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Tweet [The written word is more powerful than the gun!]  [ the No1 issue effecting all tax payers in the U.K today] [updated see bottom]

£2.5million bill to send 30 Afghans home and it may cost £100 million to deport the rest.

Britain has been forbidden from deporting failed “asylum seekers” from Iraq back to their homeland by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) — because the invasion of that country by the British and American governments has caused that nation to become “unsafe.”



MORE than four million foreign nationals now live in Britain – nearly seven per cent of the population, according to the latest official statistics.

The UK is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe for immigrants. Only Germany and Spain have a larger number of foreign citizens.

In contrast, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia have less than one per cent of their populations made up of foreign nationals.

Yesterday Labour’s shambolic immigration policy was blamed for opening the floodgates.

And critics said the official figures for UK immigrants had been “wildly underestimated”.

Figures released by the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat, reveals that 4,020,800 foreign citizens are living in the UK.

The influx of the past ten years has been the largest in Britains history, changing the country for ever. Immigrants now make up a ninth of our population, produce a fifth of our babies and fill (or create) most of our new jobs. But the grim fact remains that there are still 700,000 Londoners on benefits. Over 200,000 skilled workers and professionals turned their backs on the UK and left for good last year to start a new life abroad. Thousands of refugee children, some as young as three, are being found abandoned at UK ports and airports. Often orphaned and from wartorn countries, the youngsters are packed off by relatives unable to care for them. More than 3,500 arrived last year and the numbers look set to top 4,000 this year, a rate of around 75 a week.

GORDON BROWN'S complete failure on immigration was revealed today as it emerged that one in nine people living in Britain were born oversees.

The Government's open-door policy on migrants was plunged into the spotlight again as official figures showed that the number of people born abroad who are now living in the UK rocketed last year by 290,000.

There are now 6.5 million foreigners living in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act

A Romanian gypsy campaigner jailed for her role in a £10million benefits fraud has been allowed to stay in Britain to protect her human rights. Lavinia Olmazu, 33, and her accomplice, Alin Enachi, funneled £2.9million in false benefits claims to 172 Romanian gypsies after providing false National Insurance numbers to immigrants. Olmazu was sentenced to more than two years in prison in 2010 and should have been deported automatically upon her release. But she has been allowed to stay in Britain after challenging the Home Secretary's attempt to have her removed by exploiting a loophole in the Human Rights Act. She has been able to persuade judges that because she has a 12-year-old son it would be an attack on their rights if they were to be deported.

Her case will raise further concerns over how judges are interpreting Article Eight of the act, which guarantees the 'right to family life', to allow criminals to escape deportation by arguing that being removed from Britain would be a breach of that right.

An exasperated judge yesterday attacked a failed asylum seeker's bid to use human rights law to stay in Britain as 'breathtaking'. Nigerian Gbenga Sunday has already cost the taxpayer more than £100,000 after being kicked out of the country twice, only to re-enter Britain within months.

But in an astonishing example of the immigration merry-go-round, his lawyers went to court yesterday to argue he should be allowed to stay here – this time because he said he was in a relationship with a Lithuanian woman. As a result, they claimed, sending Mr Sunday home would breach his right to a private and family life under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

The application for judicial review was dismissed out of hand by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, who said the applicant's attempt to use human rights laws to prevent him from being flown back to Nigeria for a third time was 'breathtaking'.

An African war criminal who joined in the slaughter of civilians has been allowed to stay in Britain under human rights law – because he admitted his crimes in a BBC interview. The man was a fighter in the Janjaweed militia which killed an estimated 300,000 people during the war in Darfur, but he came to Britain after hearing it was 'a good place to claim asylum'. An immigration tribunal found he was guilty of crimes against humanity after he gave media interviews in which he described joining in the burning and looting of 30 villages and shooting countless victims. But a judge has ruled that the 27-year-old must be allowed to stay in Britain because his life could be at risk if he returned to his home country. She said that as a result of the media interviews he gave voluntarily in this country in which he criticised his former commanders and revealed embarrassing political information about the conflict, they might try to kill or hurt him if he was sent home.
He claimed to be so poor that he joined the riots to steal money for food. But in reality Nasir Muhsen, 18, was living in a £3million apartment, funded by British taxpayers. He and his family were housed in one of London’s most fashionable areas after they fled Iraq to claim asylum in Britain. The details of the yob’s luxurious accommodation, which most could only dream of, can now be revealed after he was jailed yesterday, along with 15 other gang members who laid siege to shops and businesses ‘like a pack of hounds’ during the riots. The serial offender was part of a ‘rampaging mob’ who terrorised the streets of Queensway and Notting Hill in West London on August 8 last year, looting, setting fire to mopeds and buses, and attacking a Michelin-starred restaurant favoured by celebrities including Kate Moss. Yesterday Muhsen was locked up for six and a half years at Inner London Crown Court after racking up what a judge called a ‘handsome record for violence’ after coming to Britain.
Yesterday, yet again, we saw headline news being made by a shocking  tale of incompetence and mismanagement by the UK Border Agency, the body set up in 2008 to control immigration to this country. The backlog of cases piled up in the agency’s labyrinthine system, we are told, amounts to 276,000, equivalent to the population of Newcastle. Most of the migrants are here illegally and should have been sent home years ago. They include 150,000 foreign workers and students still in Britain even though they were refused extensions to their visas; 101,000 untraced ‘asylum seekers’ left over from when 450,000 ‘forgotten files’ were discovered in 2005; and 3,900 foreign offenders released by the courts to protect their human rights. Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, calls the Border Agency ‘a Bermuda triangle’ for immigrants who find it easy enough to get into Britain from anywhere in the world, but then vanish off the radar because there is no way of tracing them, let alone deporting them because they entered illegally or have broken our laws. Scandals surrounding our immigration policy are so commonplace that we all accept it is completely out  of control. MPs like Mr Vaz — whose committee is so exasperated it is now reporting on the Border Agency’s performance every three months — regularly jump up and down asking for something to be done.

He calls himself 'Fahruddin' and is the Mr Big of a multi-million-pound people-trafficking operation that every year smuggles 5,000 migrants from all over the world into Britain from northern France.

Ten days ago, three young Turks paid him a total of £9,500 to be put on a lorry and taken by ferry to Dover. A few nights later, 21 migrants from Afghanistan and Iran made the same trip and earned Fahruddin nearly £50,000. And then on Tuesday, he promised to smuggle a 29-year-old Turkish girl (along with two Chinese couples) from Dunkirk to Kent if her relatives deposited a large sum of cash with a fixer-colleague at a small supermarket in Wood Green, North London.

Fahruddin, an Iraqi-Kurd who successfully claimed asylum in Britain in 2007, in his early 20s, is making huge amounts of money as a people-smuggler, operating out of a makeshift camp on the outskirts of Dunkirk. The smugglers have devised a simple trick to escape such checks. They wrap migrants in a cold, wet blanket or put ice cubes in their clothes so the warmth of the body is not detected by the equipment. Tracked down, for example, the three Turks who paid Fahruddin £9,500 to get to England ten days ago. They had reached his camp after a 2,000-mile journey in a vegetable lorry from Gazientep, a Turkish city near the Syrian border. They are now part of the rapidly growing Turkish community in Britain, which tops 500,000 in London alone. The trio included a young husband and wife, aged 27 and 24, who are now settling in Hackney, East London.


Britain granted asylum to more people than any other European Union country last year, official figures revealed yesterday. Some 14,360 immigrants were given asylum within the UK in 2011, compared with 13,045 in the second highest country, Germany, and 10,740 in third placed France.

The figure was the third successive rise in successful claims in the UK and an increase of 41 per cent since 2008. Refugees fleeing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's repressive regime in Iran made up the largest group granted asylum in the UK, with 1,985 given protection status in 2011.

Another 1,160 came from Sri Lanka and around 1,020 from Afghanistan, the figures from Eurostat, the statistical wing of the EU, revealed. The number of people granted asylum in the UK has grown steadily in the last four years, from 10,200 in 2008 to 14,360 last year.


How many countries do you think there are between England and Afghanistan? Well, it all depends. As the drone flies, there’s Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France.  If you prefer the scenic route, there’s Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands. Not in any particular hurry? Then you could always try diverting through Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. I’m told Prague is very pretty at this time of year. Certainly, if you were making your way the 3,500 miles to Britain by road, you’d have to pass through at least half a dozen sovereign countries before you reached the English Channel. We know that Zareen Ahmadzai travelled here by lorry from Afghanistan in 2010. So he must have crossed some of those countries.
Under international law, anyone seeking asylum is supposed to apply in the first ‘safe’ country they arrive in. Yet Ahmadzai failed to lodge any  application until he was discovered holed up at an address in Wolverhampton.
It was only after he was arrested as  an illegal immigrant that he appealed to  a tribunal on the grounds that his life would be in danger if he was returned to Afghanistan. Back home, Ahmadzai was a Taliban fighter, like his father, a commander who was shot dead during a battle against U.S. troops in Helmand Province. He admits firing Kalashnikov rifles and rockets and killing people. But he fled the country and now claims he would face death or  torture at the hands of both the  Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces. Which is why he legged it to Wolverhampton.
We are not told why he chose Wolverhampton, in particular. He doesn’t even speak English. As an Afghan Muslim, surely he would have felt more at home in neighbouring Pakistan, or Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.  Perhaps he felt these countries were a little too close for comfort. But nor are we told why Ahmadzai did not apply for asylum in, say, France or Turkey, as he was required to do under the international convention long before he arrived in the Black Country. I think we can accurately assume the answer is that he knew of Britain’s reputation as one of the world’s most benevolent safe havens for terrorists. Perhaps word had reached him of the way in which Al Qaeda leaders, African torturers and assorted genocidal maniacs are indulged by the British courts.
He headed here because he knew he would receive a sympathetic hearing and the chances of him ever being deported were close to zero.


An illegal immigrant and sham marriage ringleader who left prison early with a huge pay-off has used the money to set up a new business in his homeland - offering UK passports. Ashar Ali Rathore, 33, came to the UK with his wife Nadia Qadri, 34, on student visas then faked marriages to two Polish people to gain residency. The fraudster was jailed for conspiring to breach immigration law, but was then handed £1,500 of taxpayers' money - on condition of leaving Britain and returning to his native country - as part of a Government scheme for rehabilitating foreign nationals. He had only served seven months of his two-year sentence. Today, it emerged Rathore has used the money to set up Xpress Solutions - a company providing UK passports, visas and driving licences in Kotli, Pakistan, his home country.

TWO Church of England vicars conducted hundreds of sham ­marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain, a court heard yesterday. The Reverends Elwon John and Brian Shipsides allegedly presided over fake wedding ceremonies between Africans and EU citizens. Once the marriages had taken place a “strikingly high proportion” of immigrants made applications to the Home Office for the right to remain in the UK, Inner London Crown Court was told. In some cases, EU nationals were said to have jetted into ­Britain just so the marriages could take place, before being flown straight out again. The “massive fraud” allegedly took place over more than two years at All Saints Church in ­Forest Gate, east London. Nigerian Amdudalat Ladipo – herself an illegal immigrant – is accused of being the “fixer” behind the racket. Detectives swooped on the church as a service was due to take place on July 31 2010 the court was told.


An illegal immigrant convicted of dealing crack has been granted legal aid to fight de-potation because she has AIDS. Althea Mattan was ordered to leave the UK in two years but wants to stay as she can get medication here. Dr Jack Boyle is backing her bid to stay as he says she will live longer. Other ways our society has gone mad are stealing a mobile from someone in the street gets 18 months  sentence, yet if you rob it from their house you get community service.

A disabled refugee at Sangate with a paralyzed arm was given a work permit - is he capable of doing any work? Another one was given 9 grand compensation after just 4 days of work even though his case for asylum had not been granted. Home Office figures also show that immigrants earn an average of 449 pounds per week and Native Britain's 333 pounds per week. Plus immigrants can claim domicile status and avoid all taxes and receive benefits for having more than one wife abroad even though polygamy is illegal in the UK.

THOUSANDS of people breeze into Britain WITHOUT passport checks in a frightening security loophole. Terrorists and illegal immigrants can board Eurostar trains from Brussels to Lille then stay on until London. Astonished MPs heard yesterday that no one checks to see if they get off in France. And there are no regular passport checks for Eurostar arrivals at London's St Pancras, the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee was told. The scandal was first raised in the Commons in 2001, but nothing was done. There are fears thousands of people have entered Britain on the 2,000 trains running from Brussels to St Pancras via Lille each year.

free energy for asylum seekers
The fuel cards given to asylum seekers entitle them to £25 a week for gas and £18 for electricity. This means that each card holder gets £172 a month in energy payments, in addition to the other benefits asylum seekers receive, such as ‘cash support’ and accommodation, water and food allowances. In contrast, our pensioners only get a winter fuel allowance of £200 (for over 60s) or £300 (for over 80s) for the entire winter, meaning they receive less than half the amount asylum seekers are given over the same period.
An immigration officer has been found guilty of falsely issuing visas to people who were not entitled to stay in the UK. The revelations about Samuel Shoyeju, 53, will heap further embarrassment on the UK Border Agency, whom he was working for at the time of the offences in 2008. Shoyeju admitted the count of misconduct in public office by falsely granting indefinite leave to remain to non-EU residents at Basildon Crown Court this morning.
Border officials have lost track of a population of asylum seekers and migrants as big as that of Cambridge, it emerged last night. MPs said the number of individuals ‘lost’ by the UK Border Agency had almost tripled in six months from 40,500 in March to 124,000 in September. Officials say they have placed the cases in a so-called ‘controlled archive’ for applicants who cannot be contacted by officials.

A failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation from Britain for nearly a decade has been told he can stay – because he goes to the gym. Amir Beheshti, 40, has been trying to get refugee status for seven years, but was repeatedly turned down by the courts, who ruled he would not suffer if he returned to his home country Iran.

But he has now told judges he has a private life that involves going for work-outs with his friends – which means his human rights would be violated if he was deported.

The controversial legal ruling by Scotland’s Court of Session means he will be allowed to continue living rent-free in his publicly funded flat and claiming a weekly allowance.

Ninety-eight thousand asylum seekers will remain in Britain after being lost by the Government’s incompetent border agency, it has been revealed. Officials admitted being unable to trace one in five of the country’s 450,000 ‘forgotten’ asylum cases, some of which date back to the 1990s. The files were discovered in abandoned Home Office boxes in 2006 and have taken five years to clear – but only because so many of the immigrants cannot be traced. A further 18,000 illegals are still in the UK despite being told they should be removed, Jonathan Sedgwick, the acting chief executive of the Border Agency, told MPs. In fact, of the near half a million cases, only 37,500, or eight percent, have actually been removed from the UK or have left voluntarily. Approximately 170,000 have been written off as ‘duplicates or errors’. A total of 172,000, or more than one in three, have been given the right to stay here, claim benefits and bring in family members. The missing 98,000 have now been placed in a ‘controlled archive’, which means there is little chance of their ever being found, despite having no right to be here. In a letter to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Sedgwick said: ‘The Agency is actively managing around 18,000 cases which have been caseworked to the furthest possible point but barriers to their removal remain, such as ongoing litigation, impending prosecution, incomplete legal or criminal proceedings, non-compliance or because they are from difficult to remove countries.

