The secrets of Freemasonry
Freemasonry contains things that are revealed and some concealed. The biggest secret is it contains a Secret Religion. Only those getting to the 33 Master Mason level know what this secret religion is!
To join the Masons you have to believe in a divine creator. To get in the Masons another Mason has to recommend you. You then pass through rites and ceremonies.
Many of my favourite pop stars are Masons or were they have since died like David Bowie, Bob Dylan is a Mason.
Masons are actors, pop stars, celebrities, politicians, leaders, presidents. Even the Pope is a Mason. Charles Darwin was a Mason yet pushed atheism onto the world. Yet to be a Mason you have to believe in a divine creator. Masons make secret signs in public or on magazine covers or in videos.
One such sign is the Hidden Hand their hand hidden behind their jacket – Karl Marx and Napoleon did this. They will also cover their lips or do the ALL SEEING EYE sign – by covering one eye up.
The ALL SEEING EYE is symbolic of the religion they worship but has multiple meanings.
The Square and compass also has multiple meanings, it can represent the sex act, but also these are the tools of Masonry.
The All Seeing Eye is shown at the top of the pyramid – it can represent sperm being released from the penis head [the sexual one eye] but also represents the light bearer.
Freemasonry is about The Great Work which is now almost unstoppable. All Politicians at the top in every country and major institutions governing our world have been infiltrated by them and under their control.
As David Rockefeller once said we will have a New World Order. Masonic symbols are on the one dollar bill. There is a giant pyramid in Australia on top of their parliament building it is only a frame work but under it –viewed from above is a much smaller pyramid, hidden in plain sight. There is also a shadow man on the Australian bank note [it has numbers which if you do maths reveal the 666]
So what is this secret religion hidden within freemasonry? The secret religion is they worship Lucifer / Satan as the God of this world. Freemasons only tend to hang around with other Masons. For example when the singer of AC/DC died [Scott Bonham] they replaced him with another Mason.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are both Masons.
Masons call normal people Vulgar or The Profane. They see atheists as stupid which they are.
Freemason’s are under oath never to reveal their secrets. If a Mason reveals what he knows they can be killed. Now you know why. They want to destroy Christianity; they built Christian churches just to control the masses. We have seen Bono [U2], The Pope, George Bush all doing the secret handshake.
They also make the Sign of Silence – fingers covering their mouth, or the sign of silence plus a sign of death. They also make 666 hand signs, and sometimes display multiple signs at the same time.
A Mason who goes against the fraternity risks losing his business, having his family threatened, having his reputation ruined or jailed under false claims / being framed, or being suicide or killed.
The oath is not purely symbolic for Masons are above the law in the land they operate. Their Mandate is clear – break our oaths and your throat may be cut. It is mainly an invitation only fraternity they don’t want or need too many of the vulgar or profane.
They drink wine from a real human skull [whose skull was this?] Freemason’s have to be intimidated in their rites, having knives held to their throats or somebody standing on their neck. In Skull and Bones they have to reveal all their sex life whilst in the coffin with the Temple prostitute.
Albert Pike who fought for the confederates helped to establish most of the rites. He is entombed in their Temple not far from the White House. John William Booth a Rothschild’s agent and a Freemason assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
Kayne West is a freemason; he wears the double-headed eagle.
Freemason’s lie to lower freemasons and also members of the public. It secretly works in the background expanding its role and influence in society – see the book the protocols of the learned elders of Zion – which shows the master plan.
Daniel Craig the actor who plays James Bond is a Mason. In one film a guy is about to inject Mr Bond – he says “you might feel a little”, the needle goes in, Bond says “Christ”, the other actor says “prick” – thus we have the subliminal message Christ is a prick.
The Queen of England is a Mason, as was her father. So is her son Charles and his sons Harry and William. They all do the hidden hand signs in public and the secret handshake.
Prince Phillip now dead was a Mason he said he wanted to come back as a virus to exterminate humanity.
Masonry contains real truths but also mixed with untruths.
They do understand the astral planes and witchcraft and working with nature spirits and the elementals.
Masons use Charity as a cover story – they have a branch in the USA called the Shriners who do Charity work. Freemasonry is a Fraternity within a Fraternity. One is visible and the other invisible.
The Arcanum Arcanium – the mystery of mysteries.
The real hidden thing is their secret religion. Pike said that Freemasonry is essentially a religious order. Each temple a teaching of religion. The initiate is misled by interpreting the symbols incorrectly. So many masons are misled they don’t understand what the eye in the pyramid represents and why it is at the top.
