Abu Hamza .


Omar Bakri Mohammed another enemy of the state has received over £200,000 in benefits in his 18 year stay in this country.  Syrian born Bakri said voices of dead terrorists were calling British Muslims to fight.  He declared Britain a land of war and urged all Muslims to join in Jihad against the country.  Bakri collects over 340 pounds a week in welfare payments.  Bakri has been working as a teacher for the last five years but still getting welfare payments.  He held an Al Qaeda recruitment meeting in the British HQ of the Quakers.

HATE-filled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is getting a flash new people carrier worth more than £28,000 - on benefit payments. The limping fanatic, 45, probed by anti-terror cops over web rants, has ordered a seven-seater Toyota Previa with DVD, satellite navigation and leather upholstery.  Bakri has since fled to Beirut and has put off plans for his family to join him.  He believes they are safer living on benefits in Britain.  His wife and children live in a house worth £350,000 belonging to a housing association in Edmonton, North London.  His son was caught with £15,000 in a bag at heathrow.

Abu Qatada arrived in Britain in 1993 on false papers.  Videos of 18 of his hate filled sermons were found at the flat of 9/11 hijack leader Mohammed Atta.  Abu Qatada is set to blow more taxpayers cash on a last ditch appeal to stop him being deported back to Jordon.  Qatada once described as Osama Bin Laden's top henchman in Europe has run up a legal aid bill of over £200,000.  Detectives found £180,000 of cash at Abu Qatada's West London home and his family has received thousands in hand-outs.  It has cost the public £140,000 to keep him behind bars.

One of the world's most dangerous terror suspects was last night 10th April 2008 preparing for a life on benefits in Britain after judges ruled that his deportation would breach human rights law.

Abu Qatada, dubbed Osama Bin Laden's "truly dangerous" ambassador in Europe, could be released from jail within months following the Court of Appeal verdict.

Yesterday's decision has left Britain's anti-terror laws in tatters. It means the Jordanian father of five - who has been linked to a string of global terror conspiracies and is held in a high security prison under immigration powers - can expect to receive £1,000 a month in handouts.

Abu Qatada is to receive almost £8,000 a year in benefits because he has a bad back. The fanatical cleric, said to be Osama Bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe, will get £150 a week of taxpayer’s cash after being released from jail last week. He was granted the incapacity benefit because his condition makes him unfit to work – even though a curfew allows him out of his home for only two hours a day, meaning it would be almost impossible for him to get a job. Qatada left Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire after the Appeal Court blocked his deportation to Jordan. He is now living in an £800,000 four-bedroom Edwardian semi in a tree-lined street in West London. His incapacity allowance will push
the family’s total annual handouts to more than £50,000. His wife has been claiming £45,000 a year in child benefit, income support, housing benefit and council tax credit for the past four years. Steve Pound, Labour MP for Ealing North, which borders Qatada’s West London home, said: ‘This is adding insult to injury. He abuses us and bleeds us dry at the same time.Described by another judge as 'a truly dangerous individual', he remains an iconic figure for many supporters of jihad. Lawyers successfully argued in the Court of Appeal that Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in Jordan might have been obtained by torture - a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. The fanatical preacher, who was 20 stone but slimmed down on prison food, was pictured on a shopping trip near the £800,000 home he shares with his wife and children. Exact details of the location where the Qatada family are living on benefits of an estimated £50,000 a year are protected by court orders.The taxpayer also faces a bill of tens of thousand of pounds to keep the hate-filled cleric under 24-hour surveillance by security services under a control order unless a last-ditch Home Office appeal is granted by the House of Lords. Even if it is, Qatada could appeal again, to the European Court of Human Rights. Yesterday the Court of Appeal said Qatada could stay because evidence used against him in any prosecution in his native Jordan may have been obtained by torture - a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. At the same time, 12 Libyan fanatics were cleared to remain in Britain for the rest of their lives by a second human rights ruling. They include an asylum seeker considered a "real and direct threat" to security who had a map marked with the flightpath to Birmingham Airport. The rulings mean that - despite Tony Blair's promise in the immediate aftermath of the 7/7 attacks that the "rules of the game have changed" - not a single international terrorist has been forcibly removed from this country. Almost three years on, the only Islamic fanatics to depart are eight Algerians who went voluntarily. >The Home Office had secured a Memorandum of Understanding with both Jordan and Libya, which said that returned terror suspects would not face torture. But judges - torpedoing the much-heralded strategy - said there was no guarantee that the Libyans would not suffer ill treatment or harm in the future.


Izzadeen, 35, who was born to a respectable Jamaican family, shed his Christian identity on the eve of his 18th birthday to become a Muslim firebrand who believes Britain should become an Islamic state. He spent more than a decade preaching before he was finally jailed in April 2008 for four and half years, reduced by a year on appeal. The father of three has not worked for years and has lived off the state that he has plotted to overthrow, receiving £102-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance and almost £47 a week in child benefit, as well as housing benefit and council tax benefit.

FAILING to kick radical cleric Abu Qatada out of the country has cost taxpayers at least £3million, figures have revealed. The huge bill, which has been run up over more than a decade since he was first arrested, is more than twice earlier estimates.

The revelation comes ahead of tomorrow’s ruling by European judges on whether Qatada’s appeal against deportation should be allowed to go ahead.



Economic migrants and Bogus Asylum cheats have hit on a sick way to avoid being kicked out of Britain - they threaten to kill their children.  These callous parents know that the children will end up in care.  Then they deliberately prolong court battles using the youngsters as pawns to delay their own deportation.  The parents ask for the children to be kept in care to postpone the return back to their home countries.



A solicitor coached illegal immigrants in a Chinese religion to help their bogus claims a court heard on the 23/9/03.  Titus Miranda's firm allegedly provided information pacts about the Falun Gong religion, which was banned in China in 1999.  The lawyer processed a conveyer belt of applications at £70 a time using identical stories to support the claims for asylum.  He processed £1.5 million worth of claims in three years.  He created a template story that he cut and pasted using a computerized application form.


Talibans granted asylum were drug runners!

The latest Taliban to be granted asylum was a drug runner back in Afghanistan.  Mohammad Ihsan Mutmain, a junior minister in the ousted fundamentalist regime left the worn torn country before the Sept 11TH attacks.

He has since been living in Croydon, south London, where he was recently reunited with his wife and three children he originally left behind.  Mutmain 37, worked in the Department of Commerce when the Taliban used it to channel drug money from the Heroin trade.



A HORDE of asylum seekers went on the rampage at a hospital as they tried to take away the body of a relative who had just died.Scuffles broke out around the deathbed when nurses told the furious Romanian migrants that they could not remove the corpse. Staff said through an interpreter that a post-mortem would have to be carried out first on the heart attack victim.But that did not pacify the mob and police were called.A few hours later more than 40 refugees besieged the mortuary and demanded to view the body.The cops were summoned again to keep order as small groups were taken to see the dead man, who was in his 30s.But they decided not to intervene as the mob, including young mums with babies, turned the chapel of rest into a rubbish tip.Cleaners had to be called in to take away heaps of litter, including paper cups, cigarette ends, wrappers and soiled nappies.Bosses at the 1,300-bed Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, said they bent over backwards to accommodate the cultural requirements of the grief-stricken Romanians.

But one angry nurse said last night: “These people behaved diabolically.

“They had lost someone but that gave them no right to rampage through the hospital like they did.



In the window of the reception desk of the A&E department of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington,  the word welcome is written in 20 different languages.  Every year 80,000 people enter the A&E department demanding emergency treatment.

A reporter spent several days here observing the patients.  In 12 hours on one Saturday 24 families visited the children's A&E department, just four claimed to have British roots.  On another day chosen at random, 19 young patients arrived for treatment.  Amongst them an Egyptian, a Vietnamese, a Saudi and an Indian baby.  Only 2 of the 19 said they were British.   Across the corridor in the adult A&E the story was the same.  A group of Nigerians with bandaged heads, a tired-looking man from Sudan, an Iranian with a boil on his chest.  A Middle Eastern women with a pain in her stomach when her husband was asked for his address he mumbled vaguely: ' it is near the Edgeware Road'.  A Mongolian man with a broken arm has brought a friend also from Mongolia to interpret for him as he speaks little English, he tells the receptionist he has lived here for 3 years which she accepts but from his complete lack of English it is clear he is a new arrival in the country.  A Kuwaiti family with a sick little girl give an indecipherable address at the other side of the world and offer no proof of links to Britain.  No one was asked for any form of identification documentation.



London has become the immigration capital of the world, according to a report.  More DHSS freeloading foreigners are settling in London than even New York or Los Angeles.  The record influx of parasites is causing is forcing many Londoners to flee the capital as property prices soar and public services fail to cope.

Numbers settling in Londinistan have surged from 50,000 a year a decade ago to 120,000 each year. More than two-thirds off migrants coming to the UK settle in the capital.  These figures based on official Government reports only take into account legal immigrants.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants (economic + medical migrants etc) , as well as bogus failed asylum seekers have made Londinistan their home in the last ten years. The number will rise even more when ten more countries join the EU next year, these include Poland and Czech Republic .  The report in the Economist magazine says that the Home Office prediction that the enlargement of the EU will push up immigration by 13,000 a year is a significant underestimate.