A former Eastern European spy chief wanted for torture and kidnapping has been able to stay in Britain for 15 years – and live in a council flat on benefits. Details of the astonishing case of Ilir Kumbaro emerged yesterday during an extradition hearing  in London.

Repeated attempts have been made to extradite Kumbaro to his native Albania for more than two years but have been constantly delayed by legal hitches and technicalities. When Kumbaro arrived in the UK he claimed to be called Shaqa Shatri and then convinced immigration officials he was a Kosovan refugee fleeing Serbian persecution.  By using the false identity he was granted indefinite leave to remain and even issued with a British passport. As well as a council flat off Fulham Road in West London – close to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge football ground – he was given incapacity benefit.  Kumbaro received the assistance because he told the authorities he was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after his treatment in Kosovo. Kumbaro was then able to live with his wife and son. He is currently living in a flat in Forest Hill, South-East London, and is on bail. Kumbaro’s deception was uncovered when he made a stupid mistake while trying to claim incapacity benefit. He forgot his new identity and inexplicably used his real name Kumbaro on paperwork.  Although the registration was later cancelled it was enough to alert UK detectives who had been looking for Kumbaro after a request to do so came from the Albanian authorities in June 2008. In September 2008, when officers from Scotland Yard’s extradition unit arrested Kumbaro, he told Det Sgt Peter Rance: ‘I am not Ilir Kumbaro – I am Shaqa Shatri.’


It is well known that America is currently being crushed by a tidal wave of Mexican “immigrants” but less well known is the fact that Mexicans, Cubans and Latin and South Americans are also pouring into Europe, courtesy of the European Union.

The absurd situation has come about because of a decision by the Spanish government to grant citizenship to any person who has a far-off distant relation who might have left that country up to 80 years ago at the time of the Spanish Civil War.

According to official figures released by the Spanish government, there have been 161,463 applications for Spanish citizenship under the new law since it came into force in January this year.

Some 95 percent of these applications are from Latin American countries. Another 82,000 Cubans have applied for Spanish passports and it is estimated that at least 150,000 Mexicans are eligible.


THREE-quarters of asylum seekers remain in Britain and more than £10billion of taxpayers' money has been spent on the system over the last decade, a devastating report revealed last night. Researchers found that just a quarter of the 660,000 decisions on claims for refugee status between 1997 and last year ended in the applicant being removed from the UK. Yet over the period, the cost to public funds of running the asylum system was nearly £2.3million a day. The expenditure is revealed in a report from pressure group MigrationWatch to be published today.Tory MP Philip Davies said: "It comes as no surprise that taxpayers have been left with a colossal bill thanks to the total lack of control of the asylum system under the last Labour government. "A lot of this cost is down to the European Human Rights Act undermining decisions to deport failed asylum seekers. There has been an improvement recently, but this cannot really be sorted out as long as we are subject to these human rights rulings."It comes as no surprise that taxpayers have been left with a colossal bill thanks to the total lack of control of the asylum system under the last Labour government. In the study published ahead of the release of official annual statistics on asylum and immigration tomorrow, MigrationWatch found that of the 660,000 applicants whose cases were decided in the 13-year period, 509,000 remain in the UK ­­– 243,000 legally and 266,000 illegally. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the pressure group, said: "The asylum system has proved to be a £10billion shambles. Those who are serious about protecting genuine refugees should be no less serious about removing bogus claimants and, better still, deterring them in the first place.



BRITAIN’S border guards faced fury yesterday after it emerged more than £14million had to be paid out in legal costs and compensation last year because they had mistreated asylum seekers and other immigrants.

The payments were £2million more than the previous year, shows the UK Border Agency annual report for 2010/11. In one case, £175,000 was paid to a single asylum seeker who was unlawfully detained, then injured while in custody. Legal costs topped £7.7million for just over 1,000 cases, compared with £3.8million for 691 cases in 2009/10. More than £4million was paid out in 152 cases where individual payments were less than £250,000. The year before 837 similar cases were settled for about the same, at £4.4million. Matthew Sinclair of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying out millions every year for compensation claims, whether it is the result of the UK Border Agency’s failure to manage chaotic border controls, or dubious cases in European courts where compensation isn’t really called for.”


An illegal migrant from China who was captured after five years on the run is free again after immigration officials told him to make his own way to their offices.

Chinese Dun Lun Hu, 36, was seized last Friday and held in police custody over the weekend after he was caught selling pirated DVDs. He then appeared before York magistrates but UK Border Agency officials did not bother to turn up to the hearing.

Instead they sent a letter asking him to travel to their offices in Sheffield, 70 miles away. But he has not been seen since.


THE UK Border Agency ran up record losses of nearly £300million last year, including £1.8million racked up by a convicted conman. It also paid £2.2million in error to failed asylum seekers who were no longer entitled to benefits, costing £15million in all since 2008, the agency’s annual report reveals. Staff also received £1.9million in overpayments and £14.2million was doled out to refugees wrongly detained by immigration officials. Two private finance deals also had to be renegotiated after chiefs admitted “significant duplication” in IT projects awarded to Fujitsu and Atos Origin worth £430million. The agency’s accounts were described as a “comedy of errors” yesterday and yet more proof that it is “not fit for purpose”, as Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said last year. Despite the failings, 11 directors received £1.2million in pay and £90,000 in bonuses. UKBA wrote off £297million in bad debts and losses last year, including £207million lost on its e-Borders project, which collects travellers’ details before they arrive in Britain.

The project started in late 2007 but contractor Raytheon Systems was sacked last summer over a string of delays. Despite paying Raytheon £156million for wasted work, the firm received a £5million bonus for the “infringement of intellectual property rights”.


New figures from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, have shown how the illegal and immoral wars waged by the Labour/Tory regime have caused a massive increase in 'asylum seekers' from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bombing of Baghdad.The Bombing of Baghdad.According to the report, issued to coincide with “World Refugee Day” on 20 June, the EU27 Member States granted protection to 78,800 'asylum seekers' in 2009 compared with 75,100 in 2008. The largest groups of beneficiaries were citizens of Iraq (13,100 or 17 percent), Somalia (13,400 persons or 17 percent) and Afghanistan (7,100 or 9 percent). Of the 78,800 persons who were granted protection status, 39,300 persons were granted refugee status, 29,900 subsidiary protection and 9,600 authorisation to stay for humanitarian reasons.

More than three quarters of grants of protection status in the EU27 were made in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands.

In 2009, the highest number of persons granted protection status was registered in the United Kingdom (12,500), followed by Germany (12,100), France (10,400), Sweden (9,100), Italy (8,600) and the Netherlands (8,100).

These Member States accounted for more than three quarters of all those granted protection status in the EU27, said Eurostat. More than 260,000 asylum applicants in 2009 and nearly one quarter were minors, the report added. In total, around 261,000 asylum applicants were registered in the EU during 2009. Amongst other characteristics such as the origin and gender of these applicants, the report highlights that minors accounted for 60,500 of the applicants, of which 12,200 were unaccompanied. In other words, not only have the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost billions of pounds and hundreds of British lives, but they have also directly contributed towards the Third World immigration invasion of Europe.

The Immigration Advisory Service
Millions of pounds in legal aid for immigrants and asylum seekers was misspent by a Government-backed charity, it emerged last night. The Immigration Advisory Service has collapsed into administration after auditors uncovered the financial irregularities.
The charity received £15million a year to pay for lawyers and legal advice for 27,000 migrants trying to stay in the country. But an internal audit revealed hundreds of cases where funding went to ineligible applicants. Auditors were shocked to discover that in other cases there was no paperwork to show money was properly spent. The charity's bosses also said some recipients had claimed money 'in error' because of complex Government rules. A French Muslim couple used British taxpayer cash to fight burkha ban back home
One successful asylum claimant was granted funding to which he was not entitled to help bring his family into the country.
Britain's powerlessness to control who has the right to be in this country was glaringly exposed last night by two extraordinary cases. In the first, an anti-Semitic preacher of hate whom the Home Secretary had banned from entering Britain was able to stroll in through Heathrow. Last night, Raed Salah was giving a lecture organised by Islamist radicals to a large crowd in Leicester, and today he was due to speak at Westminster at the invitation of Left-wing Labour MPs. In the second, a bombshell ruling by European judges blocked the deportation of some 200 Somali criminals back to their homeland. The Strasbourg court said the men, including drug dealers and serial burglars, might be persecuted in war-torn Somalia, and that they must be allowed to stay to protect their human rights. So, irrespective of how  heinous their crimes or the danger they present to the public, Britain has no power to expel them. The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights stemmed from appeals against deportation by two asylum seekers convicted  of a string of serious offences including burglary, making threats to kill and drug dealing. But it will now also apply to 214 other similar cases which have been lodged with the court using Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Article 3, which protects against torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, is an 'absolute' right, meaning that it applies regardless of the offences committed. The two men, who were both granted thousands in legal aid to fight their cases, will now be released from immigration detention centres and will be free to walk the streets. They were jointly awarded more than £20,000 for costs and expenses.

The alleged leader of an al-Qaeda plot to bomb targets in north-west England has won his appeal against deportation. A special immigration court said Abid Naseer was an al-Qaeda operative - but could not be deported because he faced torture or death back home in Pakistan. Mr Naseer, 23, was one of 10 Pakistani men arrested last April as part of a massive counter-terrorism operation in Liverpool and Manchester.

Student Ahmad Faraz Khan, also 23, won his appeal on similar grounds. The security services believed the men were planning to attack within days of their arrest, but neither was charged. The Human Rights Act prevents people from being sent back to places where they would be "subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".


Labour's supposedly tough points-based immigration system actually led to huge increases in foreign workers and students cleared to live in Britain, it emerged last night. Experts said the new Government had a 'mountain to climb' to bring migration under control. Labour ministers, led by Gordon Brown, repeatedly claimed the Australian-style points system for non-EU nationals would reduce immigration.

Economic migration was expected to fall by as much as 12 per cent. But analysis published last night showed that, in fact, it increased by 20 per cent - while the number of foreign students went up by more than 30 per cent. The revelation comes as the Tories prepare to set out how they will reduce net immigration to levels not seen since the 1990s. Sir Andrew Green, of Migrationwatch-which produced the study, said: 'This is Labour's guilty secret. 'When they talked about immigration at all before and during the election campaign, they claimed that they were getting it under control with their tough new system. The truth was quite different. 'They have left an immigration system in chaos and the coalition with a huge mountain to climb in order to fulfil David Cameron's election promise that net immigration would be brought down from the present level to tens of thousands, as in the 1980s and early 1990s.'

But it is becoming horrifyingly clear that Cameron will not manage to get immigration below even 100,000 a year at the present rate of progress. The Migration Observatory at Oxford University calculated this week that around 165,000 immigrants will still be arriving every year come 2015. The latest figures for the year to last September showed immigration actually going up, with 242,000 net arrivals. Of course, a sensible amount of immigration would aid the dynamism of the economy, with talented people from abroad opting to come and work here. But that is not what has happened. At the current astonishing rates of growth, the independent Office for National Statistics now estimates that the British population will rise from 61.8 million today to more than 70 million in 2026 — three years earlier than it has hitherto forecast. And a staggering 68 per cent of the rise will be attributable to immigration. It was also found that less than one in four skilled immigrant workers were filling the high-priority shortage occupations that they were supposed to be coming for.

The Labour government has rewarded thousands of illegal immigrants with citizenship after they avoided detection for 14 years or more, it has been revealed.

The policy, which has exposed Labour’s claim to be “tough on immigration” as an outright lie, was first introduced in 2003. In terms of the policy, any illegal immigrant who can prove that they have evaded detection for 14 years, will qualify for full British citizenship if they apply.

The vast majority of the illegal immigrants are granted “indefinite leave to remain” if they can show that they have been able to live outside the system or are failed asylum seekers who manage to avoid deportation.

The crooked Reverand
To all appearances, the Reverend Anthony Quarco was a respectable pillar of the community. As well as running a church, he worked as a frontline airport immigration officer and volunteered as a Metropolitan Police special constable. But yesterday, the father of two was unmasked as 'the most dishonest man in Britain' and jailed for nine years for smuggling hordes of illegal migrants into the country in exchange for nearly £150,000. Croydon Crown Court heard that former asylum seeker Quarco used the cover of the church to write letters supporting immigration bids, charging £4,000 a time to claim applicants were church fundraisers or choir members. Meanwhile, he used his job at Luton Airport to issue fake passports, and even smuggled a man into the country under his own name.
£450,000 fraud

An Eastern European gang who took advantage of the notoriously lax controls in 'Benefits Britain' to mount an audacious £450,000 fraud were behind bars yesterday.

After setting up a fake building firm which claimed to have 55 employees, they flew in fellow immigrants to pose as staff and claim tax credits of hundreds of pounds a month. The bogus employees would then return to their home countries after a matter of days but the benefits continued to be paid, leaving the gang to cream off their own lucrative cut. One of the sham workers - dubbed 'horses' - was paid almost £600 per week by falsely claiming he had eight children, without anyone checking if they existed. Yesterday one of the men's barristers said they had been attracted by the lure of 'Benefits Britain' and couldn't be held responsible for the ease with which their fraud was executed. As the ringleaders were jailed, critics said the fact that 'benefit tourism' was now attracting foreign gangs to Britain was a shocking indictment of how poorly the system is policed. The gang, from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, set up a company on Tyneside called Ragob Building Services - director Petr Bogar's name spelt backwards.

Asylum seeker turns drug smuggler
She came to Britain having fled poverty and civil war in her home country of Angola. But for Teresa Matos, winning both British citizenship and an enviable job with the Royal Navy was not enough. On Friday the former asylum-seeker became the first Royal Navy sailor to be convicted for trying to use a warship to smuggle drugs into the country. The 36-year-old rating tried to bring over 8.5kg of 100 per cent pure cocaine – £2million worth – into Britain aboard HMS Manchester. The astonishing ambition of Matos’s crime was laid bare in court on Friday when she was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. Three London-based accomplices were also sentenced: her Angolan boyfriend Raul Beia, 39 – who had also been granted asylum to live in the UK – was jailed for 13 years; Dean Langley, 20, for 11 years; and Abdul Banda, 34, for ten and a half years. The court was told that while Matos was a crucial element of the enterprise, Beia and Banda were the ringleaders and Langley was intended to distribute the drugs.
French charity helping migrants get to the UK
A French charity is helping UK-bound migrants set up an illegal camp next to the ferry port at Dunkirk. Workers are providing wooden boxes, tools and plastic sheets, as well as hot meals. It comes as hundreds of migrants flood into the port following a crackdown on illegal settlements in nearby Calais. Bound for Britain: Migrants eat some food near their camp in Dunkirk where a French charity is helping them
The would-be migrants, claiming to be Afghans, Iraqis and Eritreans, have set up camp on dunes known as Loon-Plage, a few hundred yards from the port, where there are ferries to Dover. Every night they try to board the boats, or smuggle themselves into lorries. The Salam Association had defied local authorities by providing shelter and food for the men. A spokesman for the Salam Association charity said: 'We are doing all we can to help them on their journey to Britain. We are here for humanitarian reasons, and are trying to prevent these men being persecuted.'
Labour betrayed Britain

The extent to which the Labour regime has betrayed Britain’s borders and left them open to invasion has been revealed in the sentencing of the leaders of an Afghan criminal network whose leaders boasted that they brought in over 1,800 illegals every two months. The illegal invaders were then put to work in well-known pizza takeaway chains to pay off their ‘fees’ for being smuggled from Afghanistan to Britain.

