What Can I find on this site?

On this PAGE : I list some of my favourite books and also cover some of the books I have wrote. At the bottom of this page you will find links to pages within my website - the ESOTERIC page looks at evidence of a previous worldwide hightech civilisation and a population reset. I have pages on 911, health including vaccines, pages on Freemasonry and Satanism, proof of conspiracy and the plan for a New World Order. I wrote about some of these topics in my books.


Website History

This website started life as a PORTAL website linking to pages on Photography, Music, DVDs, Computers, Website design, Competitions and many other topics.

The Old Entertainment pages can be found here. I now look into ancient history - who really built the stone buildings like cathederals? History is a lie agreed upon to quote Napoleon - there seems to have been a RESET before : see my ESOTERIC PAGE.


The above IMAGE shows the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM 2030 Agenda Plans. NB The WEF logo has three sixes in it. China has been used as a test country - soon they will roll out digital ID, CBDC, and 15 min smart cities. It was the Rockafellers who created the United Nations - he was into Eugenics then and worked with Bill Gates father. Gates is a Rockafeller. All these pan-global organisations like the UN, WEF, WHO are all run by same crooks behind the curtains. Read about the WEF AGENDA 2030 here and other agendas to depopulate us the useless eaters.

Climate Change

A Club of Rome Scam - Rothschilds benefit by the Global Enviroment Fund pushed through the UN. Co2 lags warming by six hundred years - ice core data shows this. Co2 is a gas of life it is food for plants. A man invented a car that ran on water and was killed - see my Killed page.


I was educated to HND level in Electronics but have worked in many jobs. My books have been banned by 3 companys for stating that viruses dont exist. Barnes & Noble still stock my books and they are on this website as PDF files in my Digital Downloads.

During Covid Scamdemic me and friends went on Lockdown protests in London. We distribute The Light Paper and meet at Stand Up in the Park Events and have formed other Splinter Groups. We work with local farmers and others in our communities. About my books - I was exposing the New World Order and the plan to turn every country Communist and how Jews now control the BBC, Hollywood, Media etc. I was also revealling the Golden Arch of Freemasonry, That Saturn was our first Sun, That Christ is a secretion within us, and that Bacon was Shakespeare and many other Esoteric Occult facts that they don't want you to know. I was exposing how rich capitalists like Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschilds fund Communism and how Masons [MASONRY IS JEWISH] killed Franz Ferdinand etc. My wordpress site was hacked. Please if possible buy one of my books and then give on when you have read it - the information must get out. The internet is being censored and now controlled by a few powerful elite people. My Books are only available on Barnes and Noble but B&N don't ship to the UK. More up to date versions may be in my DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

What We Do

A subheading about what we do

  • Expose the Elite Satanic Familes and Agenda 2030 WEF
  • Write books
  • Form Resistance Groups

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