Eastern European gangsters are being allowed to live and work in the UK for a cut-price £200,000 fee, under shock new changes to the country's immigration laws.

The new Home Office rules- which came into effect last week - could lead to organised criminal operations relocating to the UK.  Just two months ago, the Government was at the centre of a row after a loophole in changes to immigration laws led to bogus asylum seekers conning their way into Britain with work permits bought for as little as £74. Now, in an attempt to boost the treasury's coffers and keep a check on immigration numbers, crooks hoping to settle in Britain will be allowed in, so long as they invest £200,000 in a business venture - which could be as simple as buying a property to let. Apart from proof of cash, would-be settlers only need to create a business that is self funding and employs two people.  Once approved, they do not require work permits to take British jobs and their families are also given a British visa.

African victims get new access to UK
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 Alan Travis, home affairs editor
 Thursday August 7, 2003
 Home Office immigration officers have started interviews in west Africa this  week to select the first refugees to be brought to Britain through a new legal route into the country. The first group of refugees, who are mostly expected to be Liberians, are to  arrive in October as part of a resettlement programme operated by the United Nations high commissioner for refugees.  Home Office ministers have agreed to take up to 500 refugees in the initial stages of the scheme but it is expected to expand into an official route whereby those refugees most in need of protection can get to Britain without having to use private traffickers or enter the country illegally.  A Home Office spokeswoman said the first batch of refugees would not be a one-off and officials were committed to running the scheme in future years with an annual quota.
Those selected to take part in the scheme are to be given "cultural orientation training" to teach them about British life and culture, as well as English classes before and after their arrival to help them integrate. They will be provided with temporary housing, counselling, and essential items for daily living, as some will arrive with few or no possessions or suitable clothing.
> International Committee of the Red Cross: refugees
> Journal of Refugee Studies
> UN High Commission for Refugees
> US Committee for Refugees

More refugees to be given handouts while the locals & home grown starve. The refugees will also be given plum jobs, free housing, free medical care, free college tuition and more.


Taxpayers will foot the bill to bring back an asylum seeker to the UK days after he was thrown out.  David Blunkett has been ordered to fly Veli Bacari back to the UK so that he can challenge the decision not to grant him refugee status.

The 16-year-old, who claims to be a Gypsy from Kosovo, was sent to Albania last week as his lawyers prepared a bid for him to stay here.  The High Court ruled he had grounds for appeal and should be brought back.

Bacari's lawyer Christopher Jacobs told the court his client chose to be returned to Albania because he was too scared to go home to Kosovo where he said attacks on gypsies was common place.  Attacks on gypsies have fallen in Kosovo due to a UN-backed government.  Bacari spoke very good Albanian and could not prove he was a gypsy and has never reported ant attacks to the authorities.

Immigration officials say up to 85 per cent of asylum seekers claiming to be from Kosovo turn out to be Albanians.£180K bill as deportation bid flops.

Home Office chiefs wasted £180,000 of taxpayers money in a botched attempt to deport 94 Brazilian illegal immigrants.  A Boeing 747 jet sat for over ten hours on the runway but the Brazilian Government would not take the illegals back!  The Brazilians were removed from the jet and placed in a detention centre.

In Cricklewood, North London, dozens of immigrants line up each morning for cash in the hand work.  A shop in Hammersmith is known as the crying wall  because of all the cash-in-hand jobs being advertised in Polish and other languages.



A MOB of asylum seekers sparked a riot at the end of a Butlins holiday funded by taxpayers.They brawled with terrified trippers who had scrimped and saved for their breaks at the resort.The sickening punch-up came after the 26 migrant teenagers PESTERED young girls, SCARED other children and TAUNTED their parents.

Furious dad-of-two James Williams said last night: “I can’t believe these people were allowed en masse to a family resort like Butlins.“This was our first holiday for five years and it’s the worst one we’ve ever had.”

News of the fight followed a shock Sun poll yesterday showing voters wanted a halt to the flood of bogus asylum seekers.

Most of those quizzed also said they thought the Government was covering up the extent of the crisis and was too weak in trying to deal with it. The asylum seekers at Butlins were aged 14 to 18 and mainly Kosovan. They were sent to the company’s complex at Minehead, Somerset, by Kensington and Chelsea council, West London.

Officials had sanctioned the £160-a-head, week-long trip. The migrants arrived in Minehead on August 9 — the same day as Mr Williams, wife Yvonne, 46, and their children Kieran, 14, and Rebecca, 11. The family, from Telford, Shropshire, was accompanied by two pals of the children and had paid £1,026 for the holiday.


A CROWN Court judge lashed immigration chiefs yesterday for letting an asylum seeker stay in Britain even after he committed a series of crimes.

Judge Timothy King branded the decision “astonishing” — and revealed he would have deported Steven Omokanjuola for a violent attack on a stranger if he had the power.

The judge said Omokanjuola was “cocking a snook” at authorities, and immigration officers should have checked out his past.

Nigerian Omokanjuola, 29, was told he could stay indefinitely in the UK just days before he stood trial for unlawful wounding.

He denied the charge, but was convicted after a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court, East London, heard how he punched a Good Samaritan who tried to stop a street fight.

His previous convictions include possession of a knife in 1995, making off without paying in 1996, false accounting in 1999, obtaining property by deception in 2000 and benefit fraud in 2002.

He has spent 39 months behind bars since arriving in Britain in 1989.

When told that Omokanjuola could not be deported, Judge King said: “I do find it extraordinary that if these matters were known to the authorities he was given indefinite leave to remain. “Had he not been, I would not have hesitated to make the recommendation for deportation.” The judge added: “I find it astonishing. He is a regular offender committing serious criminal offences. “I would have thought these were factors that ought to have influenced the immigration department against the claim of this man rather than permitting him to remain. “It seems to me this is the very sort of individual whose presence in this country is not conducive to the well-being of its citizens.” Judge King said immigration officers should have investigated Omokanjuola’s history, adding: “I would expect them to make it their business to find out. These are matters of public record. “The defendant is cocking a snook at the authorities and I find it very unpalatable that this country gives refuge to persons who then flout the law. “It may be he would be in fear for his safety if he were to go back, but I would expect him to behave himself while he is here.”



In a case with huge implications the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg overturned the Home Office's refusal to let a Moroccan live in Britain. Hacene Akrich , who has been trying to settle here since 1989, and has been deported three times, used a ruse to get round immigration laws. He married a Briton while living here illegally, then he and his wife went to Dublin for six months where she found work.  When they returned they said he had a right to live in Britain, citing EU free movement rules that allow EU citizens - returning home after working in another member state for six months - to be accompanied by their spouse "of whatever nationality".  Experts say this will open the flood gates to similar cases.


THE African asylum seeker suing Britain for £100,000 sums up everything that is wrong with our immigration system.

The man should never have been allowed here in the first place.

Why should someone from the Ivory Coast, a French protectorate since 1842, be let in to study here? What’s wrong with France having him?

That soft decision was the start of a cynical catalogue of abuse of our hospitality.

The man broke the rules by working and was threatened with deportation, which he fought.

Four years later — yes, he was still here — he was caught using a false passport to get a national insurance number to let him claim benefit.

He was jailed for that and then threatened with deportation again — at which point he claimed asylum.

Now he is suing the Home Office for alleged “anxiety, distress, embarrassment, humiliation and inconvenience” not to mention “gross affront to his personal dignity and integrity.”

It’s a sickeningly familiar story.

The proof that we’re mugs is that he’s on legal aid — taxpayers’ money — to fight his case.And he’s getting housing and child benefits to make life easier for him.

This man is a disgrace to all those many decent, hard-working immigrants who do this country proud.



Thousands of computer experts are losing jobs to foreign workers brought in under a Home Office scheme, it was revealed yesterday.  David Blunkett has massively expanded the number of permits for overseas workers from 30,000 annually to 130,000 last year. 175,000 permits will be granted this year.  We have an estimate 100,000 British born computer specialists who are struggling to find work.

Gurdial Rai, of the Professional Contractors group, which represents Information Technology workers said there was evidence of abuse with companies paying overseas workers 50 percent less than the UK staff - these incidents have not been investigated.



Foreign women are coming to Britain to have their babies on the NHS it was revealed on the 16th June 2003.  Thousands are arriving here each year to give birth.  This is further proof on how the NHS is being destroyed by health tourists.

650,000 babies are born in the United Kingdom of World Nations each year! It costs the NHS £738 pounds for every baby delivered in hospital and hundred of pounds more in ante/post natal care.

Janet Fyle, of the Royal college of midwives said that id someone turned up at hospital in labour there would be question of nurses quizzing them to see if they were eligible for treatment. She added "THE ROLE OF THE MIDWIFE IS TO TREAT THE WOMEN AND BABY REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY COME FROM".