Abdul Hameed Sakhizada, 32, and his brother Ahmed Shah Sakhizada, 23, both of Northampton, and Abdul Wakil Niazi, 35, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, ran what police believe to be one of the most lucrative smuggling networks ever uncovered in Britain.

The network operated for at least three years and detectives recorded Abdul Sakhizada claiming he smuggled at least 1,800 people into Europe in just over two months. Sakhizada, who was jailed for nine years at Kingston crown court, south-west London for conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration, was told by Judge Welchman: “You, as you boasted, were the smuggler of Europe.”

flooding the EU with more refugees

Yet another 10,000 Iraqi refugees whose plight was caused by the illegal and immoral war waged by the Tory/Labour regime in that country are on their way to Europe in terms of a new plan devised by the European Union.

Britain, as a member of the EU, will not be allowed to prevent these refugees from entering this country and adding to the already staggering burden — estimated by Professor John Coleman from Oxford, to cost the British taxpayers in excess of £8 billion per year — caused by mass immigration.

The agreement to flood Europe with even more refuges came at an EU meeting in Brussels on Thursday, where interior ministers received a new report on conditions at refugee camps in Jordan and Syria. Germany said it would take in about 2,500 of the refugees. Priority will be given to those with medical needs, torture victims, single mothers and religious minorities.

it is cheaper to give jailed foreigners a world cruise


Locking up foreigm criminals and failed asylum seekers who should have been deported costs £43,435 a year for each one - making it cheaper to send them on a world cruise. The bill for holding the 2,550 foreign nationals in immigration centres while they fight their removal is £110 million. The taxpayer would save £9,125 a year for each of them if they were sent on a 21-Country cruise on the P&0 liner Oriana. The £119 a day cost of holding a detainee emerged in written reply to Tory MP Damian Green. It compares with £90 a day for a prison cell or £97 a day to sail round the world.

target scrapped
TARGET FOR DEPORTING REFUGEES IS SCRAPPED Blunkett yesterday [25th March 2003] dramatically watered down targets for deporting the bogus asylum freeloading parasites! The aim of throwing out 30,000 rejected applicant per year has been scrapped.Only 10,400 out of the 56,650 failed applicant last year - fewer than 1 in 5 were deported.
300,000 rejected refugees still here

300,000 Rejected refugees are still here

Migrationwatch claims that over 300,000 rejected refugees have remained here over the last 9 years.

Several times every week deportees who have been put onto planes remove their clothes and demand to stay here - it works they just get chucked off the plane. 4 out of 5 sent back to Kosovo admitted they actually lied and really came from peaceful Albania , where they are less likely to be granted asylum.

Wackenhut the company that escorts immigration detainees revealed that its own removal centre near Gatwick still has lots of empty beds.

They said illegal immigrants often can't be deported simply because the Government office that approves the purchase of air tickets is closed in the evening.

A British embasy official helped a crooked businessman

A British embassy official helped a crooked businessman supply Albanians with a 'passport to come and live here forever', a court heard today. Mark Griffith, 45, deliberately failed to scrutinise visa applications while working as an entry clearance officer at the UK embassy in the eastern European country, it is claimed.

By turning a blind eye, he helped recruitment consultant Samuel Fongho, 40, bring a string of Albanian workers into Britain, Southwark Crown Court heard.

putting 120 Afghan's in a 3 star hotel.
120 refugees have arrived in Luton in the past few days mainly Afghans. They have been put up in a  three star hotel costing 90 pounds per night for the next three months. The home office will pay the 600,000 pounds hotel bill. Refugees can feast on salmon, steak and prawns and most rooms have satellite TV etc. These refugees are amongst the 1200 refugees that Blunkett agreed to welcome on 4 year work visas. Some 700,000 failed asylum cases will still be in Britain in ten years time. Total refugees for this year are 120,000 but I suspect a much higher figure. 
a network of criminality

A network of criminality in one of the UK's largest illegal immigrant communities has been exposed by an undercover BBC News investigation. Widespread unlawful job practices, squalid housing, and a thriving trade in fake documents were uncovered.

More than 40 houses packed with illegal immigrants were identified in one square mile of Southall, west London. The young, mostly male Punjabis are not here lawfully and, although most know the risks, they have few legal rights. They are surrounded by forgers, criminals and ruthless employers. The investigation centered on Southall in west London. Among them, the team of undercover reporters met and filmed a man who called himself Vicki. He was careful about his security - moving the car in which they talked away from CCTV cameras - but open about the fake documents he could obtain, and boasted about customers as far afield as Sheffield, Bradford and Coventry.

Vicki said he could get people into the country on lorries, known as donkeys, organised by what he called his "man in Paris", and told how he could provide a fake "original" passport that had been "checked" to beat security at a UK airport.

work permits


Britain is opening the doors to up to 20,000 unskilled immigrants to work in the food processing and hospitality industries.  Other types of legal migration will also be expanded to attract skilled workers and plug staff shortages, the Budget revealed.  What about getting some of the freeloading long-term unemployed back to work?

For all the noisy propaganda from the metropolitan elite about the joys of multiculturalism, mass immigration has shattered our social cohesion, particularly because most new arrivals hail from Africa and Asia.  Our society is now beset by problems that would have been unthinkable only a couple of decades ago, such as Islamic extremism, African witchcraft, honour killings, the spread of sharia law, gangland shootings and stabbings, ethnic strife and ballot box fraud. Only last week health chiefs admitted that Britain now has the highest rate of tuberculosis in Europe, with the disease “out of control” in London.  The return of TB, the Victorian killer ailment that was meant to have been conquered by the mid- 20th century, is due entirely to immigration since 73 per cent of cases are seen in people from abroad. Contrary to claims of the ideologues there has been no economic gain from immigration. In fact the opposite is true. Public services have been put under intolerable pressure as England has become the most overcrowded place in Europe. For the working-class, immigration has meant lower wages and mass unemployment since 80 per cent of new jobs go to migrants. It is the economics of the madhouse to throw millions of Britons on the dole while filling vacancies from overseas. 

Focus on real Asylum crisis.

Mary Martin has lived in Britain for almost 53 of her 55 years. She has brought up a family and grandchildren and ran her own business yet was told to leave the Country in 24 hours because she was born American.  The home office has now intervened but the resources wasted could have been better used seeking out the real problem - the thousands of illegal immigrants we have in the U.K.   These parasites hide behind our asylum system and live indefinitely on state handouts.



In Londonistan nearly half of newborns have mothers from other parts of the world. England has 20 percent of all newborns being born to a migrant mother. 1.5 million migrant babies are expected to be born before 2030 with another 14 million more migrants coming to the UK.

The number of Eastern Europeans flooding into Britain has soared to 700 a day.  Official figures show there are 579,000 Poles and other residents of former Soviet Bloc registered to work here.  This total does not include the self-employed, children or partners of migrants, who don't appear in the Government figures.  The true number is likely to stand at 800,000 - or one in every 75 people living in the UK.


THE French set 124 illegal immigrants free yesterday – knowing that last night most would be on their way to Britain. The migrants – including 38 children – were arrested after people smugglers dumped them on a remote beach in Corsica on Friday. But French judges ruled there were no grounds to keep them in custody. Last night police sources said the migrants almost all wanted to seek asylum in “soft-touch” Britain. And a refugee charity admitted the UK is the ­“obvious” ­destination because Britain has an obligation to ­provide for asylum-seekers, while France does not. The group claim to be persecuted Syrian Kurds. But a detective involved in the arrests said: “Our interpreters suggest many were typical of the Northern Africans who try to get to Europe every day. “They are especially interested in the UK because it has a generous record in dealing with migrants.” One of the freed migrants, Chergo, 32, told how he had boarded the ­smugglers’ boat with his wife and two young children in Tunisia.

He said: “We took a plane from Lebanon to Tunisia with fake ­passports, fake visas, then we took a boat. We paid almost £20,000.” Last night there was outrage over the French fiasco. UKIP Euro MP Gerard Batten said: “Once again the French are exporting their illegal immigration problem to Britain. “If these are illegal immigrants the French should be sending them back to Syria or wherever they came from. This shows how the immigration and asylum issue is out of control, not only in UK but in Europe. “Britain must regain control of its own borders so that illegal ­immigrants will be in no doubt they will be denied entry.”


Well over half a million illegal invaders who have `become embedded in British society’ will be given an effective secret amnesty by the government, according to a Sunday newspaper. The News of the World claimed that it had uncovered evidence showing that Home Office officials had been instructed to abandon any efforts to track them down or kick them out of the country. Instead the huge number, equivalent to a city the size of Sheffield, will be allowed to settle here and work legally. The decision has been taken because just 60 Immigration Service officials are reviewing a massive backlog of 660,000 applications for asylum. Around 60,000 are believed to have already been deported, decided to leave, have died - or are awaiting deportation. But, with some applications dating back a decade, ministers have decided it is easier to let the rest stay. Those who can be contacted will be sent a letter saying they will not be removed - but they will be told that if they leave Britain they cannot come back.

Ministers deny that the “legacy case review” is an amnesty. One said: “If they leave the country they won’t be allowed back in. However, many are now so well embedded in the community it would be a long, drawn-out process to get rid of them.”

But the decision is likely to encourage hundreds of thousands more migrants to travel to Britain, knowing they are unlikely to be removed .



Labour's asylum shambles has cost every council tax payer £140  we can reveal.  Councils have spent £3 billion on refugees since 1998 in tackling the crisis.  There are 21.7 million council tax payers so we can say the cost for each council tax payer is £140 for the seven years Labour have been in power.  Single mothers getting free homes and dole freeloaders getting their rents paid all have to be paid for by the council tax payer as well !!  Kent has had to find an extra £250 million in the last seven years and residents in the county has been charged an extra £100 million in council tax in the past two years.  Our country is being turned into the Devils Island off Europe taking all the criminals that France and Germany are too sensible to grant asylum to. France has rejected article 3 of the Human Rights Convention and so can evict these terrorists, pimps and drug / gun smugglers.

A failed asylum seeker is spearheading a High Court test case for free NHS treatment - which could cost the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds. Lawyers for the the Palestinian, named only as A for legal reasons, say the priniciples at stake in his case should apply to thousands of others in his position. Although he has been refused permission to remain in the UK, he is prevented from returning home because of the current turmoil in the West Bank. The outcome of the case will not apply to failed asylum seekers who can return home. Barrister, Stephen Knafler, for A, told Mr Justice Mitting that, at the moment, failed asylum seekers in a similar position to A are only entitled to free NHS treatment in emergency, life-threatening, situations. However A has chronic liver disease, and says his local hospital in Middlesex, London, should treat him for his condition. Mr Justice Mitting is not being asked to decide the case on the facts particular to A, but the wider issue of whether failed asylum seekers who cannot return home should get free NHS treatment.

Dishonest law firms in the "asylum industry" are submitting concocted asylum claims, coaching clients in false stories and even offering to alter people's fingerprints to help them avoid detection, it can be revealed.

New calculations show that the asylum industry – criticised last week by the new immigration minister, Phil Woolas – costs the taxpayer at least £105 million a year yet is plagued by unscrupulous legal advisers. A law firm in Brick Lane – the heart of London's Bangladeshi community – suggested its clients could buy a range of illegal services. "The firm offered a whole file with a new name and a concocted story that would be signed and sent to the Home Office," said a spokesman for the UK Border Agency (UKBA), the arm of the Home Office responsible for controlling immigration. "They even offered an introduction to a man who could, it was claimed, alter their fingerprints." Another law firm in the capital submitted identical asylum statements for people claiming to be political refugees from North Korea, with only the name altered in each submission. During one appeal an asylum-seeker told the judge he was getting confused because he could not remember what his solicitor had told him to say.


A FAILED asylum seeker who ran a help group advising other immigrants has been jailed after making “a king’s ransom” from claiming benefits and working illegally.

Bavwidi Mpanzu, 31, who arrived in the UK from the Congo using a fake passport nine years ago, cheated the system out of £117,000. He founded and ran a com­munity group advising African refugees on what they were entitled to claim. The group received commendations for its work but Mpanzu was this week exposed as “dishonest and greedy” after he was found to have been working in a chocolate factory under a false name while claiming £22,000 benefits from UK taxpayers. As well as claiming an array of benefits Mpanzu earned £1,000 a month working at the Cadbury’s factory in Sheffield, a court heard. Recorder Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, said: “This was a king’s ransom” compared with pay in the Congo. Prosecutor David Wain said Mpanzu fraudulently made more than £117,000 over six years. He told how after arriving illegally in the UK in 2001 Mpanzu applied for asylum but was turned down.

BRITAIN’S border chiefs have been savaged in a damning report for creating a secret amnesty for ­asylum seekers.

They were criticised after MPs ­discovered they had dished out visas as a way of ­clearing a huge backlog of files. Out of 450,000 outstanding cases, just 38,000 migrants were removed. A massive 161,000 were given indefinite leave to stay after a change in rules and almost 75,000 simply disappeared. That meant about 235,500 benefited from Britain’s open door immigration policy, branded “still not fit for purpose” in the report published today. Other critics called the system “feeble” and “shambolic”. MPs on the cross-party Home Affairs committee found the backlog that arose in 2006 eventually reached its clearance target “largely” by giving claimants permission to stay. “We consider that in practice an amnesty has taken place at considerable cost to the taxpayer,” the report said. Guidance was revised to allow officials to grant leave to remain to applicants who had been in the UK for between six and eight years, as opposed to the 10-12 years stipulated by rules that previously applied. Sir Andrew Green, of MigrationWatch, said: “The removal of those people who overstay their visas and no longer have the right to be in the country is absolutely essential to the credibility of the whole system.

“This report suggests that the removal effort is much too feeble and giving the green light to illegal immigrants.” Gerard Batten, MEP and Ukip spokesman on immigration, said: “This report confirms what we have suspected all along. Britain’s immigration system is shambolic and unworkable. “There is no political will to deal with the problem of illegal residents and they are being massaged into society in what can only be called a secret amnesty.”


Population will hit 66 million because of immigration

Immigration will cause a huge rise in the population of the U.K, the United Nations has warned.  The number of British residents is expected to rise from 59 million to 66 million by 2050 .  The British Office of National statistics predict a bigger effect with the population reaching 66 million before 2025.

