Mark who can really rock plus you get a free shot with first drink.  The music was so good we purchased a live CD.

Chevy's bar is a great place to go to chill out or have an English breakfast.

It is better to purchase beer from a supermarket as this is much cheaper than in the bars also the tap water is safe to drink don't believe the Greek bullshit.  Cheap sandwiches, fruit and also honeyed nut bars can be purchased as money runs short. I hit my overdraft limit and then swapped items for Euros etc.  I will put holiday snaps on later when I get the rolls of films developed.  I hired a moped one day , cycled on two days and did many walks in the Olive groves and along the beach.  I am a camileon so you may have not have seen me.  You can buy cheap cigarette like LEADER for one euro but these are poison.  Ocean nightclub is a cool place to go after the pub shut at 4AM.

A Moped only costs 20 Euros to rent for the day and you can see the whole island on a full tank of four euros.

You can also buy cheap food like Gyro's or pork on a wooden stick on the main strip.

Laganos bars only really look good at night due to the neon lights and bar magic.

In the day time Laganos look like Blackpool with the Chav eating places like Mc.D and KFC close to the Tzante hotel.  

What spoils Laganos is the Chav eating places, the Greek who employ Pro-girls to dance without Knickers to pull in guys to waste money on expensive drinks.  I have had to taste every vice and poison to try and clean the followers of the White angels. 

At night the strip on Laganos is full of cloned Albanian inbred who try and sell you a naff bracelet for a euro.  My neighbour Emma ended up in the cells after hitting one of these scum bags who robbed her purse. My advice stay sober is the best way to enjoy the strip.  I had 3 sleeps a day as an old man needs his rest.

I met some nice Swedish girls like Lena and Caroline and Sarah from Chevy's. 

I had a good date with Simone O.C.S who taught me a lot , as likewise a Greek women called Angela who was multi-lingual.

Thanks to Tori and Emma my neighbours and Nikki the Hippy the best kisser on the island.

Laganos beach also has no parasols so shade his hard to find.  I slept between 8 a.m and 12 noon as the shops open at mid-day and I had cat naps on the beach during the day and the hotel at night.  In between times I lived like a God doing as I pleased as only you could in Greece .

Out Hotel bar was closed after the first week which spoiled my fun of watching and observing the drunk English holiday makers and bar staff mingling together.

Laganos beach though has a great Panoramic view of mountains in a horse shoe bay but the strip of sand is thin but long enough for a good walk.

I also liked Bar de Mar to chill out in when I went out on the beach.

Live each day as your last it will be one day !!

ROTAS OPERA TENET AREPO SATOR.      E = M * ( C*C).   can energy create mass Einstein?

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