HIV cases are rising now at 26 percent per year, many of them involving economic and medical migrants. The NHS is rapidly becoming the International Health Service because it is being routinely abused by visitors. Foreigner bypass hospital waiting lists by going through accident and emergency departments.


£500,000, a 142-seat jet and 15 guards to deport one asylum family of 5.

The Ay family have cost British Taxpayers £553,600 since they arrived four years ago.

The costs were as follows:- Detention £170,000  Children's Education £73,600  Chartered Jet £50,000  Legal Costs £150,000   Housing and Accommodation £90,000.

The family were put on a specially chartered plane to Frankfurt.  The Kurdish family left Turkey 15 years ago and spent 11 years seeking asylum in Germany before being smuggled into Britain in 1999.  They were flown out of Standsted under tight security and 15 security guards went with the family and also Home Office officials to ensure a smooth handover in Germany.



Britain's top judge yesterday 23rd June 03 queried the cost of a case brought by an asylum family when they were given inadequate housing.  Lord Chief Justice Woolf asked for a breakdown of the bill to taxpayers, said to exceed £100,000.

The Lithuanian family's claim for damages was thrown out but is one of three test cases being heard at the Court of Appeal. All three cases are being funded by legal aid , involve infringement of rights of privacy and family life under the Human Rights Act.

The cases have already been through the courts but the new case involves three QCs, six barristers and 4 teams of solicitors. The Lithuanian family arrived in Britain in 1998 with a 84 year old grandmother.  They complained that the expensive South London maisonette they were given did not compare to the large rotten shed they left behind that had an orchard and spacious gardens.  They were offered an ivy-covered cottage with a flower filled garden valued at over £230,000 and another property a Victorian villa which is currently on the market at £239,000.  Astonishingly, they still own the timber framed house in Vilnius which is worth £6,000.  They are collecting rent in cash to avoid tax from at least 8 of the rooms.  They also get £90 a week income support in the UK.  Mr Arnfrijevas also works on a South London building site.  They didn't flee persecution but planned their departure - paying for private English lessons and having a leaving party before coming to the UK.



The international Health Service of the U.K faces a bill of an extra £1 billion every year to treat immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, medical analysts have warned.

Taxpayers will face an ever rising burden because of the growth of migrants from countries riddled with infectious diseases. Treating just migrants with AIDS costs the NHS over £900 million per year. Hepatitis and tuberculosis are also very common amongst immigrants.  Each case of AIDS costs the NHS over £15,000 a year.


Most asylum seekers are given a free home in London - most English people can't afford to live in London because the property prices are so expensive!  At this present moment 54,295 asylum seekers are being homed in towns and cities across the land.  38,390 would-be-refugees are claiming just cash support only and can live anywhere in the country where they can find free accommodation.

If an economic migrant is given refugee status they become entitled to the same state support as a U.K citizen even though they have paid nothing into the system.  If an asylum seeker loses a claim, their state support ends and they are forced to leave their accommodation, provided by the National Asylum Support service.  But because so few illegal refugees are thrown out many stay here and head straight for Londonistan.



A family of asylum seekers who never gave up won an injunction on the 7th July 2003 preventing their deportation. The case has cost tax payers over £230,000.  The family had already lost a series of applications for refugee status in Germany and came to Britain in the back of a lorry.  The father was sent back to Germany but the mother absconded and the children ended up in a immigration detention centre.  In the appeals court, Andrew Nicol QC argued that ' immigration sins of the parents should not be visited on the children'.  But Lord Woolf ruled that allowing the family to stay in the UK when Germany was responsible for dealing with the case, could send the wrong message and have an appalling effect on UK Immigration control.  The whole litigation can be summarized by the family never giving up.



The immigration system was given another blow yesterday when a High Court judge made it harder for officials to catch fraudulent young economic migrants.  Many would-be refugees in their late teens and early 20s are suspected of lying about their age and pretending to be children when entering Britain.  In some cases local councils struggling to cope with thousands of child asylum seekers who arrive every month, have refused to believe their stories and have denied them support because they look over 18.

On the 14th July 2003, Mr Justice Burnton ruled that officials can no longer decide young asylum seekers age on appearance alone and in the future they will be required to carry out time consuming checks to determine the real age.  Asylum seekers under 18 are not caught by the 2002 Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act which contains measures to stop bogus refugees.  Instead they are protected by the 1989 Children Act, which places a duty on Councils to provide accommodation to children in need.



An asylum seeker has bragged about how he makes a fortune from renting out the house he was given for free.  Thousands more nationwide are feared to be profiting from identical scams because authorities can't keep tabs on them.  The immigrant, named as Gabi, told an undercover reporter he makes £350 a month by illegally sub-letting his two-storey maisonette to other asylum seekers.  Gabi is supposed to live in the home in Smethwick after it was allocated to him by Sandwell Council.

He actually lives in Londinistan and drives to Smethwick in his BMW each week to collect the dodgy rent and his £176 dole check.  He told reporter Claudio Murg: "There is no country like this country".  The scam works because asylum seekers know that councils and immigration chiefs do not have the resources to check up on them.  Romanian born Claudia, once an asylum seeker herself, said after her investigation: "Many were simply abusing the system and took all they could from UK taxpayers".  "Their attitude is ' Well if you are stupid to offer it, we'll take it' ."  Neighbours say the council is powerless to check the steady flow of immigrants moving in and out of Gabi's property.  Gabi also makes cash in the hand money from buying and selling cars and finding illegal work for asylum seekers.



An East European gang has been openly selling forged passports through a shop window advert it emerged on July 25th 2003.  An undercover reporter managed to buy a doctored passport for £600.  Another paid £60 for a Home Office document that would allow an illegal immigrant to pose as a genuine asylum seeker and thus look for work.  This makes a mockery of the Governments plans to stop asylum seekers who work illegally.  The adverts escaped scrutiny because they were wrote in Polish.  One said, ' sprzedam angielski passport. z wymaniana zdecia', which translates: ' I will sell an English passport and I will change the photograph'.

When the reporter contacted one of the mobile numbers, a Polish man, Marcin, offered the Home Office document for £60 certifying that the holder was a bona fide asylum seeker and could be used to get work and claim benefits.  Marcin said ' When people ask, say your grandfather was a communist in Poland and you were persecuted because of him'.  He advised putting a 'fake name' on the permit and not carrying your passport with you - so even if you are deported, you can call a friend back in England and get the passport sent to Poland and then just come back.'



While some British pensioners abroad face having to pay for NHS care back home, foreign health tourist can get free treatment here.  The NHS is obliged to look after asylum seekers who test positive in the U.K for diseases that are not treated in their home countries.  Joseph, 28, came to London on a student visa from Congo in March 2002 before claiming asylum.  He says the lying scum bag that he had no idea that he was HIV positive and so slept around and it was some months before a series of illnesses made him seek treatment.  The condition was then diagnosed and he was prescribed a cocktail of drugs.  The treatment costs the NHS around £15,000 a year.  Under the stupid Human Rights laws HIV-positive visitors to Britain from poor countries can stay as long as they receive NHS care.

British pensioners living abroad for more than half the year are to be denied free Health Service treatment. Such ex-patriates will now have to pay for NHS care back in Britain no matter how much they paid in Tax and National Insurance over the years.

Up to 500,000 British pensioners are thought to live in other EU states.  In May, the Centre for Policy Studies revealed that the abuse of the NHS by asylum seekers is so widespread that it is now known as the 'international health service'.

Some medical tourists have even run up bills for treatment of £50,000 which the taxpayer is left to shoulder.  In 2001 HIV treatment cost the NHS £165 million but last year this figure was £345 million.  An influx of asylum seekers with HIV is thought to be the cause.




A racketeer earned more than £12 million in less than two years by smuggling up to 12,000 Albanians into Britain a court heard on July 25th 2003.  Mhill Sokoli and his 24 strong gang are charged with operating the biggest people smuggling operation ever uncovered in Belgium. ' Every night we watched, they tried to bring 20 illegals across the Channel hidden in lories aboard ferries' the prosecutor told the court in Dendemonde, near Brussels.  The gang used a sliding scale of tariffs .  The top rate was £2,150 was for a guaranteed successful passage as the lorry driver had been bribed.  Black people were all charged £1,400 with no guarantee of arrival being offered.



Britain's asylum crisis was hit by another scandal on the 25th January 2004.  Police smashed a multi-million pound visa racket run by a Dover passport officer.  The scam emerged as a report reveals that only 1 in 5 bogus asylum seekers are sent back home.  The new racket has allowed illegal immigrants to sidestep the system and make a new life here without fear of deportation.   A Nigerian-born immigration officer was suspended from her job after suspicion that she has helped over 1,000 African illegal immigrants sneak in.  Detectives believe she was using an Immigration Service stamp to fraudulently mark "indefinite leave to remain" on passports.  The racket may have been used at other ports and airports because the stamped passports were posted from this country to Africa.