The UN  reports says that without immigration the UK population would actually fall because each British women produces an average of 1.7 children.  The UN predicts the population hitting 61 million in just 12 more years.

The UN also suggests most of the rest of Europe will see a sharp decline in population.  Italy is expected to lose 22 percent of its residents. Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine are expected to lose between 30 and 50 percent of their populations.

BRITAIN was bracing itself for a fresh wave of immigrants last night as around 1,000 North African refugees set up camps near the Eurostar station in Paris. The Tunisian and Libyan migrants say they will head to England ­because of a crackdown by French authorities.The unofficial camps are all a short walk from the Gare du Nord, from where high-speed trains leave for Kent and London. FAILED asylum seekers and illegal immigrants are being “bribed” to go home with more than £1million of taxpayers’ cash every month, Home Office figures have revealed. Nearly £74million has been handed out in the past five years to get rid of those with no legal right to be here. The revelation brought outrage yesterday. Gerard Batten, the Ukip MEP and home affairs spokesman, said: “These people must think they have hit the jackpot. “It is a revolving door of handouts for them. They come here, get paid to leave and then told they can come back in two years and go through the whole process again. “We need to get a grip on it and stop this kind of nonsense. If they have no right to be here send them home, don’t bribe them.” Alp Mehmet of MigrationWatch said: “I am concerned that no one is looking at who is taking the money and whether or not they would have left anyway. “There is a lot of money going out and there is no limit to the number of people who can be paid. “This is a form of aid but there are better ways of doing it than in this blunderbuss fashion.” The assisted voluntary return programme provides support for those who are willing to return home without appealing against removal.
Asylum claims made by illegal immigrants cost the public more than £1billion a year, a Government report revealed last night. The migrants - who pay trafficking gangs up to £12,000 to be smuggled into the UK - make up 70 per cent of all claims for refugee status. They accounted for 42,000 of the 60,000 annual asylum applicants in 2003 - the only year for which figures are available. Home Office researchers found the illegals cost £700million in housing bills, £79million in claims processing, £64million in appeals and £129million in legal aid. Educating their 9,100 children cost £37million - or £4,000 per child. The illegals also received £17million of healthcare. At £1.02billion, the total bill equates to £17 for every Briton. The figures confirm - as critics have argued - that the asylum system is at the mercy of those who lodge claims only after they have been caught by immigration staff or police officers. In many cases, they have been in the country for months or years but - by claiming to be a refugee - they can avoid deportation. Officials are obliged to consider every claim and provide benefits while they are doing so, even if the claimant entered the UK illegally. The research shows that only three in ten asylum claimants follow the proper procedures for applying to stay in the UK. Critics say millions of pounds could be saved by stopping illegal immigrants reaching Britain in the first place.

March 27, 2008

Responding to today’s Interim report from the Independent Asylum Commission think-tank Migration Watch says that the document has completely ignored the fact that in recent years just over 60% of asylum claims in the UK have been rejected as not genuine. ‘Despite its official sounding title, this is a private initiative by a number of charities involved in asylum issues ‘said Sir Andrew Green, Migration Watch chairman.

‘Like them, we fully support a welcome for genuine refugees who are fleeing persecution. They now amount to only 3% of immigration but the extent of false claims and the failure to remove those concerned remain serious problems. If you set foot in Britain and say the word “asylum” you have an 80% chance of staying, more often than not illegally. No wonder they are still queuing up in Calais.

‘These uncomfortable facts are ignored in a report which implicitly assumes that all asylum seekers are genuinely seeking sanctuary from persecution when many are clearly economic migrants,’ he said.


The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett. He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants. Critics said the revelations showed a "conspiracy" within Government to impose mass immigration for "cynical" political reasons. Mr Neather was a speech writer who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, in the early 2000s. Writing in the Evening Standard, he revealed the "major shift" in immigration policy came after the publication of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think tank based in the Cabinet Office, in 2001. He wrote a major speech for Barbara Roche, the then immigration minister, in 2000, which was largely based on drafts of the report. He said the final published version of the report promoted the labour market case for immigration but unpublished versions contained additional reasons, he said. He wrote: "Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural. "I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn't its main purpose – to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date."

The "deliberate policy", from late 2000 until "at least February last year", when the new points based system was introduced, was to open up the UK to mass migration, he said. Some 2.3 million migrants have been added to the population since then, according to Whitehall estimates quietly slipped out last month. On Question Time on Thursday, Mr Straw was repeatedly quizzed about whether Labour's immigration policies had left the door open for the BNP. In his column, Mr Neather said that as well as bringing in hundreds of thousands more migrants to plug labour market gaps, there was also a "driving political purpose" behind immigration policy. He defended the policy, saying mass immigration has "enriched" Britain, and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place. But he acknowledged that "nervous" ministers made no mention of the policy at the time for fear of alienating Labour voters. "Part by accident, part by design, the Government had created its longed-for immigration boom. "But ministers wouldn't talk about it. In part they probably realised the conservatism of their core voters: while ministers might have been passionately in favour of a more diverse society, it wasn't necessarily a debate they wanted to have in working men's clubs in Sheffield or Sunderland." Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: "Now at least the truth is out, and it's dynamite. "Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock up but also a conspiracy. They were right. "This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage." The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: "We welcome this statement by an ex-adviser, which the whole country knows to be true. "It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain." A Home Office spokesman said: “Our new flexible points based system gives us greater control on those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain need can come. “Britain's borders are stronger than ever before and we are rolling out ID cards to foreign nationals, we have introduced civil penalties for those employing illegal workers and from the end of next year our electronic border system will monitor 95 per cent of journeys in and out of the UK. “The British people can be confident that immigration is under control.”


Final proof that the European Union has destroyed British sovereignty has come with the ruling by the European Court of Justice that a blatant benefits scrounger from Somalia must be allowed to stay in Britain — simply because she draws benefits here.

The woman, named as Nimco Hassan Ibrahim in news reports, tried to claim housing assistance after she and her husband, named as a “Mr Yusuf” failed to qualify for right of residence in Britain. As Mr Yusuf had somehow earlier contrived to obtain Danish nationality, he counted as a “migrant worker from another EU country” which immediately gave him right of residence. His wife there also qualified for residence in the UK, along with their four children who also have Danish nationality. After working in Britain for a whole five months, Mr Yusuf claimed incapacity benefit after claiming he was unable to work. He was however declared fit for work in March 2004, whereupon he immediately left Britain. Mr Yusuf’s departure meant that his wife and children no longer qualified for the conditions of lawful residence. This did not stop her from simply claiming benefits from the state courtesy of the British taxpayer for everything — housing, food, clothing, healthcare and so on. The blatancy of the swindle was too much even for the rotten three-party-but-one-policy-controlled Harrow council, which rejected her claim on the obvious grounds that only people with a right of residence under EU law could apply for benefits. Ms Ibrahim appealed the decision, claiming that as her children’s “primary carer” she should be allowed to stay on in Britain and qualify for state handouts. The case was finally heard in the European Court of Justice today — which ordered Britain’s Appeal Court to find in Ms Ibrahim’s favour.

The majority of African migrants living overseas are in Europe - about 4.6m compared with 890,000 in the US, according to the International Organization for Migration. But the Migration Policy Institute believes there are between seven and eight million irregular African immigrants living in the EU - the actual number changing depending on regularisation schemes in the member states. About two-thirds of Africans in Europe are from north Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). An increasing number are travelling from Sub-Saharan Africa, mainly heading for the former colonial powers of France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Most Sub-Saharan migrants are from West Africa - Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal, in particular. About 22,016 people reached Italy by boat in 2006, down slightly from 2005.

More than a million immigrants live in housing subsidised by the taxpayer, a Government-sponsored report disclosed yesterday. It said the number of foreigners in council or housing association accommodation had soared over the past five years.

One in nine subsidised homes is now occupied by a migrant family. This figure though does not include those immigrants and asylum seekers that have been given British citizenship status over the recent decades and who are classified as ‘British Citizens’ thereby ensuring they are not included in this total. Estimates of the true numbers of immigrants using Council housing range from 20-30 % of the total numbers of the total council housing stock.

Lotto helping asylum seekers


Economic migrants are to get  another £800,000 of National Lottery cash in a last-gasp act by the doomed community fund. Asylum Aid will get £200,000. The Medical Foundation for the care of victims of torture will get £329,000.

Another £235,000 will fund a drop in centre in Kings Lynn to help migrant workers employed on local farms.


 Large influx of Refugees is disrupting the education of thousands of our children [OFSTED]

A schools chief warned yesterday that the large wave of asylum-seeker children is disrupting the education of tens of thousands of pupils.  And the problem is so severe that some schools are facing closure unless exam results improve.  At least 3,500 schools have taken in the children of asylum seekers in the last year.

An estimated 250,000 pupils are now in classes where at least one child is a refugee. In Londinistan one in 10 pupils in every classroom is from a refugee family.


How the Government alters the unemployed statistics

After five years the Governments New Deal scheme stands starkly revealed as a costly failure. Its only 'success' has been to make the unemployment figures much better than they really are.

About 125,000 who have been on the welfare-to-work scheme have been on the programme twice. Another 25,000 have been on it three times.

fewer than half completing the scheme kept a job longer than 13 weeks. But they no longer are counted as long term unemployed thus the Government can boost that it has almost eliminated long term joblessness among the young.

The cost of putting somebody through the scheme is £11,000, the total cost to the tax payer of the welfare-to-work-to-welfare revolving door is £2.5 billion so far.


TRIO IN £100 million riot poised to sue.

Three illegal immigrants accused of rioting during the blaze that destroyed the £100 million Yarl's wood detention centre are planning to sue Group 4, claiming their human rights were violated.  They claim after the riot that they were refused food for three days and injured by the guards.  Among them is Henry Momodou, jailed last month for just 4 years for his role as the ringleader in the mayhem in which 40 inmates escaped.  He also claims he had to sleep on an Iron bed without a blanket - What did he sleep on in Africa?

A Kosovan's poem

> >I come for visit, get treated regal, > So I stay, who care I illegal?> >I cross border, poor and broke,  > >Take bus, see employment folk.
> >Nice man treat me good in there, > Say I need to see welfare.> Welfare say, "You come no more, > We send plenty cash right to your door."
> >Welfare cheques, they make you wealthy, > NHS, it keep you healthy!> By and by, I got plenty money, >>Thanks to you, British dummy.
> >Write to friends in motherland, > Tell them come as fast as you can.> They come in rags on the back of trucks, > I buy big house with welfare bucks.
> >They come here, we live together, >More welfare cheques, it gets better!>Fourteen families they moving in,  > But neighbour's patience wearing thin.
> >Finally, British guy moves away, >Now I buy his house, and then I say,>"Find more aliens for house to rent." > And in the yard I put a tent.
> >Send for family (they just trash),  >But they, too, draw the welfare cash!> Everything is mucho good,  > And soon we own the neighbourhood.
> >We have hobby-it's called breeding, >Welfare pay for baby feeding.>Kids need dentist? Wife need pills? >We get free! We got no bills!
> >British man crazy! He pay all year, >To keep us illegal in comfort here.>We think UK is very good place! > Much too good for the British race.
> >If they not like us, they can go, >There's lots of room elsewhere you know....

At least 24,000 “asylum seeker families” have been given social housing at a cost of £750 million over the last four years — while the queue of British people waiting for houses grows ever longer. According to new figures released by the Home Office, the £750 million has been dished out to councils to pay for housing for the “asylum seekers” from all corners of the globe.£51.1 million has been paid to Glasgow City Council, £14.3 million to Liverpool City Council, £19 million to Nottingham City Council amd £14.5 million to Cardiff City Council. Millions more have been handed out to “housing associations” and private property firms. According to separate Home Office figures, some 1.8 million people (officially described as “largely British born,” which is establishment speak for Third World immigrant) are waiting for social housing at present.

Yet another saga in the mad asylum racket which plagues Britain is about to be written with the news that four Ethiopian athletes have absconded from their London hotel and will shortly claim “asylum.”

The four athletes were among a team of 10 due to compete in Scotland. The first scrounger fled his team immediately after he got through border control at Heathrow airport. The other three vanished from the team hotel before they were due to catch a flight to Edinburgh. Ethiopian team co-ordinator Dagmawit Amare was quoted in the media as saying, “We are not worried about the safety of the athletes who disappeared because it appears obvious they are seeking asylum.” The Ethiopian embassy in London is liaising with the Home Office over the missing athletes and their expected claims for asylum. The incident has been reported to UK authorities, Scottish Athletics said. “It represents our worst scenario in inviting them,” meet manager Ross Cunningham said in a statement. A Scottish athletics spokesman was quoted as saying that the incident was “disappointing and we will have to think seriously about whether we put ourselves in this position again. The visas were granted in good faith and we did not envisage finding ourselves in this situation.”

Last year, six Eritrean athletes due to run in the World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh also vanished and claimed asylum. They were granted asylum and will apparently represent Scotland in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Britain’s insane asylum policy states that anyone from anywhere can set foot on Britain, claim asylum, and then must be given shelter until their application is heard — which can take up to two years.

it is too easy for illegal immigrants to enter the UK

The ease with which illegal immigrants can enter the country was highlighted yesterday when a baby trafficker banned from the UK for ten years sneaked back in to claim thousands at an employment tribunal.

Peace Sandberg, 42, was jailed for 26 months in 2008 after she bought a three-month-old baby in Nigeria for £150 and tried to pass it off as her own to get a council house.

After she had served her sentence she was deported to Sweden where she holds joint Swedish/Nigerian citizenship, and was ordered not to return to Britain for ten years.

Defying the ban, Mrs Sandberg, a former housing officer who worked with the elderly in Ealing, London, flew back to the country and walked straight through immigration checks at Heathrow Airport. She returned to Britain to sue her former employers, the Peabody Trust, for race and sex discrimination. The employment tribunal allowed the case to proceed knowing she was in the country illegally. Mrs Sandberg was caught eventually after the lawyer representing the trust raised alarms.