The eye is Lucifer – the grand commander of them all.
The Eye and the Pyramid are Masonic designs and used on a lot of their books as is the double headed eagle. JFK was a freemason but disassociated himself from the central banks – so he was killed, just like Lincoln and Gadaffi etc
Helen Miren and Cate Blanchett are female freemasons – this is called the Order of the Eastern Star.
Sting, Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady gaga are Masons. To succeed these days in the entertainment world you have to be a Mason and sell your soul to Satan for fame and fortune in this life. Bob Dylan admitted he had sold his soul to Satan in an interview. Stevie Nicks the singer with Fleetwood Mac and a witch admitted she was a member of a secret society.
All these are masons ;- Robert De Niro, Zoe Kravitz, Monica, Le Bron James, Oasis both Gallaghar brothers Liam and Noel, Leona Lewis, Jonah Hill, Aldris Hodge, Ashton Kutcher, Sophie Monk, Isla Fisher, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra and his rat pack, Bono[u2], Ben Stiller, Angelina Jollie, Jack Nicholson,Graham Norton, Lionel Ritchie, Bob Marley [RIP], Orlando Bloom, Patrick Swaze, Neil Young, Bon Jovi, Leonardo di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gadaffi [RIP], Putin, Kissinger even the North Korean leader.  Then we have Jessie J, Matt Damon, Meghan Fox, Jude Law, Gene Simmons from the band Kiss, Kobi Byrant, Richard Gere, Sinead O’Conner, Naomi Watts, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel [Both were in the band Genesis], Miley Cyrus, Francis Ford Copola, Stephen King, Robert Palmer, Val Kilmer, Usain Bolt, Meryl Streep, Keanu Reeves, Kylie Minogue, and Clint Eastwood.  There are many more in fact it is almost certain that your favourite actor or pop star is a Mason – to succeed nowadays you have to be a member of their secret religion.
Witchcraft is the Royal Art of freemasonry – it is as older than civilisation being taught by beings in the spirit world. The Church Of Satan was created by a freemason. The order of the Eastern Star symbol for female masons is the same as that of Satanism with a few pretty colours added to their logo.
Confucius said that signs and symbols rule our world. We just need to know how to read them. Remember a word just goes into your ears; a sign goes into your eyes where it is stored in your subconscious brain. That’s why a company needs a good logo.
Masons are thus revealed by their symbols – they think we are stupid with eyes wide shut.
So they do Hidden hand gestures, secret handshakes, 666 hand signs, one eye signs, devil horns signs of Baphomet [Satan].
Jesus described the God Masons worship as the father of Lies – this is a just description for the Masons – they deceive us and tell lies through the media they own and control -Tell A Lie vision.
Masons use their knowledge of witchcraft to interact with Lucifer. Baphomet is the symbol of Lucifer the Masons worship as an idol – it was originally a Knights Templar symbol.
We now have a Knight Templar grade within Masonry.
Ephias Levi in his book on magic writes about the Royal Art –which is what freemasonry calls magic or to give it its real and demonic name Witchcraft. Freemasonry has become an umbrella for many other secret societies.
In Satanic Temples the Baphomet has horns and one eye bigger than the other. They also display upside down crosses to mock Christ.
The Baphomet has a blinded eye just like the freemason Marilyn Manson who said he hoped to destroy Christianity and did an Anti-Christ superstar tour.
There are many manifestations of Satanism within freemasonry. The Goat and the skulls and the skeletons etc
Freemasonry acts as a good filter system hiding the truth, designed to trap Christians. They will never get to the 33 to know the truth – Freemasonry is the worship of Satan who they see as the God of this world.
Many lower masons think freemasonry is a force for good – as all they see is the lodge donating to charity and hospitals. Freemasonry has filled the world with fools and they are laughing at us.
Slash of Guns and Roses has been seen with three sixes on his T-Shirt, guess what religion he belongs to? Doubt it not – the Luciferian agenda
Many other Masons wear 3 sixes on their clothing too. Masons bury their truths that God is the devil. They call the Angel of Darkness absolute light. This is what Satanism strives to do – in everything. They love sin and perversion of our culture. Aleister Crowley said “Do what thou wilt – this is the law” in other words do anything you want to do.
Freemasonry though its control of the music industry and films has perverted everything. We see Britney and Madonna both freemasons giving a lesbian kiss – all trying to pervert the teaching of God.
Masons like John Cleese of the Monty Python fame – made his fortune out of the ridicule of Christianity. We must ask why Masons target Christianity not Islam or Buddhism. I don’t think Muslims would take it so lightly.