Unable to recruit staff in Britain due to the low wages they pay, fruit farms now employ labourers from all over the world.  And- with few checks on them after they have arrived here - some of those brought in via a Government backed scheme are thought to stay illegally once their temporary work permits expire.  The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme provides an army of 25,000 young people every year, mainly from Eastern Europe and other countries with no Social Security!  There is no official way of recording if these seasonal workers leave the country or stay on.  The Home Office remarked ' There is no way of ticking people off a list to make sure they leave, that is the way our border controls work, we are not fortress Britain.



The legal aid bill for asylum seekers last year was enough to pay for 11,500 nurses it emerged on the 6th June 2003.  British taxpayers forked out a record £174 MILLION to fund thousands of cases dragging through the courts.

Economic migrants and Bogus refugees mounting drawn-out appeals and hiring whole teams of solicitors have more than doubled the bill in the last two years.  Officials are demanding urgent action to stop the costs spiralling out of control.

The widespread abuse and waste is exposed in a report drawn up by the law chiefs at the Lord Chancellor's Department.  Last year 85,865 asylum claims were lodged in Britain yet there were 158,000 legal cases almost twice as many.

The cost for legal advice for immigrants shot up from £81.3 million in 2000-01 to £174.2 million in 2002-03.  This is enough to pay for 11,500 nurses or 6000 new doctors for a year.



Labour faces a new sleaze scandal after police investigating a £3 million fraud involving illegal immigrants raided a top party donor's offices yesterday.  The donor, Alec Reed, has given nearly £150,000 to Labour.

Reed in partnership was given £30 million Government contact to run a scheme to tackle long-term unemployment .  But it is alleged it flouted Government rules by placing illegal immigrants in jobs that should have gone to the unemployed.  Crucially, the agency received £2,000 for every worker it placed in a permanent position.

The inquiry centres on some of the new arrivals to Britain who were based at Liverpool and were bussed 20 miles each day to work as poultry factory packers.  Unlike many British workers they were ready to work for £5 an hour, and stay in the job for 13 weeks - thus the agency got the £2,000 per worker grant.

But immigrants who have been granted asylum or the leave to remain in the U.K are only eligible to take part in Action for Jobs scheme if they have been unemployed for six months and have a National Insurance number.

Britains immigration officers say it is impossible to stop fraudsters entering the country.  Illegal immigrants who once could have been deported because they were travelling on forged passports or visas are now shredding the documents and flushing them down the toilet at Heathrow, then claiming asylum.

Officials are facing death threats, intimidation and even more elaborate scams by those wanting to enter the country.  The fact is big multi-nationals want these illegal immigrants in the UK so they can maintain low pay for their workers.



Up to half a million Latin Americans may have got into Britain through a European back door.  People from Columbia, Ecuador and Peru are said to be exploiting lax passport rules in Spain.  Those with Spanish passports or who can acquire EU travel documents can then easily get into Britain.  New figures show that 550,000 tourists from South America entered Spain last year but only 88,000 returned.  The rest are working in Spain or have moved to Italy, Britain or Switzerland.  Britain has a Spanish speaking population of 500,000 and Columbian diplomats have reported a surge in requests for identification documents for babies born in England to Columbian mothers.  The embassy estimates that over 150,000 Columbians are in Britain about 30,000 of these are illegals.  Argentinian diplomats also report a wave of immigration since their economy collapsed in 2000.



A tiny Chinese woman was named by the incompetent police yesterday as the "Godmother" of a gang smuggling 20,000 Chinese people a year into Britain.  Over a decade, Jing Ping Chen is believed to be the most powerful 'snakehead' leader in Western Europe. She masterminded the smuggling of 200,000 Chinese into Britain via Holland in a racket running between 1989 and 1999.

The immigrants were taken to France where they were hidden on lorries bound for cross channel ferries.  Up to 500 Chinese per week were being smuggled from France to England - a maximum of 30 people per lorry.

The 36 year old Chen also masterminded the sending of an unknown number of 'illegal immigrants' by air to England from Amsterdam's Schipol Airport.

Migrants were given a mobile phone and received direction when they reached the airport on where to hand over cash for false documentation. A lot of these transactions took place in the toilets were snake gang members would give them false passports.  The cost per person being smuggled was £15,000.



Saddam Hussein's cousin will fly into Britain this morning [5/6/03] to demand asylum for the toppled tyrant's daughters.  Ezzedine al-Majeed [lived in U.K since 1995*] will land at Leeds Bradford airport and head to Londinistan to see his lawyers.  He will demand a British Army escort for Saddam's daughters Raghad and Rama from their secret Baghdad hideaway to Jordon. Once in Jordon the pair hope to be able to retrieve a £230 million pound fortune. Their asylum claim will cost the British taxpayer over £100 million.

Al-Majeed claimed U.K asylum in 1995 after falling out with Saddam over money. He believes Saddam's daughters should be granted asylum in Britain. Saddam Hussein's wealthy cousin has received thousands of pounds in benefits from British taxpayers despite enjoying an extravagant lifestyle.

Izadin Mohammed Hassen al-Majid fled Iraq with his family in 1995 in a convoy of vehicles carrying £350 million in foreign currency and gold.  He arrived in Britain the following year and purchased a £300,000 bungalow near Leeds in 2001 without a mortgage.

He does not work but has a fleet of top cars, two nannies and an interpreter. He is also claiming £80 a week in income support from the Benefits Agency in Lisson Grove, west London.

A British man fighting for Saddam Hussein has surrendered to the Desert Rats in Iraq. The man, in his mid-20s, told the Irish Guards he was from Manchester and wanted to return home - to claim benefits, the Guards claimed. Born in Iraq, the unidentified prisoner, who speaks in a Mancunian accent, is currently being held in a prisoner of war camp in the south of the country. A source within the Irish Guards said: "He told us he wanted to fight for the Iraqis because he didn't agree with what Britain and American are doing. " "After handing himself over he began taunting some of the soldiers that he would soon be back in Britain enjoying state benefits even though he had a wish to fight against our people." It is understood the man, whose family are still in England, joined a militia group through relatives in the Basra area.


Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are jumping hospital waiting lists and clogging up hospital beds according to a report published on 23rd May 2003.  Thousands of those pouring into Britain are turning up at accident and emergency departments to gain urgent treatment, forcing other operations to be delayed and costing the taxpayer millions.  Doctors in some areas say that over twenty percent of their patients are asylum seekers.  A typical health tourist can run up £50,000 in hospital bills.



Cheating economic migrants are pretending they have converted from Islam to Christianity to avoid being kicked out of Britain.  They insist that their change of faith will see them persecuted if they return to Muslim countries.

The Derby North MP says more than 6 Muslims have turned up at his surgery some with clergymen claiming to have become dedicated followers of  Jesus Christ.



By OLIVER HARVEY of the SUN newspaper.

A FAKE East European accent and bogus name were all it took for me to get state handouts only FOUR HOURS after making a bogus asylum claim.

A string of officials were taken in by my pretence to be a Moldovan refugee.

They made no attempt to check the personal details I had made up for my application under the name Anatoly Tal.

And, alarmingly, I was not searched thoroughly or made to undergo medical checks.

Yet I was given free housing, food, travel and an ID card confirming I was asylum seeker IFB03/052194/X.

My first step after being smuggled into Britain in a van was to visit the Home Office Asylum Screening Unit, in Lunar House, Croydon, Surrey. After passing through airport-style metal detectors on the third floor, I entered a huge white-walled room filled with seats facing glass booths. I was seen by a Home Office interviewer in minutes and told him in my hammed-up accent: “I want to claim asylum.” I gave my false name and said I was a journalist from Moldova, but had fled in fear after writing articles criticising the government. I said I was ethnic Russian whose mother tongue was Russian. My interviewer asked: “Do you need an interpreter?” I replied: “No, no. My English is very good. I have a degree in English and media.”

In fact, I was born in Hertfordshire and I don’t speak a word of Russian.

My knowledge of Moldova — a former Soviet nation wedged between the Ukraine and Romania — was based on five minutes’ study on the internet. The official demanded my passport or other identification, adding sternly: “All journalists have press cards, you should at least have that.” I said: “Moldova doesn’t issue press cards. It was too dangerous for me to travel with documents anyway.” He seemed happy with the answer and began filling in a form. Asked how I reached Britain, I said: “I sneaked into Romania and then hid in a lorry for five days before reaching Dover. “I hitch-hiked to London, spent the night at Victoria Station and then jumped the train to Croydon.” I then invented Russian-sounding names for details, such as my alleged address in Moldova’s capital Kishinev, my parents’ names and my workplace. I even made up phone numbers that could easily have been proved false. Asked about my religion, I said Eastern Orthodox and rambled on about the split with Roman Catholicism until he said: “OK, OK.” I was asked if I had health problems and said: “No. The last time I visited a doctor was two years ago for influenza.” No other physical checks were made. After only 25 minutes I was handed a One-Stop Notice, acknowledging my asylum application.

I was told to take a seat again and wait to see someone else. Around me in the room were dozens of asylum seekers from all over the world, some with young children. I was called to a room where my fingerprints were taken by a man in his 20s. I was also photographed. Later I was called back and my fingerprints were checked in a machine.