Criminal gangs preying on illegal immigrants have targeted Northampton in a series of sham marriages intended to bypass immigration restrictions. Charging up to £2,000 "expenses" a time, the organised crime gangs in the Manchester area used forged utility bills and doctored passports to put up a dozen 'couples' for marriages which would provide European Union status. Since the start of the year, 10 people have been jailed after being arrested as they were about to go through with a sham marriage, either while walking up the aisle or when police and immigration officers were waiting when they signed their wedding banns. Nigerian Kemi Awolesi was jailed this week when she was arrested trying to marry a Slovakian, having overstayed her visa. And Basamba Darame, originally from west Africa but with a Portuguese passport was jailed for two years for assisting in illegal immigration. Sentencing at Northampton Crown Court, Judge Charles Wide QC said; "These are serious offences, committed to simply get round immigration laws. I must say that the method of it is quite distasteful - making a mockery of the institution of marriage." The Rev Michael Hills, of Holy Sepulchre and St Michael's churches in Northampton called in the police and the UK Border Agency when he began to suspect his churches were being targeted for sham marriages. It has now resulted in up to a dozen people being arrested. The bogus weddings are typically between an illegal immigrant from Africa and a non-British EU national, with marriage to an EU national bringing the right to live, work, and remain in the UK, claim benefits and use the National Health system. He said: "About a year ago we started to get lots and lots foreign weddings, particularly from Nigerian people who were marrying Eastern Europeans. Eventually what happened was the police turned up at Holy Sepulchre and arrested one couple. "It was found their passports were false and they had also given me false bills to prove their address." He added: "I think there are some pretty desperate people out there really. They will do anything to stay here basically. It is upsetting." Sam Bullimore, UK Border Agency Assistant Director, said: "I am pleased with the sentences that have been handed out which show how seriously we, and the courts, take these kinds of offences. "Our immigration crime teams will continue to tackle this criminality head on, working hard to create a hostile environment for those who attempt to break our immigration laws. "We know that sham marriage rackets are not just about immigration offenders attempting to get a ticket to the UK, often there are criminal organisations controlling and profiting from such abuses of the immigration laws. "The Rebutia Immigration Crime Team in the East Midlands is cracking down on the criminals involved in these activities, seeking their prosecution and seizing their ill gotten gains for the public purse. "Any foreign criminal sentenced to more than 12 months in prison for any offence is automatically considered for deportation." The majority of the marriages were organised in the Manchester area with the would-be-couples travelling to Northampton with forged passports, utility bills linked to addresses in Northampton in order to sidestep immigration laws.

Often the couples who had only met briefly and on occasion, were unable to speak each pother languages. Mariam Drame was arrested as he walked up the aisle of St Michael's church in Northampton with a wedding dress four sizes too big and while still wearing jeans beneath her wedding dress . DC Gary Fowler, from the Foreign National Crime Team of Northamptonshire Police, said: "These people, either the would-be bride or groom were seeking to get married dishonestly to ultimately assist their leave to remain in the UK by deception, as the spouse of an EU National, thereby having full status to live, work and obtain benefits in the UK. "Facilitating this with all criminal expense that it generates in Northampton has now been significantly addressed.

"This investigation strikes at the very heart of what marriage should be about.

"It enables often illegal persons to abuse the welcome and support offered by the UK.

"This is serious organised immigration ring, which has been smashed in Northampton. We, together with UKBA Immigration Officers, are actively investigating where the marriage facilitators originate from, and seek to eradicate and bring them to justice.

"Northamptonshire Police is committed to increasing the confidence in our communities and welcome and celebrate our diversity, but will not shirk at eradicating organised criminals wherever they ply their trade, even when using the Church as a vehicle for deception."


Failure to carry out checks on those in custody is adding to the numbers of migrants being allowed back on Britain’s streets when they should be kicked out, a study has revealed. Key is a fear among police that politically correct regulations mean they will be branded racist for asking too many questions. The report for the Home Office found that more rigorous practices in custody suites, and increased co-operation between police and the UK Border Agency, could significantly boost the number of deportations.

A pilot study found enhanced checks to determine the immigration and nationality status of those arrested by police more than tripled the number of suspected illegal migrants being identified. Across the four pilot sites in the three-month study in 2006-07, the number of suspected illegal migrants identified rose from 73 to 250 as the number of checks carried out increased five-fold. In one metropolitan site, 20 suspected illegal immigrants were identified in the first month alone, but only six were removed or held because of a lack of detention space.

The rest were all given temporary release with reporting conditions, the Determining Identity and Nationality in Local Policing report said. In the same area, 435 foreign nationals were arrested in the three-month period, accounting for 25 per cent of all arrests.

A total of 135 were suspected illegal migrants – including 32 failed asylum seekers, 23 unlawful entrants, 22 over-stayers and 58 whose status was unknown. But only 21 were removed or were due to be removed.

asylum fiasco


The Home Office revealed that 51,300 people, or 62,700 including dependents, had their claims for asylum turned down in 2004. But the Government only managed to remove 3,500 of them , or 4,100 including dependents. This means that only 1 in 15 failed asylum seekers are being removed.  These figures don't include the 450,000 failed asylum seekers who are still in Britain.


Lying about asylum figures
More than 100,000 Asylum seekers have been left out of the official figures. Ministers have been accused of deliberately excluding children and other dependants who arrive with the asylum seekers. Migration watch says their numbers are as large as the British Army. According to the Governments Asylum figures, more than 20,000 dependants arrived with 71,365 people who claimed Asylum in 2001. But the annual immigration bulletin only counts the 71,365 people and omits the dependants. Migration watch says that over the last ten years 109,500 people have been omitted from the official  immigration records. Immigration therefore is ten percent higher than officially acknowledge up from 1.22 million to 1,33 million. Figures for the first nine months of the year(2002) showed Britain is to receive more than 100,000 Asylum seekers for the first time. Perhaps we will welcome them at the Saddam Hussien mosque in Aston, Birmingham.

Also regarding illegal immigration there is nothing that monitors people coming in to the U.K and leaving the U.K ; thus a foreigner can come in as a student and then remain in the country.

The Home Office own figures suggest that 224,000 failed asylum seekers have remained here since 1998.  There will be political and social consequences of trying to absorb such a large influx. The cost to the tax payer is already over £1 billion per year.


Asylum seekers destroying small towns

Lee-on-Solent is a small seaside town with a population of just over 6,000 people.  It has 4 pubs and also golf, sailing and angling clubs for its many retired residents. Yet it has been selected to receive 400 MALE Asylum seekers.  They will be housed at a disused Royal Navy Base next to the resort as part of Mr Blunkett's plans to address the economic migration crisis.  Locals say " this will destroy our town".

House prices in Lee-on-Solent have now dropped by £10,000 pounds overnight. Estate agents have warned home owners that values of properties in the area will tumble more when the first of the asylum seekers arrive!  £100 million wiped off properties since Wednesday's announcement.


We need a good debate on Asylum ! At present you are accused of being a racist if you bring up the issues yet many British people whether Black or White are seeing White Asylum seekers from Eastern Europe  and those from the middle East getting priority housing and more benefits than the tax payer ever sees in a life time.

Most British companies have moved their manufacturing bases overseas - So where are all the jobs that these Economic migrants will do? How will we pay for them when they too get old?

In 1940 when Britain was under attack from Germany, many young men did not run off to foreign lands but they joined the Army to defend our lands.  Asylum seekers are cowards but 90 percent are Economic Migrants and about 5 percent are criminals with terrorist sympathies .

Most of them are young men changing the demographic population of the U.K for the worse - Where are all the women?  Due to the aging population and the problem the state has with the number of pensioners the Government have opted for a quick fix. What happens when these Economic migrants grow Old as well and want a State pension , guess that will be another Government problem - lets just pass the buck.  How many foreign lands would have given the British deserters asylum in 1940?


Human rights acts puts Criminals first

Sean Taylor-Sabori caged for smuggling Ecstasy tablets worth £268,000 - claimed cops invaded his privacy.  He won the case at the European Court of human rights after his appeals were twice thrown out by the British Courts.  He is also suing the Police over a £7000 debt he is said to owe under a court confiscation order.  He was sentenced to ten years in 1998 after running a gang that imported Ecstasy from Holland.

Drug Squad cops had won a court order to clone his radio pager thus they could receive the information other gang members were sending him.  Copies of these messages were used as evidence at the gangs Bristol Crown Court trial.  His Range Rover was stopped near the M4 and had 22,392 Ecstasy tablets in it.  He launched two appeals later but both failed.

But now six Strasbourg judges have rules unanimously that the interception of the messages and use at his trial was " an unjustified interference with his private life and correspondence" .

The Home Office have been ordered to pay him £3,000 to cover costs at an October hearing.  The Government was forced to pay up as a signature to the convention of human rights. 



The fundamental problem over welfare benefits for asylum seekers lies in the policy itself.  Benefits are a contact between the state and its citizens.  Asylum seekers are not citizens and therefore have no entitlement to benefits.  The essence of the problem is that we treat asylum seekers prematurely as citizens, free to find illegal work, or to claim benefits.  The system must recognise that this is wrong.  Anyone who enters from a safe country like France is by definition not a refugee and therefore should be sent back.  The rest of asylum seekers entering the country must be detained until adequate security checks have been done.  This would stop the flood of economic migrants to our shores.  Mr Blair must rewrite asylum and human rights policies [needs to be thrown away as being misused] in a tough focused way.

Most Britons believe that a rise in the number of asylum seekers has led to over-burdened schools and hospitals and an increased threat of terrorism, a poll showed today.Two-thirds of people believe Britain "cannot take any more" refugees and few have confidence in either Labour or the Tories to deal with the problem.The poll was carried out after Tony Blair pledged to halve the number of asylum seekers in Britain by the autumn. After days of confusion the Home Office has promised to hit the target.The survey of 1,007 adults, by Populus for The Times, found that 39 per cent regard asylum as "the most serious problem in Britain as present", with a further 49 per cent saying it is "a serious problem but other issues are more important". Only 11 per cent believe the situation is not serious.A majority, 57 per cent, agreed with the statement: "The number of asylum seekers in Britain now is a major reason why public services like health and education are overburdened."A similar proportion felt that asylum seekers were unfairly given priority for housing, healthcare and schooling. Two in three voters felt that the asylum system had "directly resulted in an increased threat of terrorism in Britain".Labour and the Tories have hardened their stance on asylum in recent weeks, with Mr Blair and Iain Duncan Smith agreeing that Britain may have to review its international obligations.The survey found that 23 per cent trust the Tories as "most likely to come up with good policies to deal with the issue of asylum seekers", compared with 22 per cent for Labour and 21 per cent for the Lib-Dems.The number of people claiming asylum in Britain is expected to top 100,000 for the first time when figures for 2002 are released. Mr Blair's promise means that the monthly total should fall from 9,000 to 4,500 by September.


While 26,800 asylum seekers have been dispersed throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are still 58,177 asylum seekers in London, who arrived before the new arrangements were introduced, and will stay until their cases are decided.

In theory the Government compensates councils for the costs but an Audit Commission report published this year showed London boroughs spent £27 million more last year than they could claim back.

Families have been kept in London hotels at a cost of more than £1,000 a week while the government-set limit for housing asylum seekers is still only £350 per family per week.

With the huge cost of accommodation in London, councils are always looking for cheaper places to house asylum seekers. Until recently, Hammersmith and Fulham sent asylum seekers to Sighthill, in Glasgow where Firsat Yildiz was murdered. Now the borough is looking at housing people in Walthamstow.

The Audit Commission says the current system imposes "rough justice" on councils in the capital, but despite the problems, the pressure on London is starting to ease.

According to the Association for London Government, the number of asylum seekers resident in London has fallen from 64,060 at the start of the year to just over 58,000 .

A spokesman said: "Numbers have gone down by approximately one per cent each month since dispersal began, although there are other factors involved as well, such as those who have left Britain after their appeals failed."

A spokesman for Wandsworth council, which has about 1,000 asylum seekers, said: "The problem with the dispersal scheme is that it does not deal with any existing cases, only with brand new applications. Newcomers who are put on the dispersal programme often just simply opt out of it - they lose their £30 a week food vouchers, but that doesn't really seem to be too much of a discouragement."

ONE London local authority worker dealing with asylum cases added: "The Government's current policy is to make sure that new asylum seekers are dispersed at all costs, even if they have links with existing families or communities in London. We are assisting slightly less new people, but there is still a great burden on London authorities. The fact is many asylum seekers refuse to leave London."

Last year, seven Eastern European gypsy families sent to Sighthill by Hammersmith and Fulham council were re-housed in High Wycombe after complaining of racist abuse.

The London Asylum Seekers Consortium, set up by the Association for London Government to organize asylum seekers' dispersal estimates that "28 to 30 per cent have refused to get on coaches or disappear".

The Refugee Council supports the principle of dispersal but warns that it cannot work while the Government pays so little attention to the conditions people are expected to live in.

Margaret Lally, Refugee Council deputy chief executive, said: " Dispersal will not work if asylum seekers are placed in areas where basic needs cannot be met. Vouchers need to be scrapped as soon as possible as they expose and target one of society's most vulnerable groups to increased hostility."

THE EU has offered Tunisia more than £100million of taxpayers’ money in extra funds as an incentive to stem the flow of fleeing migrants and take back its citizens who enter Europe illegally. The proposal was spelt out by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. It comes amid growing concern at the exodus of Tunisians seeking work and a better life since their president was deposed after protests in January.


Illegal immigrants caught with suspect documentation at ports are being allowed through as long as they promise to return within 48 hours for questioning or deportation. Guess what, most never come back! In one month alone 31 people have been granted temporary admission and 29 vanished.  The system is putting our security last.  Police have revealed how they were ordered to free a group of illegal immigrants.  Government officials told them to release ten people caught sneaking into the U.K because no immigration officers were available.  The migrants were given a map and told to find there own way to the detention centre 80 miles away.  None of the illegal immigrants turned up at the centre. With over 50,000 illegal immigrants caught each year sneaking into the U.K this policy is scandalous, the Home Office admits that it has not got a clue about the true number of illegal immigrants here.

Cost per Economic migrant is 9,187 pounds per week!
The 4.5 million pound Oakingham centre is virtually empty whilst M.P's search the country for top hotels to keep the economic migrants in. The centre can hold 400 migrants but only 32 were staying there last week! Thus it is costing the Tax payers 9,187 pounds per week to keep them here due to empty spaces. These migrants have the facilities of a Gym, library , crèche and football pitch. Tax payers like myself can't afford to join a Gym due to the cost. I have no money left after paying  my mortgage, service charges, utility bills and Council tax. Economic migrants will also profit in years to come by selling their children into arranged marriages with people wishing to obtain a BRITISH PASSPORT.


A Judge yesterday [9.4.03] attacked the asylum system for encouraging blatant abuse by immigrants who should be thrown out of the country.  Mr Justice Munby said hopeless last-minute appeals by bogus asylum seekers were wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money. His comments were prompted by an Algerian who was supposed to have been deported last July.  The High Court Judge threw out the latest appeal by Mohammed Dahmani , 24, who arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry, claiming he had been persecuted as an Al Qaeda sympathiser.  An independent adjudicator rejected this as he believed Dahmani was neither a terrorist nor a sympathiser.

£1.5m deal for rapist
A CONVICTED rapist who carried out a gunpoint sex attack on a teenage prostitute has been paid £1.5 million of taxpayers' cash to house asylum seekers. Fiaz Bhatti was the ringleader of a gang who blindfolded, bound and then attacked the vice girl in Northampton's red light district 11 years ago. Despite his conviction for the sex assault, the Chronicle & Echo can reveal that 31-year-old Bhatti was able to capitalise on the hundreds of refugees who have arrived in the county in recent years.
No security checks were carried out to establish whether Bhatti was a threat to the asylum seekers who were housed by the accommodation agency, Riaz Brothers and Associates, which has offices off Kettering Road in Northampton. But a spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council, which was responsible for drawing up the contract with Riaz Brothers and Associates, stressed that the local authority was happy with the service which had been provided. He said: “The law does not require security checks to be carried out on landlords or property company directors. “The company has provided us with a satisfactory service. We closely monitor people’s welfare and no concerns have been expressed to us about this particular firm.” Bhatti worked alongside his two brothers, Riaz and Ilyas, who are directors of Riaz Brothers and Associates. The company has been paid £3.33 million by Northamptonshire County Council since 1998 for housing asylum seekers. A Chronicle & Echo investigation has discovered that, out of that sum, cheques worth a total of £1.5 million were made out in the name of Fiaz Bhatti. All the money has since been reimbursed by the Home Office from central Government funds.