Christianity installs a good moral framework which is no longer being followed, no one stay a virgin until married now. Masons hate this moral code and despise Christ and his followers.
Many will go straight to the slaughter house blissfully ignorant as they love everything on this earth and their material things like shiny cars and diamonds.
Satan exists and so does the Christ logos. Masons do know this prefer to worship the evil one – the losing side.
Walt Disney was a freemason – he created Mickey Mouse, invert Mickey, what do you see? Wicked. Masons also like the double cross sign which is another symbol of Baphomet or Satan.
People need to wake up fast and realise Satanism exists and take the right hand path – which is to love Christ as God.
Lucis Trust – established to find a new way for life – The New World Order. Lucis trust was founded as The Lucifer Publishing Company to honour Lucifer. The Lucis trust was established by the freemason Alice Bailey and her husband.
H.P.Blavatsky says in her book The Secret Doctrine – Lucifer is God and the only God. The freemasons believe that the fallen angels [see book of Enoch – not in the bible] and their descent was a good thing.
H.P Blavatsky also created a magazine called Lucifer with another female mason called Annie Basant.
Satanism is now at the core of our world. This demonic system will be implemented drip by drip so the masses won’t notice. After all a child going to school today in a mask thinks this is normal – so it only take as a generation – the Jesuits understood this.
Freemasonry is also a sex cult; hence their aprons cover their genitals. The one eye also is symbolic of the one eye of the penis. The square and compass symbolic of a man mounting a women. The G being sexual generation or new life.
The obelisk is also symbolic of an erect penis – it also marks Masonic territory.
The mystic shrine [32 degree] is the genitals. This leads to the Jesters – their pin badges reference the phallus, sodomy and bestiality.  In masonry the division between evil and good don’t exist. Jesters are tax exempt. These Jesters even have women in the lodges doing sleazy dances to entertain these perverted old men. Satanism is the oldest religion in the world. Nature is their Bible. Masonry is described as a peculiar system of morals cloaked in allegory. They have to be veiled as their deeds are pure evil.
Nature allows killing, is none monogamous. So these Masons who think they are FREE believe because nature allows it and nature is so broad they can do anything. They believe Christ is evil because he burdens us within a framework of morals that does not allow for sin or guilt.
In higher degrees they have a severed head on the Masonic apron. These masons have to hold a severed head – I don’t know if this is a real head or a model?
We do know all the skulls and skeletons they use are real. Freemasons also control many funeral homes in many lands. Freemasonry has provided a fertile ground for new magical order to form and flourish. Witches are initiated as are masons; witches are invites as are masons, their ceremonies and rites use similar objects like the pentagram and swords.
Both witches and Freemasons take sacred oaths. They both end their rites with “so will it be”
The word witchcraft has been silenced yet it never went away it just went into the lodges. We now use the word magic now but both witchcraft and magic draw poison from the well and are very dangerous. Masons say evil comes from good and order out of chaos. So to them wars are good if they progress The Great Work.
The CND so called peace sign is the broken cross of Christ. A male child is a suitable sacrifice for a witch within a magic circle as they have more life force – so more energy can be collected.
Aleister Crowley is on the Beatles sergeant Pepper album cover. He is at top of the pyramid. He had a secret society called the O.T.O where he called himself the beast 666. His name is now spelled different to give 666 in Gematria.
Witches also believe in sacrificing black cats [poor black cats – this is racist] or children then drinking their blood [research adrenochrome], what normally follows is a sex orgy after the killing. Stanley Kubrick hinted at this in his film Eyes wide shut – my eyes are not wide shut they are open and I understand the hidden meaning that all these politicians are involved in this dangerous cult. The cover shows the all Seeing Eye – another film Clockwork Orange has the eye at the top of the pyramid on the cover. Kubrick used to wear a T-Shirt with Diablo on it which is Spanish for The Devil.
8 million children go missing each year on earth, many of the top families are cabals involved in gun, drug and child trafficking. Many investigating the Clintons have been suicided. Rituals do work as work done on earth is continued by spirits in the other realms. Freemasons mock the blood of Christ ritual by eating a wafer with the word Satan on it; this wafer can have semen, menstrual blood or urine on it.
The seal of Saturn is the same pattern as the Masonic compass and square pattern – a V up and a V down. The freemasons say by the time we are done then every church will be a brothel. They have already used a church for a fashion show with their Masonic columns of J+B within, and the all Seeing Eye behind these. The models wore the horns of Baphomet and the all Seeing Eye, had pentagrams on their clothes. A male model in a skirt what else had upside down crosses on his clothes – the symbol of Satanism to mock Christ.