I then waited to see another interviewer, a smartly-dressed woman in her 30s. As instructed earlier, I told her that I had nowhere to stay. That meeting lasted five minutes and I was asked to sign a form, then handed a document headed: “Re: Authorisation to access emergency accommodation”. I was told to take it to the Migrant Helpline offices nearby and assured that they would find me a bed for the night.

I was given another form which said: “Asylum seekers may obtain free medical care from their local doctor under the National Health Service.” It also gave the address of the Refugee Legal Centre and the Immigration Advisory Service, where I was told I could receive free and confidential advice. I was told to report back to Lunar House for a second screening at 8.30am the following day.



A shock investigation by the Sun Newspaper on the 2/6/03 proves without any doubt that asylum seekers are getting preferential treatment in this country.  A secret Home Office document shown to the Sun orders that all refugees must be given homes within AN HOUR of a request and must also immediately be provided with a Doctor and Dentist.  I can only get my dental treatment done if I pay for it myself , try finding a NHS dentist if you are British and have paid taxes all your life.

British taxpayers who foot the bill are forced to the back of the queues.  The document that is a contract with a firm providing care for immigrants on behalf of the Government; is stamped Confidential and covered by the Official Secrets Act.

The investigation shows that the Home Office lays down strict guidelines on the level of home comforts refugees must get.  All accommodation must have a cooker, fridge, utensils, crockery, towels, sink and a bedroom and a lockable wardrobe.  One Home Office insider said " Every refugee is treated like a V.I.P" .

The Home Office uses the Government funded National Asylum Support Service to find accommodation for applications under consideration.

A contract made up between NASS and Adelphi Hotels on the 7th April 2000 outlines how asylum seekers must be treated:-

Section 7.5 states . " Upon an accommodation request being made via telephone, the provider will provide accommodation within one hour as long as the request is made between 9am and 4pm."



Thousands of bogus asylum seekers are sneaking into Britain on £10 ferry trips from Ireland to carry out a major benefits scam a Sunday Express investigation revealed on the 1st June 2003. Once the illegal immigrants have started claiming handouts here, they travel back to Ireland on a day return ticket each month and use a forged passport to double their money with a second claim in Dublin.  This scam allows them to pocket an extra £500 per month of taxpayers money. A Nigerian women in Dublin admitted " The problem in claiming benefit twice is that they now check your name in the U.K to see if you have already signed on in Ireland. So you need two passports in different names - but many of us have that. " American women have been coming to the U.K for decades to give birth thus saving on expensive hospital fees in America.  Their children that are born here get a National Insurance number and thus can also get free medical treatment on the NHS when they become adults.

Rachid Ramda is another suspected terrorist who has successfully fought extradition from  Britain for the last 7 years at a cost of more than £500,000 pounds to the tax payer.  He was born in Algeria and arrived in the U.K in 1992,  arrested in Londonistan in 1995. Nations longest serving remand prisoner.  He is wanted by France for a nail bombing which killed 18 people and injured almost 200.  His extradition was over ruled by the High Court 16 months ago. he remains here at the expense of the tax payer and is claiming political asylum.


A radical fundamentalist cleric arrested by MI6 was yesterday unmasked as a spiritual guru for al-Qaeda terrorist scum bags world wide.Londinistan based Abu Qatada was described as "the inspiration" for the terrorists including the lead hijacker behind the 9/11 attacks.Qatada was identified at a special appeal hearing after a senior judge lifted the ban on naming him.  A dossier submitted by the Home Secretary David Blunkett said he is the most significant extreme Islamist preacher in the U.K.  Qatada is also under investigation for links to a web site connecting Osama bin Laden with al-Qaeda cells.  He was arrested in October 2002 and so far has not been charged.

The last thing [the British] want is a hot potato they can't extradite for fear of al-Qaeda reprisals .

"The deal is that Abu Qatada is deprived of contact with extremists in London and Europe but can't be arrested or expelled because no one officially knows where he is," says the source, whose claims were corroborated by French authorities according to the magazine."The British win because the last thing they want is a hot potato they can't extradite for fear of al-Qaeda reprisals but whose presence contradicts London's support of the war on terror"



Terrorists, illegal immigrants and smuggling gangs will soon be able to stroll through many British ports and airports without any risk of being stopped by Customs officers.  Customs want to set up specialist teams of investigators to target the major gangs bringing in guns and drugs into Heathrow, Gatwick and Dover. But staff shortages mean the only way they can do this is remove 500 front-line Customs Officers with routine monitoring duties from the other 11 ports and airports leaving them wide open. Anyone who thinks they might be breaking the law is expected to use one of the red honesty phones to ring a 24 hour helpline to settle their bill for the excess duty.  These bizarre plans means that terrorists can now operate far easier on the British mainland.  In other Countries like Spain if an asylum seekers commits a criminal offence then they are deported without question.



Householders face more council tax misery to pay for a massive bill for the care of young asylum seekers.  Councils warned on the 1st October 2003 that they will have to raise tens of millions of pounds in extra cash after a landmark High Court ruling.  They are set to pick up the bill in a row over who should pay for providing education, housing and social workers for asylum seekers until they are 24.  Previously the help stopped when the asylum seekers turned 18.

More than 6,000 asylum seekers aged 17 and under claimed refuge in Britain alone and they are supported by councils.  The Home Office has not agreed to meet the new multi-million pound bill for the older refugees.  Kent County Council now faces spending tens of millions of pounds more on asylum seekers.  High concentrations of young asylum seekers can be found around ports like Dover and Heathrow but most local authorities around the country will be hit hard by the new ruling.  The High Court gave a summary of its ruling in August but the full version and its implications have only just been issued.

Britain’s status as the European hub of Islamist terrorism has been underlined by the arrest of a Muslim working in a British Airways call centre on suspicion of raising funds for a terrorist attack.

The man, who holds British nationality, was held after counter-terrorism officers swooped on the call centre where he worked in Newcastle.

He was among 800 staff dealing with passenger bookings in one of BA’s two UK-based call centres. Staff have access to details of thousands of flights and are familiar with basic security procedures. The arrest took place on February 25 as part of a joint operation between the North East Counter Terrorism Unit and the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command. The suspect has been questioned for six days and remains in custody at a central London police station after a warrant to extend his detention was granted at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The arrest has relevance in the light of recent revelations about the “infiltration” of the Labour Party by Islamists in East London and their growing influence in all parts of Britain.

The European Police Office (Europol) report issued in 2008 said that Britain has become “the focal point for Islamic terrorism across Europe” because its “military campaigns overseas are putting the entire continent at risk.” An analysis of the terrorist threat by Europol concluded that the dangers posed by militant groups has risen to “unprecedented proportions.” According to the report, at least one Muslim is arrested every day across Europe under suspicion of involvement in Islamic terror conspiracies or attacks. Europol also warned that in Somalia, “dozens” of British passport holders are fighting alongside the Islamists. There are also indications that terrorist training and attack planning, with a focus on the UK, is taking place in Somalia.

We now know that the Wood Green flat where police discovered traces of Ricin was provided rent-free by Islington council to two teenage asylum seekers, one from Algeria, one from Ethiopia. And the status of asylum-seekers like these under the age of 18 is exceptionally favourable - they are treated as children, given automatic leave to remain in Britain until their 18th birthday, and provided with state benefits and free local authority accommodation. And this housing is not, as the theory would have it, in foster or care homes, but unsupervised, in bed-sits or in private rented flats where young refugees are a ready prey for radical Islamist groups. These revelations will cause grave disquiet about both the state of Britain's asylum laws and about their implementation. But although it is right that we should ask searching questions about whether our legislation actually encourages terrorists to come to Britain, we should also bear in mind the realities of the situation.


Taimur Shah admits he wants for nothing now that he is in Britain.  Three years ago Shah and an armed gang of eight close friends hijacked a plane and ordered the crew to fly to Standsted Airport. He served 9 months in jail and the Government promised to send him back to Afghanistan on his release.  But Shah, 30, and the other gang members are still here, living in Hounslow.  They receive benefits and live rent free in a £250,000 houses with large gardens and home entertainment systems.  They spend their days watching videos, smoking pot , and listening to rap music. The gang of Brutal Afghan hijackers is set to receive over £1 million in compensation from the taxpayer.  They have already cost the taxpayer £35 million , are also claiming asylum whilst living on benefits in their £250,000 homes the Express revealed. 80 Afghans were also on the hijacked plane they are all still here living on benefits.  They now have been granted a right to stay in Britain because human rights lawyers say it still too dangerous in Afghanistan.  They  are still on welfare.  They say Britain is the best.  What a soft touch we have become.