Council TAX is NIL in Ireland , 200 pounds per year in Spain and they get their rubbish collected each day so why is it so much here? Why does not the working man who pays tax and national insurance get only 10 percent of the benefits that the non tax payers get? I live on a private estate so my Service charges which pay for gardening etc mean that I am saving the Council the job of cleaning up litter etc . Those on private estates should pay no Council tax or be given a tax rebate.

Council tax has risen by over 56% since New Labour came to power, despite inflation running at only 3%.

A person who pays their Council tax every month can expect nothing in the way of sympathy or understanding if a momentary lapse causes the, to miss a payment.  Within days a legal letter will be on the doormat.  However; a person who has no intention of paying a penny stands a good chance of getting away with it.  There may be legal letters and court judgements, Bailiffs may knock on the door [ this is all they can do unless you let them in] ; but if the non-payer perseveres then the Councils will give up!  Council tax arrears is £1.5 billion across the country.

The Council showed me no understanding after I was left with only 60 pounds statutory sick pay to live on per week after an operation (The Doctor signed me off for ten weeks so I was unable to work for insurance reasons as well as health) if my name was Mustapha and I was a terrorist they would have treated me better!

The Treasury's own statistics show that the yield from the tax this year - £18.6 billion - will be almost double the £10.1 billion when Labour came to power.  The tax has risen an average of 9.5 percent each year since 1997. That is 4 times the rate of inflation.



Blunkett has now announced that not only will 200,000 immigrants be brought in with work permits every year but many of the jobs WILL NOT HAVE TO BE ADVERTISED IN BRITAIN AT ALL. These will be in fields where there is a shortage of applicants in Britain like health and teaching. So if there is a shortage of British workers the British workers who might want those jobs will simply not be told they are even available! I've posted here from time to time that Labour's policy is for British people to be treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany. When the Nazis came to power they banned the Jews from many jobs. Now Bliar is doing much the same here to British people. Little by little we are being turned into a vilified and excluded people.
Invoices submitted for refused refugees
A PROPERTY company which was paid £3.5 million for housing asylum seekers submitted invoices for refugees who were never registered with Northamptonshire County Council.

A confidential report leaked to the Chronicle & Echo has revealed that managers of the county council's asylum seekers team have expressed grave concerns over dealings with Raj Accommodation Agency. The report outlined problems with the company's poor administration and a failure to keep the local authority posted about refugees' change of addresses and circumstances. Perhaps most worrying of all, Raj Accommodation Agency repeatedly submitted invoices for people whose claims for asylum had been turned down and who were no longer registered with Northamptonshire County Council. Pat McCarthy, the county manager for the local authority's social care and health directorate, said: “Our asylum support team reported dealing with significantly more queries on Raj invoices than for other landlords, even taking into account the fact that Raj Accommodation was the major provider at the time.“Invoicing errors included invoices received for people who had never been registered with the county council as asylum seekers.“ Significant gaps have also been identified for invoices submitted during 1999, which led to major work by county council workers to verify the actual claims. Raj Accommodation Agency has emerged as one of the most controversial property providers contracted by the county council to house asylum seekers. The company has continued to receive taxpayers' cash, even though its contract was terminated two-and-a-half years ago.
It emerged in January that a further £334,671 had been made to the property firm, bringing its total payments to more than £3.5 million.

 The Asian community in Britain is well aware that 60 to 70 per cent of the Pakistanis who've arrived in the last few years are bogus. They pose as Afghans or Kashmiris and appeal for asylum.

Mohammed wants to expose this deception because of the impact that asylum seekers are having on race relations. "Us second and third-generation British Asians feel part of British society, and the bad press about asylum seekers doesn't help us. We are being painted with the same brush.

"They're visible and clearly identifiable to us Asians. We see them working in factories, in restaurants and shops. Most of them do nothing to contribute to the economy or to society. We taxpayers see these people take benefits and take jobs." Mohammed has to shout as a jumbo jet screeches over Hounslow shopping centre, and he makes his way from the solicitors' office to an employment agency. Speaking Urdu, he poses as a new arrival and asks about work. He is handed an impressive enrolment form, which states he has to supply an NIC number and proof of a permanent residence. But the desk clerk tells him not to worry. If Mohammed provides them with "number two" documents (i.e. false or someone else's papers - for the records), "we'll fix you up with a job". He moves on to a kebab restaurant where he's offered work, "no papers required", starting on Sunday at £2.50 an hour. "If officials turn up," the proprietor says, "I'll tell them you're a trainee and I don't pay you. I've done it before and its worked."

Moving outside to the bus stop, he is told by an Asian youth that he can get £1.80 an hour if he waits for the coach that collects casual workers every morning at 4am from Lampton Road. "We work as packers on the warehouses on the A40. If you stick with it, you can get as much as £3 an hour." There is no lack of work around, albeit all below the minimum wage of £4.50 an hour.

So how do the illegal migrants get here?

Mohammed introduces me to Ali, who arrived in the UK in 1996. We meet in a park and, drawing nervously on a cigarette, the part-time restaurant worker explains that he is a Pathan, a member of a tribe which spans the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They speak Pushtu, the same language as many Afghans, and " hundreds of us have got political asylum here by pretending that we are Afghans, fleeing the Taliban".Ali was working as an electrical engineer in Peshawar, in Pakistan, when he persuaded his father to sell land to pay an agent £10,000 to get Ali to London."He gave me false documents to leave Pakistan. He told me to destroy them when I got to Heathrow and to say that I was escaping the Taliban and wanted asylum."The agent gave Ali the name of a solicitor in Southall and told Ali to tell him the truth, that he was a Pakistani pretending to be an Afghan. "The solicitor said, 'Don't worry,' got me a National Insurance number and, since 1996, I have been on political asylum. I still don't know whether I shall be able to stay here or be sent back."Ali paid the lawyer by working as a waiter at £2.50 an hour in a Bengali restaurant in Aldgate.Was it worth it? "No, if I'd carried on with my job in Pakistan, I could have got a promotion. It may not have been much money but, mentally and morally, I would have been satisfied. Now my life is all deception and lies."The trail leads Mohammed and I to Peshawar, in Pakistan's North- West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan.

There are so many travel-agent billboards hanging from every building that it is hard for Mohammed to know where to begin. "Step inside for your passage to the West," advertises Moon Travel. "We offer expert visa advice." Mohammed has come to Peshawar to pose as a would-be immigrant to the UK.

Abdul Rauf, the owner of Moon Travel, sits under a noisy fan in his tiny office, offers cold drinks and cigarettes and gets straight to business. "I tell you that I can get you to a UK airport, because you are a Pathan and all Pathans from NWFP can pretend to be Afghans." He explains that he is in the business of "photo change". He buys passports from people who have been able to obtain legitimate visas to the UK (and the British High Commission in Islamabad gives out some 80,000 a year) and substitutes the photographs for those of his client. The original owner then reports his passport as stolen.


What's to be done?

Well, if you've gotten this far in this article, you've already taken the first step - enlightenment. A global demographic war is being waged against the homogeneous, predominantly Christian-European cultures by way of immigration, among other globalist weapons of mass cultural destruction. If you're a European, or someone of traditional European heritage, then you now also know that YOU are on the endangered species list, if our government's current policies are allowed to continue. As Prof. MacDonald put it, "ethnic groups unable to influence immigration policy in their own interests will eventually be displaced or reduced in relative numbers by groups able to accomplish this goal."

Step two is to close the floodgates. The Immigration Act of 1965, for example, must be repealed immediately. No more anti-European racial or country quotas. Zero immigration may be a nice ultimate goal, but in the meantime, immigration should be allowed strictly on a case by case basis, using proven economic needs of specific indigenous business sectors as guideposts. Only highly-skilled immigrants who can either support themselves, or entrepreneurs who can create additional jobs, should be allowed in.
Step three is to start to reverse the tide. Repatriate all immigrants who are living on the dole, i.e., whom the domestic taxpayers and businesses are supporting. But first, we should give the globalist liberals a chance to put their money where their mouths are. They should put up or shut up. We should allow the establishment elite to "save" any such would-be-deportees by hiring them into their PRIVATE businesses. Don't be surprised to see that their words were much louder than their deeds.

Step four is to formulate a sensible immigration policy for the future. For every factory or other production facility the Big Business brings back home from places like China, Mexico or other foreign countries, for example, a company could earn a proportional quota of SKILLED immigrants which it may also import. No new domestic jobs; no cheap immigrant labor. Conversely, for every domestic position cut, the company's immigrant quota would be proportionately reduced. Of course, the preceding would not stop the export of indigenous jobs overseas, but it would certainly raise the cost of doing it.
But that's protectionism, do we hear the globalist liberals scream? Of course, it is. Isn't that what governments are supposed to do - protect their citizens' interests?


The clues are there if you know where to find them. Walk around Slough's estates and look in the back gardens.

There are buildings here you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the country.

These are Slough's 'sheds with beds'. In some areas, row upon row of them. Lines of small houses tucked away behind the main homes. And inside them are the people who are transforming this place. A new workforce. So many that these illegally rented out sheds and garages are needed to house them all. They have been swept here by border changes across Europe and are now testing how we deal with mass mmigration.

Slough is a success story. A manufacturing town with a booming economy. Positioned just outside London and down the M4 from Heathrow. It's factories and production plants have always attracted a large number of immigrant workers. It's factories and production plants have always attracted a large number of immigrant workers."I came here in 1948. I wanted to work in Britain, and I got a job in the brickworks," said Fred Szymaczack, a Pole who says things were very different when he came to Slough.

"When I arrived it was much stricter. The government knew how many people were coming to work here. Now, there's too many. The town can't cope."

Growing population

The expansion of the European Union in 2004 has had an enormous effect here as it has across Britain. Local Polish community leaders say as many as 10,000 Poles have arrived in Slough in three years. Walk down the High Street and you can literally hear the languages and accents that are changing the make up of this town. The problem is there is no accurate way of recording that change. When it comes to migrants arriving in our towns, it seems we've lost the ability to count.

The government's estimates show Slough's population is decreasing, while the council in Slough reckons it is growing so fast that about one in ten people here are simply missing from the books, not accounted for. And that has a direct consequence for everyone living here. That is because the government uses the population figure to decide how much money it gives the local council every year. That money funds three quarters of the services provided by the council. If the population estimate is not accurate, then neither is the pay-out.

An asylum seeker bought three homes and sent her son to a fee-paying school by illegally claiming more than £700,000 in benefits, a court heard. Mahira Rustam Al-Azawi, 49, used a series of false identities to milk Britain's lax benefit system over eight years. Although she never worked, she was able to purchase three properties - two of which she rented out - worth in excess of £1million. Her 18-year-old son was educated at Colfe's School, in South-East London, where fees are currently £4,164 a term. The fraud was uncovered only when Al-Azawi, from Iraq, successfully applied for a student loan to study civil engineering at Greenwich University. When police raided her £800,000 detached home in Bromley, they found an 'Aladdin's cave' of false documents, including a selection of passports, identity papers and driving licences. She had converted the garage into an office and described herself to neighbours as an 'internet entrepreneur'. During her trial at Croydon Crown Court, it emerged that she had claimed for income support, housing and council tax benefits in her own name, as well as those of her cousin and mother. She also obtained two mortgages by claiming she was a self-employed businesswoman. Judge Stephen Waller jailed Al-Azawi for three years after she was found guilty of 13 offences of benefit fraud, forgery and theft.
A thug who carried out horrific acts of torture for Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has been allowed to live in Britain – to protect his human rights. An immigration tribunal found  Phillip Machemedze inflicted terrible injuries on political opponents of the vile Mugabe regime. But despite ruling he was involved in ‘savage acts of extreme violence’ –  including smashing a man’s jaw with a pair of pliers – immigration judges said he could not be deported. They said the 46-year-old, who is HIV positive, could himself face torture if he was returned home, having turned his back on Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime. Both he and his wife – who was granted asylum – can stay in Britain indefinitely. Machemedze worked as a bodyguard to a senior Zanu PF minister, as part of Mugabe’s feared Central Intelligence Organisation.

The number of failed asylum seekers living in Britain is increasing.  Although 450,000 were scheduled for deportation, officials managed to kick out only 18,280 last year.  At the same time, 20,700 more failed asylum seekers joined the list.

Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are set to be granted an amnesty to stay in Britain on human rights grounds.  The migrants will be entitled to benefits and a place at the front of the housing queue.  The amnesty comes as officials deal with 450,000 legacy cases which were lost for years in the shambolic asylum system.

There are now more than 191 million migrants, more than ever before, according to the United Nations. If all these people belonged to the same country it would have the fifth largest population on earth.

People leave their homes for many different reasons. They could be in search of a better job, lifestyle or education, or they could be struggling to escape poverty, famine or war.  One in four abortions in the UK are to East European mothers.  The cost of migration on schools, hospitals and roads is unknown. More than a million British passports have been issued over the past decade.  The 1,020,510 total - an average of 102,000 each year - means an immigrant is granted British citizenship every five minutes. Britain faces being swamped by a wave of new migrants after EU chiefs announced yesterday they want to let in an extra 20million workers from Asia and Africa. Skilled migrants would be granted special 'blue cards' giving them the right to settle in member states, including Britain - if the Government agrees.

Britain has an 'opt-in' to ideas from Brussels it supports and is not bound by EU policy on immigration and asylum but once within the EU migrants will be free to come here.

Immigrants will swell the British population by almost two million in the next decade, according to official predictions.  Whitehall now believes the record immigration levels of the past few years are likely to continue.  The projection drew an immediate admission from the Government that it has "worries" over migration.  Failed asylum cheats are not being kicked out because their claims took so long to process that kicking these economic migrants out is ruled against their rights to a family life.

FAILED asylum seekers have been handed £36million to open businesses, including a beauty salon, a vineyard and even an ostrich farm, back in their homelands. More than 23,000 have taken advantage of the handouts worth £4,000. Other perks available if the £4,000 is not exceded, include private schooling fror theri children.

The backlog in the asylum system doubled last year and is growing, an official report has revealed. The number of asylum cases which were not dealt with increased to 8,700 in the second quarter of 2008 compared with 4,200 a year earlier, the National Audit Office said. Even after their asylum claim is rejected, fewer than one in 10 asylum seekers processed under a new system are removed from the country. Removing one family can cost the taxpayer up to £60,000, the report found.



Ex-Sandgatte Iraqi " I will only consider cash in the hand work - or  I will lose my accommodation and free meals.  This Hotel is £40 per night. Why should I work and pay for it when it is already paid for?" " I hope my family can come over and they will get a hotel to".