In California now baby’s can be aborted after birth. Boys are allowed to cross dress to entertain men. Drag Queens now read to children as schools controlled by Masons. Most American normal schools follow the Rockefeller indoctrination system.
Freemasonry has corrupted Christianity using porn, homosexuality, drugs etc.
Secular Humanism is now promoted [see William Coopers Mystery Babylon series].  Secular Humanism is the now the banner for Satanism. Here comes the darkness, here comes the evil – welcome to the Masonic New World Order. If we take a look at the Georgia Guide stones for the Age of Reason [The new Aeon]. The Age of Reason was a book by Thomas Paine who was an anti-Christian.
The Guide stones have ten new commandments to replace those in the Bible.
The first says maintain humanity at just 500 million – this means a 95% reduction in the earth’s population.
The guide stones are built on a Ley line that connects to Washington DC.
The pseudonym R.C Christian is used on the stones. R.C is a hint at the Rose Cross a secret society under the masons. We don’t know if Thomas Piane was a Mason but he did write a book on them. The invisible society freemasons regard us as vulgar or profane and useless eaters. So what do you think they have planned for us [Do as thou Wilt].
What use are we when replaced by robots we have become a burden for them. Charles Darwin is listed as influence in the Church of Satan literature.
The New Age magazine was originally created by the Supreme Council of Masonry 33.
They sell us the New Age magazine that promotes spirituality but it cloaks the real intention to promote Satanism.
Anton Levi founder of the church of Satan, quotes freemasons in his books, it must be suspected that he is a mason too – he has been photographed with Masons.
Anton Levi makes a Mason Claw fist on a cover of his magazine, so it is likely he is a mason.  So here we have more evidence a Freemason probably created the Church of Satan within the USA. His name also looks Jewish – Jews hate Christianity they think they are Gods chosen people.
Freemasons believe opposites only exist in our minds. They think Christianity is the worst thing to befall the Human Race. I think Freemasonry is. They think a Christian who has sympathy for the weak is a pathetic person. This is a quote from F.W Nietzsche the Anti-Christ.
Luciferians want a new 6th race – welcome to human 2.0 a synthesis of biology and machine
The book; Happy Birthday Planet says people will have to change or die.
So what is an anti-Christ?
The definition is any individual or group who denies the divinity of Jesus Christ – so this is a lot of folk on this planet.
The New Age has a New Gospel but this isn’t the gospel that is in the bible.  The book of knowledge – the keys of Enoch is the first book to show the alignment of the great pyramid and Orion -it also reveals that Enoch and Metatron were real spirits. The book of Enoch has been omitted from the bible.  Those that govern earth are those that fell from heaven [are the 13 illuminati blood lines connected to these?], the fallen angels of the book of Enoch.
Lucis Trust says 1/3rd of all humans will die entering the New Age. Alice Bailey says when a form becomes inadequate it must go – she is advocating killing. So what about disabled people?
So do we trust the United Nations controlled under the Masonic system? Do we bow down and take the mark of the beast – digital currency or real marl or an embedded ID Chip?
George Orwell’s book 1984 had one eye on its cover. He was a member of the Fabian society whose logo is appropriate it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Fabians are socialists who want to move to their utopian world a small step at a time. Socialism is communism which is Satanism. Communism is promoted by rich bankers as under communism they own all but under communism there is no Christianity. Freemasonry regards itself as the brain and us the enslaved body.
The perfect Ashler is the state. Albert Pike sought to uphold slavery and had links with the Mafia in Italy. Freemasons already control most monarchs and also the pope. Albert Pike writes about his desires for Masonry to conquer the world.
The double headed eagle symbol is symbolic of the Hegelian dialect these Masons use. Both heads serve the same beast system our enslavement. One hand creates noble things; the other destroys and perverts the other hand then offers help for the problem the other created. You create the problem and offer the solution. The Government creates the problem to get the solution they want. They have created the covid scamdemic – to advance the new world order but also to get people in a state of fear to take the vaccines that will de-populate the planet slowly. See my Book the plandemic on

The New World Agenda is advanced as many don’t understand they are helping it – by complying and not saying no – by wearing masks and not standing up to the police. Police have the Masonic chess pattern on their uniforms. When your birth certificate id made you are now under admiralty law – the Masonic system. Your straw man a dead entity is exchanged on stock markets. The Vatican once claimed they owned all souls on earth, but the freemasons intend to be the masters and make us bow down to their god Lucifer .