A senior al-Qaeda leader is reportedly being looked after by British intelligence at a safe house in northern England - but security sources are denying the claim.
Abu Qatada is accused by the United States, Spain, France and Algeria of being a key influence in the 11 September attacks on the US. Mr Qatada faces a death sentence in Jordan after being convicted in his absence of funding a bombing campaign, and is said by US and Spanish investigators to be Osama Bin Laden's ambassador in Europe. He disappeared in mid-December after British authorities confiscated his passport, froze his assets and ordered him confined to his home in Acton, west London.
In April the Sunday Times said Mr Qatada had turned "super grass" for MI5 - a theory fuelled by the arrests of several Muslim extremists in Germany who had met him.

A Taliban soldier who a year ago was fighting British soldiers in Afghanistan is staying in Britain at taxpayers expense to protect his human rights. What about mine and your human rights? The 32 year old served alongside AL-Qaeda henchmen - was given Asylum after he claimed he would be tortured if he was sent home to a liberated Afghanistan. Two other Taliban soldiers have also applied for asylum. Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir John Stevens, confirmed yesterday that many of Osama bin Ladens men are on the loose in Britain. Why don't we give Ghurka's British passports? Many Asylum seekers are being homed in Country mansions and top hotels to get around local planning permission laws.


A scheme to pay thousands of Afghan refugees to go home has led to the repatriation of only 39.  The Home Office predicted that at least 1000 would accept payments of up to £2,500 to leave.  The vast majority of the 26,000 Afghan refugees have found that the British lifestyle - and in many cases the benefits payments - too good to give up. The Government will now have to spend millions on deportation proceedings to get rid of those with no permission to stay.  The Officials face an uphill struggle to persuade some 50,000 Iraqi asylum seekers to return to their homeland.

Afghans are in the top three of people coming here to claim asylum. Nine times out of ten they are single young men who were fleeing the Taliban , but there are now no Talibans in Afghanistan!  Of the 26,000 Afghan asylum seekers who claimed asylum in the past decade , only one in ten have won the right to stay here indefinitely.



Economic migrants have an astonishing 90 percent chance of staying in Britain even though they are bogus.  The near-certainty of building a life here is why the country's popularity with economic migrants has soared in the last decade, the anti-immigration campaign Migrationwatch will tell Parliament's Home Affairs Committee.

In 1972 Britain attracted just 1 in 20 of all Economic migrants who came to western Europe. In 2002 Britain attracted 1 in 3 of all Economic migrants to the European Union. [111,000 refugees last year]. The system costs the taxpayer's £1.8 billion per year and is clearly failing to repatriate thousands of economic migrants bringing our laws into disrepute.  The Hook handed Hamza who called British soldiers "Sons of Satan" is fighting his extradition and will probably cost taxpayer's over £2 million in legal aid even though he has benefits of over £20K per year. 200 illegal immigrants will go missing today. One economic migrant enters Britain every 4 minutes according to UN statistics. The overloaded asylum appeals process is so bogged down with illegal immigrants cases it will take a staggering 46 years to clear - assuming no more arrive and there are no arranged marriages. The accommodation centre being built to house 3,000 economic migrants will be full in just ten days.



A terror hunt was underway yesterday for hundreds of British fanatics who where trained by Osama bin Laden at training camps in Afghanistan.

The names of 1,200 are known to MI5 many have sneaked back into Britain and gone to ground.

The names of 1,192 Britons who trained at Al Qaeda camps where found during searches of cave complexes after the fall of Tora Bora, an Al Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan.

German intelligence has warned Britain that a gang of 20 Afghan terrorists are intending to slip into Europe posing as Pakistani's.  The leader is a Pastun chief with close ties to Osama bin Laden.  The Ricin terrorists were all Algerians claiming asylum!

It is Ironic that genuine Asylum seekers and terrorists / criminals tend to come from the same geographic locations i.e. those where fundamentalism has a grip over.

Two Algerians living in Britain plotted to raise money and recruit people for a holy war directed by Osama bin Laden, a court in Leicester  heard yesterday.  Asylum seeker Baghdad Meziane 37 and illegal immigrant Brahim Benmerzouga 31, planned to make money , propaganda material and radio parts available to terrorists for a global Jihad against the U.S.A and its allies a jury was told.  They defrauded banks by making bogus credit cards.



An illegal immigrant who made up a pack of lies in a failed attempt to win asylum is to be released from prison as there is no hope of sending him home. David Blunkett has been forced to free Pramo Kumar even though he subjected two rejected claims for asylum, including one in a false name.  India is refusing to take make Mr Kumar because he has ripped up his identity documentation.  Now he can't prove who he is.  Mr Justice Collins says this is happening over and over again.Up to 90 percent of asylum seekers destroy their identity papers before lodging their claims.

Five Iraqi Economic migrants tried to blow up their cramped home because they felt they didn't have enough privacy.  They were annoyed because they had a share three bedrooms in the free accommodation, which meant four of them had to double up.  Neighbours claimed that they left the gas cooker on trying to blow up the house in Winston Green. Birmingham."The manager of the Dudley Road social club said " they made a right mess, throwing rubbish out of windows. One of my barmaids was almost killed when they threw a push-bike from a window".The 5 Iraqi's have now all been given their own places in the suburb of Handsworth and no longer sharing accommodation. Did they live in palaces when in Iraq? Why are they ungrateful - many people here have paid taxes all their lives but can't get a free house.
Sharp eyes of Laura Ashley captured massive fraud gang  ( All are Algerian Asylum Seekers). A HIGHLY sophisticated multimillion-pound fraud ring that operated throughout Britain has been smashed by a Laura Ashley shop-worker. 
The woman store manager’s suspicions about an Algerian customer led to a huge police operation that found scores of fake bank accounts and £1.5 million of stolen property.  It is highly likely than the profits from this crime is now in the terrorist bank accounts. Louise Large, who works in Stratford-upon-Avon, became suspicious about the man’s behaviour as he tried to get a refund for an £80 Laura Ashley floral print dress bought in Dundee.  She alerted security and the man was followed as he trawled other high street stores to seek refunds on clothes and electrical products.  When the police arrested him they discovered £3,500 of clothes and electrical goods, with their receipts, in the boot of his car.  The police then organized a big surveillance operation that involved regional police forces and the anti-terrorist squad. A watch was kept on other suspects in Northampton, Southampton and Stratford.  Last year a number of arrests were made and 80 bank accounts, all said to be in false names, were revealed, which led the police to recover £400,000 and trace a further £400,000.  In a container pointed out to officers in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the police discovered a further £1.5 million of clothes and electrical goods, again all bought from high street stores and with receipts attached.  The scam had been running for at least 18 months until last November. Even so, detectives believe that they have recovered only a small percentage of the total amount of property that was stolen. Detective Sergeant Stephen Gregory, of the Metropolitan Police, said: “We believe we’ve found only a very small proportion, the tip of the iceberg of the fraud.”  However, the authorities are still unable to say for sure what happened to the money that had been siphoned off, probably to bank accounts overseas. All members of the gang who had been arrested were living on benefits and in frugal circumstances.  Ms Large said yesterday that at the time she did not imagine that her routine security alert could have led to such a haul for the police. “I remember a man trying to get a refund. He looked a little Arabic and was very smartly dressed in a leather jacket,” she said. “It was gut instinct that made me suspicious. Something told me there was something not quite right about it, so I alerted the radio link we have between stores here to warn each other of suspicious customers.”  At Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court in London yesterday, Paul Taylor, for the prosecution, said: “This was a well organised, persistent fraud. “At the time of the final arrests in this case there were 60 active bank accounts and 20 accounts going through a period of gestation.”  Gang members, all Algerian asylum-seekers or of Algerian descent, operated by opening bank accounts in false names and built a stockpile of chequebooks and cards. They would go into high street stores in a co-ordinated “blitz” across the country, all on the same day, to buy items using cheque guarantee cards.  A day or two later, before the cheques could be rejected, they went to a different branch to demand a refund.  Bank accounts would be opened either by using false names, supported by fake passports or fake French or Italian identity cards, or by taking over a previously legitimate account of someone who was returning to Algeria.  The gang members caught were named in court yesterday as Ali Khelifi, 34, of Harlesden, northwest London; Fouad Boukadir, 22, of Leyton, East London; Khelid Khelifi, 22, of Harlesden; Feteh Rechachi, 37, of Kensal Green, West London; Alarbi Khelifi, 27, of Harlesden; Abderrahamane Boulares, 30, of Harrow, North London; Abdel Boukerma, 41, of Acton, West London; Badis Ladghem Chikouche, 29, of Wood Green, North London; Hamlaoui Selama, 49, of Slough, Berkshire; and Malik Madani, 34, of Leytonstone, East London.  All have admitted conspiracy to defraud. Boukerma was deported to Algeria in August. Seven defendants will be sentenced tomorrow.