Hardly any of the Sandgatte refugees have found work , most admit to be just economic migrants, they cost the taxpayer £100,000 per day as they are still living in plush hotels and most soon will be on benefits.  The total non E.U immigration is about 230,000 a year:- a city the size of Cambridge every six months.  The annual allocation of work permits has been vastly increased from 40,000 in the 1990s to a target of 200,000 now.  The Government has decreed that we need more foreign labour [to keep the wages of the working man down] .  Regulations on marriage to foreigners have been weakened, so it is easier to evade immigration controls.  Transcontinental arranged marriages add further to immigration and to the difficulty in assimilating immigrant communities here.



  An Economic migrant is to sue the Government for £30,000 because problems with his application left him depressed.  Critics say this proves how chaotic and unjust the asylum system has become.  The Libyan man, has been given leave by the High Court judge to claim damages from the Home Office.  The legal bill for asylum was more than £220 million last year.  Taxpayers are also having to fund a small army of judges (most on £103,000 a year),  lawyers and court staff to deal with the 110,000 plus refugees who came last year.

A total of 674 judges, known as adjudicators have been appointed, their salaries cost tax payers £38 million a year.  In addition we need another 200 Court staff to work in 11 Asylum appeal courts creating another salary bill of £5 million.  A single barrister hired by the Home Office was paid £700 pounds for just one day's work.

Border officials are writing off almost £70million in bad debts, overpayments and compensation

BUNGLING border officials are preparing to write off almost £70million in bad debts, overpayments and compensation to asylum seekers. A shocking catalogue of costly mistakes at the Home Office’s UK Border Agency meant £26million had to be written off in the last financial year. And the agency paid out £13million of benefits in error to would-be refugees since April 2008. Astonishingly, a further £41million has had to be set aside in special accounts to cover more bungles, including bad debts, overpayments and compensation claims, this year. The agency’s accounts reveal £12million was overpaid last year to just six hostel owners for providing asylum seekers’ accommodation. Embarrassingly for the agency’s Home Office bosses, £4.3million ended up incorrectly in the pockets of the agency’s own staff. Failure to update salary changes and annual leave entitlements on payroll systems meant the agency overpaid more than 2,500 employees by an average of about £1,700 each. The public administration of the civil service has become increasingly dysfunctional.
Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Commons Public Administration Committee Meanwhile three refugees who were unlawfully detained while border officials investigated their claims ended up being paid more than £330,000 each last year in compensation. And settlements worth £2.1million were reached with 40 under-18s who were wrongly detained as adults – an average of £52,000 each.

David Cameron branded the benefit system completely out of control after a Somali family of asylum seekers were housed in a £2.1million mansion costing £8,000 a month.

The Prime Minister admitted being outraged at the lavish handouts to Abdi and Sayruq Nur and their seven children, who moved into a property in fashionable Kensington, west London, after complaining about living in a poorer area. Mr Cameron told MPs the case was a vindication of a strict new £400 weekly limit on housing benefit claims.

He said the idea that a family could claim £2,000 a week for their house was an outrage for people who work every day, pay their taxes and try and do the right thing for their family.


FAILED asylum seekers could avoid being kicked out of the UK under moves today to spare children from deportation centres. Fears that Britain will be seen as a soft touch for asylum seekers were ignited by the new “family friendly” system being announced by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. He will confirm that children will no longer be held in custody in order to control immigration. Mr Clegg will also announce that the Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire is closing immediately.Britain is surging ahead of France and Germany as a magnet for immigrants, figures showed yesterday.

Tough controls mean that the two countries that once drew in hundreds of thousands of migrants a year have now achieved a virtual balance between immigration and emigration. Yet the new count shows that in 2008 Britain opened its doors to almost ten times the number accepted by France and Germany together.

A bride has been arrested and dragged across a city-centre street in a full-length wedding dress and handcuffs in a police "sham marriage" raid. The 21-year-old Slovak woman and her 36-year-old Afghan groom were reportedly preparing to tie the knot in the Sheffield Town Hall when police and the UK Border Agency swooped on the ceremony. The pair were arrested on Monday morning and led to waiting police vans watched by bemused shoppers. The groom - who was wearing a single-breasted grey suit - is thought to be a failed asylum seeker.
More than a million people who were born abroad came to live in Britain in just four years from 2004, a new official analysis said yesterday. It found that 1.1 million people born outside Britain arrived between 2004 and 2007. The new migrants brought the number of people in the country who were born abroad to more than 6.3 million, more than one in ten of the population. The figures from the Office for National Statistics add to the picture of the impact of high immigration now being built up in Whitehall on the basis of who was born in Britain and who was born outside the country. Last month Immigration Minister Phil Woolas launched an attack on the ONS and its chief Karen Dunnell after it released details which showed that by 2008 one in nine people in Britain were born abroad. He said the figures gave the wrong impression. But yesterday's report from the ONS insisted that counting those born abroad is an important method of counting the population.
Labour has never recovered from the mayhem which occurred at the start of this century, when a record number of asylum seekers poured into the UK. Even on conservative estimates, it has left around 285,000 failed claimants living in Britain - but the number being removed is falling. In 2009, there were 10,815 removals or voluntary departures, down 16 per cent on 2008. Of those who went, 2,985 benefited from the Assisted Voluntary Return scheme - worth £3,000 each. The Government's target of concluding 90 per cent of asylum cases within six months by December 2011 has been dismissed as 'unachievable' by Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency, John Vine. Only a third of failed asylum seekers - 7,850 out of the 26,832 served with deportation notices - were actually removed in 2008. Inspectors have recently identified a new backlog of 40,000 cases massing in the asylum system.

HUNDREDS of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants have been paid up to £3,500 each in taxpayers’ funds to persuade them to return home even before arriving in Britain, it emerged yesterday. The foreigners attempting to cross the English Channel at the French port of Calais are offered free flights and cash to help start up new businesses in their countries of origin rather than coming to the UK. So far, British taxpayers have contributed more than £1million to the scheme. Last night, Tory MP Charlie Elphicke said: “There is a real risk that people will hear of this and it will create a bizarre incentive for people to try to smuggle themselves into Britain.

The solution could be worse than the disease.” Figures yesterday showed that the Home Office-backed Global Calais Project has persuaded 468 so-called “irregular migrants” to return to their countries of origin at a cost of £1.2million to the Treasury.


The Home Secretary has suffered another blow in the courts over the Government's policy on asylum seekers.David Blunkett had asked the Court Of Appeal to overturn an earlier decision which he said threatened his tough new asylum policy.Last month the High Court decided that new rules aimed at tackling late asylum claimants breached Human Rights laws.That decision has now been upheld.In each case, would-be refugees were refused state help while their claims were being processed because they had failed to apply for asylum at the port of entry, or as soon as reasonably practicable.During the appeal hearing brought by Mr Blunkett, asylum charity bosses said the policy had left many asylum seekers without food or shelter, forcing increasing numbers to turn to crime and prostitution in order to survive.Government lawyers had claimed that the "seriously-flawed" decision by the High Court had made the deliberately harsh new rules, introduced in January, "unworkable".At the time, Mr Blunkett reacted furiously to the judgment, saying: "Frankly, I'm fed up with having to deal with a situation where Parliament debates issues and the judges overturn them."

The ruling and Mr Blunkett's comments sparked off a national debate and media attacks on the judges, who were lambasted in some quarters as "dictators in wigs".

But the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, recently hit back and denied that judges were using the Human Rights Act to interfere with the will of Parliament.Following the rejection of Mr Blunkett's appeal, the Attorney General has promised a "radical overhaul" of the contested asylum regulations.The reviewed regulations will continue to press asylum seekers into applying as soon as they enter the country, but will not flatly refuse state benefits to all that do not.If asylum seekers are considered to have applied "in country" and not immediately on arrival for good reason they will be given support while their application is processed


UP TO 2,000 failed asylum seekers are being allowed to stay in the UK every week thanks to a “back-door amnesty”.

BRITAIN’S border chiefs have been slammed in a scathing report today which reveals how one in seven asylum seekers has gone missing.

A programme to clear the backlog of 450,000 asylum cases will end this summer with at least 61,000 applicants unaccounted for, MPs found.

And the UK Border Agency has even marked such cases “concluded” having decided it is pointless trying to pursue them. There is also a “real danger” of a secondary backlog building up because the UKBA is unable to deal with new applications quickly enough.

Home truths on State help
Half of Britain's poor own or are buying homes, a survey by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation revealed. The research foundation says that this challenges the fairness of the social security system, as 92 percent of the money spent goes to tenants. The author says "It's hard to justify this discrimination where 50 percent of poor adults live in owner-occupied houses, yet only recieve 8 percent of state help with housing costs". I have found out that the system discriminates against single home owners:- I was only entitled to 60 pounds statutory sick pay per week when illness struck. Unemployment does not effect those in rented accommodation as they have a guarantee that their rents, Council tax and bills will all be met by the system. The Council Tax system means that in effect rich landlords get their properties purchased for them by revenues received from other council tax payers, they only need to fill these properties with the unemployed and get the rent money direct from the council. Homeowners can't apply for Council housing in times of difficulty and the points system favours non tax payers like single mothers. Foreigners in the UK can get away with paying no taxes if they claim domicile status they can also claim for extra wife's abroad even though polygamy is illegal in the UK.

Northampton Borough Council.

Northampton Council prefer to give Council housing to Non tax payers like Asylum seekers, Single mothers , Drug and Alcohol addicts ; many will never do any work or pay any taxes. There has been big internal fraud here at least 100,000 pounds.

Many of those not working have luxury cars outside their council houses or have mobile phones etc

How can the non workers afford these luxuries? And if they can afford a Mercedes car why are they given a free home?

Due to the lack of help I got whilst I was ill I applied for a Council house - yet I am turned down because I am a home owner. Never mind the fact that I have paid taxes and National Insurance all my life and all the system gave me to live on was 60 pound statutory sick pay per week!

Bad tenants cost Northampton Council over £2 million pounds last year due to having to bring properties back to a decent condition after their vandalism. Yet the council still keep on housing junkies and alcoholics!

The local council built a block of flats up the road from me called Robinson House and filled this flat with drug addicts many of whom don't work and never pay taxes - they get free rents and free council tax.  Vandalism , Crime and cars being burnt out in the local area have all increased.  The fire brigade were called out 37 times in 2004 ( Information obtained by using the FOI act ) but only one incident was a real fire !  How much are taxpayers up and down the country paying for our local councils housing policies?

figures for Northampton:-

Percentage of people in council housing who are officially unemployed and thus getting there council tax paid

<<<<Our current caseload is 15399, and of that 10011 receive both Housing and Council Tax rebates, some of these however could be private tenants with a Council Tax liability as well as Council tenants who are liable for both. As a percentage this is 65%>>>


BRITAIN’S border officials have lost track of 181,000 migrant workers whose visas have expired and the points-based immigration system is failing to protect British jobs, an official report reveals.Creaky computer systems mean the agency cannot check that migrants leave the country when their right to remain runs out or prove immigrants are taking jobs Britons cannot fill, a National Audit Office study found.

The spending watchdog demanded urgent development of new programs for monitoring migrants working in the UK. Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: “We have always said the points based system was just a way of saving money and a box-ticking exercise. What justification can you have for a border control system that does not allow you to check migrants have left the country and does not protect indigenous workers’ jobs?”


1 in 4 people living in London is a migrant and 1 in 20 is a refugee / asylum seeker.

Every 4 minutes a migrant is arrested in Britain.

1 in 5 murders committed in the UK is by a foreigner.

We have 450,000 failed asylum seekers still living in the UK.

Gordon Brown has effectively dumped Tony Blair's target of cutting the backlog of 500,000 failed asylum seekers still living in Britain.

Home Office figures show that in the last quarter of 2007 a total of 8,140 claimed asylum in Britain - the highest figure since the start of 2005. But only 2,965 failed asylum seekers were deported from October to December, the lowest figure since early 2002.

More than 8000 East Europeans arrive in UK every day.

316,000 Non EU legal migrants flock to UK each year.

Another foreigner gets a UK passport every five minutes.

1 in 10 people living in the UK was born outside the UK.

1 in 5 off all marriages in London is a sham  to get a British passport.<

1 in 25 of the 5 million state sector homes are occupied by non British citizens.

The number of people pouring into the UK is now estimated at a million every five years.

Britain to receive 4.4 million migrants by 2031 (170,000 a year is a poor estimate).  British jobs have re-located to China - what work will these migrants do?  Asylum has cost every council tax payer £140 since 1998.

50,000 immigrants from Eastern Europe, plus 236,000 from other countries arrived in Britain in the last 12 months.

145,000 Eastern Europeans are claiming welfare benefits in the UK.

The massive influx of eastern European immigrant workers to Britain has topped 800,000 in the four years since Poland and seven other former communist states joined the European Union. In the last 12 months, the cost of paying benefits to the newcomers has more than doubled to an estimated £170million a year, with 145,000 immigrants now claiming state handouts.

A quarter of those arrested under anti-terror laws are would-be refugees.

The EU costs us £30 million per day.

There are an estimated 600,000 illegal immigrants in the UK, including at least 450,000 failed asylum seekers.  From these figures we can work out that 28,000 refugees with false claims are arriving each year while only 14,000 are being de-ported.  

Our country has lost control of its borders and is wide open to a terrorist attack. Even asylum seekers who want to return home can't due to not having the proper documentation.<

12 people expelled under current laws have been returned to Britain in the last twelve months costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

E.U RULING MEANS WE CANT DEPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and human rights laws mean that gypsies can build a home on any land without planning permission.

The E.U has confirmed that Britain gave up any power to reduce immigrant numbers when it agreed to a European directive in March 2004 and thus asylum comes under E.U law not ours.

One of the effects of this ruling means that Britain is prevented from taking immediate action to deport asylum seekers whose claims are not genuine.  All E.U states have to accept asylum claims from anyone fitting criteria such as "fear of being persecuted."

When Labour came to power in 1997 the asylum bill was 13 million pounds for 1997.  The asylum bill for 2004 was 398 million pounds.

At least 500 million pounds could have been saved if the Government acted sooner to deal with the massive backlog of asylum cases.

Each Asylum seeker - most are economic migrants as they choose this country and have passed through safe lands cost 7,690 pounds each year to support.

2,400 unaccompanied children arrived in Britain and claimed asylum many without documents. Few are sent home.

The Office of National Statistics confirmed that 90,000 workers from the former Eastern Bloc had entered the UK looking for work since EU expanded in May 2004.

Between 1993 and 2002, 606,000 people moved out of London but in the same period 762,000 immigrants arrived in the capital.

1 in 20 asylum seekers has HIV!

Only 1 in every 15 failed asylum seekers gets deported from the U.K.

Unemployment rates for those refugees granted stay is at 36 percent.

The cost of housing asylum seekers since Labour came to power is £3 billion.

We have over 600,000 illegal immigrants in Britain.

Under Labour a non working couple are £27 a week better off and a working couple are £43 a week worse off.