A fanatical Muslim cleric used Britain's asylum laws to preach race hate.  Abdullah Faisal 39, called for deaths of Jews, Hindus and Americans.  The sheik could be jailed for life and is also believed to have acted as a recruiting agent for al-Qa'ida terror chief Osama Bin Laden.  He has admitted preaching twice in Tipton, West Midlands, where his audiences included four men who joined the Taliban to fight British forces in Afghanistan.  Three of the men are now cage at Camp X-Ray and the other is missing.  El-Faisal also preached at a mosque in Brixton, South London attended by the jailed shoe bomber Richard Reid and Zacharias Moussari.  Moussari faces trial in America accused of being the intended 20th hijacker for the September 11th attacks.  Faisal's cassettes sold in Muslim bookshops for £2 and bore pictures of Osama Bin Laden. He is now in Jail and will be de-ported. Can we de-port enemies of the state quicker than they are arriving?


Britain's first convicted al Qaida terrorists were jailed for 11 years each today after they were found guilty of raising funds and recruiting people for Osama bin Laden's terror network. Illegal immigrants Brahim Benmerzouga and Baghdad Meziane raised thousands of pounds through a credit card fraud for an international network of terrorists planning a Jihad, or holy war, against the West. The two Algerians also worked together to make military equipment, false travel documents and recruitment material available to the terrorist organisation, a jury at Leicester Crown Court heard. Benmerzouga, 31, and Meziane, 38, became the first men in Britain to be convicted of being part of the al Qaida terrorist network which carried out the 9/11 attacks. Mr Justice Curtis, sentencing the two men, said: "I appreciate that each of you has not personally committed an act of terrorism which has taken life or seriously injured anyone. ;You have both been convicted by the unanimous verdict of the jury of conspiracy to defraud in respect of banks and credit card companies and entering into a funding arrangement for the purposes of terrorism. You have not directly taken life or seriously injured anyone but the terrorists, in order to carry out their terrible killings and maiming, need money, false papers and military-style materials. You both provided terrorists with the vital support and ran a well-organised and secretive cell."

Is Britain a "soft touch" compared to Europe?

Obviously. That is why asylum seekers are queuing up at Channel Ports. In 2001 we were top equal with Germany, each with 88,000 applicants. France had 54,000. Italy and Spain both had 9,000.

There are 4 major reasons for this:
The prospects of being granted asylum are higher. In Germany 3% of applicants are granted asylum; in Britain, nearly 30% are granted asylum or its close equivalent Exceptional Leave to Remain (ELR). In France, the chance of an Algerian receiving asylum is 5%, in Britain it is 80%. Even if the application fails, there is no effective removal system. Nearly nine out of ten stay in Britain. The process of decision making takes so long that applicants can, and do, disappear into their own communities, often in city centres. Thereafter, they can live without documentation and can benefit from free health, education and housing. In Germany and France, for example, police carry out sweeps, examining documents and deporting illegal immigrants. There are no effective checks on illegal employment. Asylum seekers can therefore work to repay the cost of their passage, sometimes extortionate, or to send money home.


Former members of the Taliban regime have revealed just how easy it is to get here by being smuggled in back of trucks.  Taliban fighter Wali Khan Ahmadzai 23 said " I live here but still regard America and Britain as the enemies of the Afghanistan people and Muslims". He lives in a flat in an affluent London suburb West Hampstead.  The Home Office has granted him exceptional leave to stay.  A Taliban police lieutenant said " It is no longer safe for people like me and more and more will be coming to the United Kingdom to make a new life for themselves".  How many Al-Qaeda Sleeper cells have we let in?  The former Taliban policeman also said  "You have a tradition of fair play in Britain which is legendary and I have complete faith in your Home Office that I will have a good case for political asylum here".

< Taxpayers are forking out £88,200 in benefits to 14 Taliban fighters living in the United Kingdom.  The militia get handouts for food, clothing and housing.  3 of the Taliban's have been allowed to stay here and the other 11 are pleading refugee status.  Home Office figures show that asylum seekers get an average of £6,300 in state handouts per year.  Unless they get kicked out then this bills rises to £14,523 each to cover legal aid and cost of processing claims.  That brings the annual total for the 14 Taliban fighters to £291,522.  Britains chaotic asylum system allows 4 levels of appeal with immigration lawyers ruthlessly exploiting this to delay deportations so they can get fat fees.

British money was spent fighting the Taliban's now more is being spent giving them asylum.  Former Taliban members are more likely to win asylum than other Afghans the Home Office admitted yesterday.  Now we discover that not only are Taliban members who don't hide their hatred of America and Britain being given refugee status, the applications of others are being given priority.  This is making a mockery of the spirit of asylum.  The 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees was designed to protect the vulnerable, not open the door to dangerous killers and enemies of the state.  When will common sense prevail? [ facts gathered from the Sun, Express and Mail newspapers 19-2-03]


The man who shopped 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed is to get £17 million and sanctuary in Britain.  The Egyptian dad-of-four, a suspected Taliban officer, rejected a US home because he has a friend in Leicester. He now has the fortune to build a small army if he wants to.


Hate preacher Abu Hamza’s son was jailed for armed robbery yesterday – as his barrister blamed his father’s notoriety for making the 20-year-old turn to a life of crime. Imran Mostafa was part of a gang that raided a jeweller’s store in a ‘terrifying’ £70,000 smash and grab heist. Four men – one brandishing a handgun – smashed display cabinets with a sledgehammer during the ‘sophisticated and well-planned’ raid in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Mostafa had denied robbery and possessing a firearm with intent to commit an offence but was convicted in September following a trial. As he was jailed for 11 years yesterday at Norwich Crown Court, his barrister, Roderick Price, said his client had been sucked into offending because his father’s reputation had left him isolated from mainstream society. In mitigation, Mr Price said: ‘He had an unusual childhood and young adulthood. Two of the other men – Ossama Hamed, 19, of Fulham, South-West London, and Ahmed Ahmed, of Enfield, North London – admitted the charges at a previous hearing.They were jailed for eight years and three months and seven years and four months respectively. The fourth, Jonathan Abdul from London, had denied the charges but was convicted by the jury. He was sentenced to 11 years in a young offenders’ institute.


Eight men were charged on the 17th August 2004 with plotting an Al Qaeda dirty bomb attack on the U.K.  They include the man suspected of being Osama Bin Laden's UK general - Dhiren Barot of North West Londonistan.The eight accused men are:-  Barot, Nadeem Tarmahommed, Quaisar Shaffi, Omar Abdul Rehman, Zia Ul Haq, Abdul Aziz Jalil, Mohammed Naveed Bhatti and Junade Feroze.

Choudary is reported to be one of nine men held after counter-terrorism police raided 18 addresses across London on Thursday morning 25/09/14. Another property in Stoke-on-Trent was also part of the search. The men, who were all seized in London, were arrested on suspicion of being members of, or supporting, a banned organisation, the Metropolitan Police said. Al-Muhajiroun is understood to be the banned organisation in question, sources told the Press Association.

A man has been killed in a machete attack and his two Muslim assailants shot by police in Woolwich, south-east London 22nd May 2013. The government is reported to be treating the assault as a suspected terrorist incident and the prime minister said it was "truly shocking".

Footage has emerged showing a man wielding a bloodied meat cleaver and making political statements. Local MP Nick Raynsford said the dead man was a soldier at Woolwich barracks but this has not been confirmed - he was wearing a help for heroes T-Shirt. The ITV film shows a black man, dressed in a grey hooded jacket, saying: "We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." He added: "I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don't care about you." The two Muslim Jihadists who were shot were chanting "Allah Akbah" and also filming the attack on their mobile phones. They used a car to knock the soldier down before decapitating him with a meat cleaver.

An Islamic terrorist has stopped Britain deporting him – by refusing to give his name for 21 years. A judge ruled that the Algerian is a ‘trusted and senior’ member of a violent terrorist group and has helped suspects abroad. But his lawyers have used human rights laws to prevent the Government from throwing him out of this country. Officials cannot draw up crucial paperwork guaranteeing his safety without knowing his true identity. Meanwhile, taxpayers have been left to pick up the multi-million pound bill for his legal aid and months of NHS hospital care. Astonishingly, the terrorist, known only as B, is free to walk the streets because his bail conditions were ‘relaxed’ to allow him to go swimming and worship at a mosque. The legal stand-off provoked a furious response from a senior Tory who branded human rights laws ‘a farce.’ Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, said: ‘It is a damning indictment of the human rights farce in this country that this man has been able to run rings around the deportation system.

THE scandal of Britain’s “human rights industry” was yesterday laid bare by figures showing the law firm representing Abu Qatada has raked in £21million in legal aid over the last 10 years. Birnberg Peirce and Partners, fronted by Gareth Peirce, has been paid an average of £175,000 of taxpayers’ cash each month since 2002, according to official figures. The firm has represented hate cleric Qatada for the past seven years as he has battled the UK authorities to remain in this country. Revelations of the eye-watering sums handed over to the human rights team by the Legal Services Commission provoked fury among campaigners. Britain’s legal aid budget is around £2.1billion a year and the cost alone of administering the system is £99million.

A SRI Lankan applied for asylum claiming he would suffer persecution because he had a two-inch tattoo on his shoulder bearing the initials of a terrorist group.  The high court dismissed the case saying he could cover the tattoo up.

Kathgamanathan Kuvendran has the letters LTTE on his arm - the initials of the Tamil Tigers but the country is now at peace.  Kuvendran is considering further appeals to the High Court.


Angry cops had to free two dodgy asylum seekers because immigration staff were too busy.  The two illegal migrants were finally detained after 11 years on the run.  Immigration officers admitted they didn't have the time to come and get them - despite being only 4 miles away.  After 24 hours of phone calls the cops had to free the two men.  Algerian Abdul Alouane and Nigerian Mohammed Egbejule were stopped in a suspect car in South Londonistan.

750,000 legal refugees in next 25 years:-

In the next 25 years 750,000 refugees are expected to be granted asylum, 50 percent more than previously predicted. Immigration will account for three-fifths of our population growth by 2026. 30,000 Asylum seekers per year are expected to be given permission to stay. These figures fail to include the thousands of illegal immigrants entering each year and the bogus arranged marriages etc. Migration watch say the 30,000 estimate is far too low.


Britains asylum system is in a state of catastrophic meltdown, a minister admitted on the 8th May 2003.  Beverly Hughes the immigration minister revealed that files were piled ceiling high before she took over the job.  Cases have not been logged or stored properly.  There is over 300,000 illegal immigrants now in the U.K.

MPs back futile claims

MPs have been warned to stop backing futile attempts by rejected asylum seekers.

Immigration minister Beverly Hughes said the last minute interventions to halt deportations are slowing the system and costing thousands of pounds.  Cash is being used on unused flight tickets, staff costs and extra time in detention.  The vast majority of appeals were totally without merit.  Last year 82,715 asylum claims were rejected but only 10,410 people removed.  Many asylum seekers have lived in several European countries before claiming asylum in Britain.


Official figures showed the UK is still the asylum capital of the industrial world.  In the first three months of the year, more than 20,600 economic migrants arrived in the UK, way ahead of America at 16,810 , Germany's 15,000 and France's 12,300.  The UN high commissioner for refugees showed that Britain received a disproportionate 22 percent of all asylum seekers coming into the E.U.


A couple swindled a cash-strapped hospital out of 300,000 by forging thousands of travel expense forms and bogus visits.  Heroin addicts Jason Jenkins and Jane McCormack were pocketing up to 3,500 a week by claiming to visit their sick son Harry.

The fraud just involved submitting six bin bags full of bogus forms over 30 months - has forced NHS managers to overhaul cash payments in hospitals.  The scam only came to light when Jenkins walked into a police station to confess after McCormack left him for another man.

The fraud had clearly been perpetrated by others prior to 2000.  The fraud was so simple that if Jenkins had no spilt the beans he would still be picking up the cash each week without any fear of getting caught.

JP helped gangs get fake passports:-

A magistrate who helped illegal immigrants and criminal gangs to fraudulently obtain passports faces jail.  Lyeton Grant, 65, sat as a JP for 15 years, is believed to have signed over 200 false passport applications. Some passports may have been obtained by terrorists. Detective arrested him after stumbling across the scam during a murder investigation.

600 Migrants are arriving every day.

600 immigrants arrive in the United Kingdom (Nations?) every day official figures reveal.  These figures DO NOT include those entering our country illegally or asylum seekers who go underground when their claims are rejected. In 2001 , 171,800 more people came into the country than left.  300,000 rejected asylum seekers who have disappeared have not been counted and those awaiting a verdict have also not been counted.


Six economic migrants are to be flown back to their heroin homeland Afghanistan in a 300 seat luxury airliner - costing the taxpayer almost 22,000 each.  The Home Office chartered the flight at a cost of 130,000 to deport economic migrants who claimed asylum even though they were bogus. In April , 21 bogus asylum seekers, at a cost of 6,200 each were deported on a similar plane.




Two hundred asylum seekers enjoyed a museum outing at taxpayers expense , it emerged on the 26th June 2003.  Newcastle Council chiefs splashed out over 2,500 on hiring a fleet of four coaches and paying all the entrance fees for the trip.  The economic migrants from Iraq, Zimbabwe and Somalia went on a visit to the Beamish Museum in County Durham.


A Multi-million pound fake passport factory which supplied documents to illegal immigrants and people smugglers has been smashed by police.  More than 450 UK passports, trading at 7,000 each, were seized on a raid on a flat.  Shafiq Mumtaz and an illegal immigrant Muhamad Iqbal were arrested at the flat in Dagenham.  Both admitted the 3 million scam at Crown Court and will be sentenced on July 25th 2003.


A warlord accused of torture and murder in Afghanistan has been arrested whilst running a pizza parlour in Bexleyheath.  Zardad Khan has been the boss of a pizza parlour in South London , since claiming asylum three years ago.  Scotland Yard detectives have been investigating him for more than two years and had to fly to Afghanistan to gain evidence.


More than one million extra homes will have to be build in the next twenty years to cope with the numbers of immigrants entering the country.  Research shows that one extra house will need to be built for every four existing properties in the South-East.  4,000 extra homes will have to be built per week just to keep up with the demand.    The 556,000 houses planned for the next 30 years will cover 44 square miles.  Areas targeted are Milton Keynes, Stansted, Ashford and the Thames Gateway.  Just the infrastructure required is estimated at 20 billion, not including housing costs, and would lead to massive loss of Greenfield sites and pressure on the water supply.  These figures are based on 65,000 migrants per year but in 2001 there were 172,000 migrants.  The Government has no idea of the number of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in the UK.


A Benefits cheat was trapped when investigators were shown photographs he had taken whilst on foreign holidays.  The 63 year old fraudster told social services he was living in rented accommodation and Miss Hughes was his landlady.  She was his lover and he lived rent free with her but she shopped him when the affair turned bitter.  Over seven years the fraudster fiddled over 11,278 by making bogus benefits claims.


Taxes are expected to rise to fund Government waste.  Public spending will rise from 455 billion now to 511 billion by 2005.  Time to get a fixed interest rate mortgage if you have not done so as the inevitable inflation will soon be here.


The queue snaked down the street, some had travelled 25 places to grab a precious place but they were not after bargains just a place with a NHS dentist.  The rush began after Bryteg dental surgery in Carmarthan said they would accept another 300 NHS dental patients by 9am over 600 people were waiting most who have paid taxes all their lives.


Foreign inmates soar
Overseas drug mules are blamed for rise in foreign inmates

Foreign prisoners have outnumbered UK nationals for the first time in a British jail.

Of the 350 inmates at Morton Hall women's prison in Lincolnshire 65% do not have UK passports according to the Times newspaper.

The rise at the prison in Swinderby has been put down to an increase in the number of women jailed for drugs smuggling.

One in seven of the record 74,000 inmates in England and Wales is a foreign citizen.

A Prison Service spokeswoman confirmed Morton Hall was the only prison where foreign nationals outnumber UK-born prisoners.


Britain is set for another influx of 200,000 migrants from the Soviet Bloc countries in the next 5 years.  Citizens of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia also Malta and Cypress will all be able to come to the UK to look for work or claim benefits here!

When a person has to flee from their country of birth to avoid persecution they are genuine political refugees.  But by deciding which country best suits their aspirations they become economic migrants.  Only if they have skills that can contribute to our economic prosperity should they be let in to the UK.

The Guantanamo 5 soon heading back to the UK.

7.5 Million the annual bill if we let Guantanamo " Brits" come back to the UK.

Security sources say the cost of checking each of the above Brits - 1.5 million each per year - is necessary because although they are suspected of being a danger we can't lock them up.  The Pentagon has described them as "extremely dangerous".

Shaker Aamer is accused as being an interpreter for Osama bin Laden.  Jamil El-Banna is alleged to have known Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was in charge of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

A would-be suicide bomber worked for British Airways and plotted to take advantage of cabin crew strikes to launch an attack, it was alleged yesterday.

Rajib Karim, a trusted IT expert at the airline, planned to volunteer for crew training to help keep flights running during the threatened walkouts.

He also used his access to BA's computer systems to gain insider knowledge about airline security and pass it to terror masterminds in Yemen and Pakistan, a court heard.Union bosses seized on the revelations to claim that passengers could be endangered by BA's tactics for beating the planned strikes. The airline says it has more than 1,000 volunteer staff ready to work as cabin crew in the event of industrial action. Karim, 30, was born in Bangladesh and came to Britain a few years ago to get a UK passport which would smooth his terror mission, it was claimed.Two years ago he secured a full-time job at a BA call centre in Newcastle upon Tyne and became 'heavily involved' in software development.But he had a 'clear intention and desire' for martyrdom and wanted to become a suicide bomber, Westminster Magistrates Court heard.

The Birmingham-based gang planned to use eight suicide bombers, armed with guns, to cause “mass death” and “carnage” on the streets of Britain. They planned to cause more damage than the 7/7 London bombings and wanted to carry out “another 9/11”. Police believe had they been successful it would have been the largest terrorist atrocity on home soil. Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid, 27, and Ashik Ali, 27, were today found guilty of planning a terror campaign after a four and a half month trial at Woolwich Crown Court. They were also guilty of raising money for terrorism and recruiting others for a terror act



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