Migrants contributed £1.2 billion to the country in 2004 but the cost of running the immigration and asylum system was £1.4 billion.

In Australia there is no dole money for migrants until you have lived and supported yourself for a minimum of two years.

When you work you get a wage so why should dole money increase if you have more children?

Only 199 failed asylum seekers were removed in the last week of June 2005, backlog is estimated at 300,000 cases. 570,000 illegal immigrants are in UK more than one percent of our population.

Detaining a single illegal immigrant costs the taxpayer £64,000 a year due to Government rules designed to protect the dignity of failed asylum seekers.<

Migration has cost over 100,000 British workers their jobs.

Most of the 1,000 migrants allowed into Britain in 2002 under a deal to close the Sandgatte refugee camp are still not officially working. 8 out of 10 have claimed unemployment benefits since coming here in December 2002 while a third have never worked at all.

One migrant arrives in the UK every minute mainly from Asia and Africa.

Over the past 5 years 212,000 asylum claims have been rejected but only 37,000 people have been deported.

Immigrants cost council tax payers £200million a year. 1/3rd of new homes are needed for migrants. 92,000 homes will be needed for migrants between now and 2026.

Immigration has increased the population by 1.5 million in a decade.

Gordon Brown's 'British jobs for British workers' campaign has been criticised in the wake of new figures. Migrants have taken four out of five jobs created since Labour came to power, Whitehall analysts have said.

Their verdict was a huge embarrassment to Cabinet ministers, who have claimed most jobs went to Britons.

11,000 illegal migrants were given jobs in security.

450,000 Backlog of asylum claims Britain has to reduce.

As many as 165,000 asylum seekers are to be granted an amnesty to live in Britain - revealed Dec 2007.

220,000 Migrants will be granted British passports in 2009.

The vast bulk of migrants are failed refugees whose files were left lying in boxes by bungling Home Office staff. They have now been living in UK so long that it would be a breach of their human rights to kick them out. All will be free to bring their relatives to Britain and claim benefits plus get top priority for social housing.

The tale of two council homes: Afghan war hero denied family home... While refugee gets £1.2m seven-bedroom mansion

One fought for his country, while the other fled hers. But the treatment of a former soldier who served in Afghanistan could not be more different to that of a refugee and her family fleeing the same place. Lance Corporal Craig Baker, 26, and his family have been refused a council house in his home town as 'he has no local connection'. Lance Corporal Craig Baker has been denied a council house because he has not been living in his local area while serving in the forces. Now the couple and their two young children are camping at his parents' three-bedroomed home in Bracknell, Berkshire - the house where L/Cpl Baker grew up. His treatment is in stark contrast to that of an Afghan family who fled the Taliban and live on benefits as refugees, 30 miles away in London. Mother-of-seven Toorpakai Saiedi, 37, was revealed to be living in a £1.2million seven-bedroom home in Acton, west London, which cost Ealing council £150,000 a year to rent. Her son Jawad, said when the case was revealed two years ago said: 'When the council chose to put us here we did not say no.

If someone gave you a lottery jackpot would you leave it?'

The family had a 50in plasma TV, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and plush silk furnishings, and received £170,000 per year in handouts.
The former soldier decided to leave the Army to spend more time with his young family.Yet they still moaned that they were too poor to afford Sky television.


Up to 180,000 asylum seekers are to be granted a 'back door' amnesty to live in Britain. They include failed refugees who should have been deported, and migrants whose claims were never even concluded by the Home Office. Instead, their files were lost or left unfinished as the asylum system went into meltdown. More than 50,000 approvals have so far been granted to asylum seekers whose files were lost or left unfinished as the system went into meltdown.

Now officials are finally wading through the backlog, and have already granted more than 50,000 approvals. Based on the current rate at which cases are being rubber-stamped, the total number to benefit from the amnesty will be around 180,000.

The approval rate is 40 per cent and rising, with all those who are successful gaining access to housing and other benefits. Local councils will be expected to find homes for many of them. The major reason why so many of the claims are being approved is the Human Rights Act. Under it, those who have been here for many years can claim Britain is now their home and that they no longer have links to their country of origin.

If their claims had been considered when they were first submitted, many might have been sent home. A migrant baby boom is fuelling the fastest growth in the UK's population since the 1960s - with one in five children now born to foreign mothers.


Britain was stripped of the power to deport hundreds of asylum seekers yesterday in a far-reaching ruling by European human rights judges. The judgment condemned the treatment of refugees by Greece and effectively forbade countries from returning asylum seekers there as they are subjected to ‘inhumane or degrading treatment’.

It means that for the first time human rights rules stop Britain from sending deportees to a fellow European Union country. Ruling: A EU judgement has condemned the treatment of refugees in Greece - and ruled that Britain can't send asylum seekers back to Greece. Greece is visited by nearly two million British tourists each year – and also enjoys the power under EU law to demand extradition of British citizens it suspects of crime within its borders. An immigration watchdog warned the ruling is likely to mean thousands of asylum seekers will make their way to Britain from Greece, or will say they have come from Greece, because authorities will have no power to return them.The judgment, by the European Court of Human Rights, will also act as a fresh constraint on Britain’s right to remove individuals considered undesirable. Under a 15-year-old ruling by the Strasbourg-based court, terrorists and other criminals cannot be sent back to their own countries if the courts consider torture may be used against them. Britain’s Border Agency stopped deporting asylum seekers who came into Europe through Greece last September in anticipation of the ruling. There are currently 1,300 asylum seekers thought to have come to Britain through Greece who could, under EU rules, be sent back to Athens.



Alarming figures revealed last night that the policy has so far allowed more than 135,000 to legally take up residence.The Home Office is giving them permanent permission to stay in a desperate attempt to clear a backlog of asylum cases. But the number could almost double to 240,000 if an estimated 100,000 dependants are included. Each asylum seeker in Britain gets a cash payout of £42.16 per week, the current National Asylum Support Service (NASS) rate - in addition to all the other benefits, which work out to a minimum of £200 per week. Even this figure does not include the cost of translation services, NHS costs, prison and judicial costs and so on.


In a Panorama Special, reporter Richard Bilton exposes a lucrative - and growing - industry. Posing as a wedding photographer, he films a sham wedding and reveals the real human cost at the heart of it; he investigates an Eastern European gang that charges 8,000 pounds to supply teenage prostitutes as bogus brides; the immigration solicitor who will prepare the legal paperwork for sham couples; and he discovers how even the Church of England has been a target of bogus wedding fraudsters.

Human rights rulings by judges have led to a tripling in the number of suspected sham weddings. The courts have repeatedly weakened rules designed to prevent non-EU immigrants from marrying solely to remain in the UK. In four years, cases have risen from 282 annually to 934 – or 18 every week.
Human right: Reverend Alex Brown, 61, was found guilty of conducting 360 sham marriages but courts are forcing the Home Office to allow them.

And the Human Rights Act has left the Home Office with no option but to scrap all remaining legal safeguards against fake ceremonies within weeks.

Illegal immigrants ‘bribed’ thousands of pounds to leave the country will be allowed to apply to return after just two years, it has emerged. The amount of time before they can re-apply for entry is being reduced from the current five-year minimum.Critics said the combination of payouts and swift returns could amount to a ‘fare-paid holiday at taxpayers’ expense’. The new rules will apply to illegal immigrants who have entered the country without permission, failed asylum seekers and visa overstayers. It is estimated there are around one million currently in Britain and over the past two years nearly 10,000 have taken advantage of departure handouts. The biggest payouts are to failed asylum seekers who can claim up to £1,500 in ‘reintegration assistance’ including a cash ‘relocation grant’ of £500. Asylum seekers with children can claim up to £2,000 per person. Last year the cost of running the scheme and making the payments totalled £16million – excluding payments to other illegal migrants, who can receive up to £1,000 worth of assistance.

More than 181,000 immigrants known to the system who were told to leave the UK are still living here. That’s the latest “shock” news that re-iterates once again what the British National Party has been saying for years – our UK Border Agency does not do the job it was designed for.

Immigration officials do not even know where the majority of the failed applicants are, according to the National Audit Office. They are all immigrants whose visas have either run out or have been turned down for one since the flawed and pointless points-based system was introduced in December 2008.



Last summers  "purposeful activities for asylum seekers" scheme, was funded by £900,000 of tax payers money.  Blunkitt is considering another £1million scheme this year.  Asylum seekers could enjoy daily football coaching and trips to top tourist locations again at tax payers expense.  Money has been spent on day trips to Blackpool, barn dancing, football coaching, athletics training, sewing classes and arts + crafts workshops.  135 organisations were given public funds to help asylum seekers pursue "purposeful activities".  Nottingham City Council spent £3,000 of its grant on daily football coaching for asylum seekers and also white water rafting.  Dorset County Council spent £8,925 helping 30 asylum seekers from Iraq and Eastern Europe put on a musical and a arts exhibition. 

What some of the Councils have got to spend on Asylum seeker activities:-

Barnsley City Council got £24,000.   Rotherham District Council got £7,000.   Newcastle got £26,000.  Sheffield got £15,397 and Gateshead £12,000.

MORE than 25,000 asylum applications dating back up to five years are lying on immigration officials’ desks waiting to be resolved. Home Office figures show the backlog includes cases where the applicant has not even had an initial decision on their claim. It is separate from the 450,000 “forgotten” asylum cases dating back to the 1990s discovered in 2006. That will be cleared this summer, but the Home Office admitted that only one in 10 have been removed and 75,000 are missing. Most of the new batch of cases are people fighting removal through the courts. The revelations shows a Government target to deal with most new cases within six months is failing.

It also raises fears that failed asylum seekers may earn the right to stay in the UK under human rights laws simply for being here so long waiting for their cases to be decided.

AN ETHIOPIAN family of 12 has sparked fury after being handed a vast townhouse at a cost to the taxpayer of £1,460 a week. It emerged last night that the refugee couple with 10 children are receiving the staggering sum in housing benefit from Tower Hamlets council in London. The family, which turned up in the UK two months ago after the father won the right to asylum here, will cost hardworking families £76,000 a year if they are allowed to remain in their huge, £5,800-a-month home. The astonishing figure emerged after Labour-controlled Tower Hamlets – the council concerned and one of the poorest areas in Europe – revealed that its housing benefits bill for just one year had reached £223million. The average wage in Etiopia is just £65 a year this family have won the jackpot.
Thirty Afghan economic migrants were thrown out of Britain last night costing the taxpayer £2.5 million.  The operation to remove the group cost £130,000 alone.  Critics say these illegal immigrants are just the tip of the iceberg and it may cost over £100 million to deport all the failed Afghan economic migrants. The cost of supporting each economic migrant is over £10,000 per year due to free housing and benefits they receive.  The cost of processing each economic migrants application running into thousands of pounds thus the estimate for the 30 deported Afghans is over £2.5 million in cost to the taxpayer.  There are over 400,000 failed economic migrants in Britain who have not been granted asylum.Britain's soaring immigration population will double in the next two decades to almost 10 million. The explosion in numbers is equivalent to adding a city the size of Coventry to the UK population every two years.
Thousands of immigrants have been granted 'squatters' rights' to stay in the UK - after living here illegally for 14 years. Under a little known rule up to 2,000 immigrants have been allowed to remain indefinitely every year - simply because they have been here for so long. A law passed by Labour in 2003 gives them the right to claim residence if they have successfully evaded the immigration authorities for 14 years. Anyone whose application is approved gets the right to stay indefinitely, working rights and full access to benefits.

Tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers were granted the right to work in the UK yesterday in a landmark court ruling.

It affects around 45,000 whose applications have already been rejected at least once, but who have not been deported.

Home Office officials argued that an EU directive - which gives asylum seekers the right to work after 12 months - should not apply to them because it would encourage appli­cants to abuse the system by making repeated claims.

But the Supreme Court ruled that failed asylum seekers whose cases have not been dealt with after 12 months must be given access to jobs.

Many of those affected are part of Labour’s backlog of 450,000 asylum claims - which are still being processed.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank, said: ‘There has been a succession of court decisions which take no account of the real world in which our Home Office has to operate.

‘It is no service to genuine refugees to make the asylum system progressively more open to abuse. Yet again EU directives have unintended and unwelcome consequences for Britain.’


Passports were given to foreigners at the rate of two a minute last year.

Officials approved a record 203,865 citizenship applications, 58 per cent more than in 2008.

Another 190,000 immigrants were given the right to settle in the UK in 2009 – a rise of 30 per cent on the year before.

A total of 203,865 newcomers were handed UK passports during 2009, a rise of 58 per cent on the previous year.

The figure has increased by more than five times since Labour came to power in 1997.

The number of foreigners given the right to settle in the UK also rocketed by nearly a third to 190,000. Though not citizens, they can stay indefinitely.

Tens of thousands of immigrants were given the right to come to the UK to take up job offers last year, despite 2.46 million being unemployed + 4 million on Incapacity

.The latest immigration figures have prompted the Migrationwatch think-tank to warn that Britain’s population is heading swiftly towards the 70m mark.

Labour’s open-door policies have resulted in another surge in new arrivals, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. Almost 204,000 immigrants were granted UK passports in 2009 – a rise of 58% on 2008 figures.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “There is not sign here of any reduction in immigration. We are still headed for a population of 70m by 2030 unless the main political parties face up to the steps that need to be taken.”


Ministers have no idea how many millions of taxpayers money is being stolen by bogus asylum seekers.  Officials fear that those claiming "Asylum Support" payments include scroungers who are already working and conmen landlords who exploit Britain's generous benefits system.

The Home Office admits that the whole system is in such disarray that they don't know how much the conmen are getting away with.  The budget for asylum support is £1 billion but no measures are in place to stop it being whittled away by fraud.  1,200 cheats had their support cut off between April and December last year - this is the tip of the iceberg.  Asylum minister Beverley Hughes admitted " The Home Office does not have an estimate of the level of fraud or overpayment"  she also concluded " the service does not keep a central record of the level of fraud in individual cases".  Only 400 staff of the asylum support service are dedicated to busting fraud, compared with 5000 in the benefits system as a whole.

In modern Britain you are simply better off not working , the Council will give you a free home , pay your rent and council tax for you, plus the system gives you loads of incentives not to work with the large cash handouts!


A bogus marriage racket designed to allow illegal immigrants to stay in Britain was being investigated last night.  A High Court Judge refused to grant five "quickie" divorces to Indian couples.  Mr Justice Wilson said they had effectively arranged "marriages of convenience" aimed at getting the partner UK Citizenship.  The Judge ordered his findings to be passed to immigration officials. 15-3-03.

At least 40,000 migrants are given marriage visas to live in Britain every year without officials checking their story with their husband or wife.

Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn said there were so many applications that hardly any of the British citizens who "sponsor" each application could be interviewed.

Even applicants themselves are not always interviewed. Many are approved on paper evidence.
MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee accused her of "complacency" and missing a golden opportunity to detect bogus marriages and those carried out against the sponsor's will.

Migrants granted a marriage visa can stay for two years. They can then apply for indefinite leave to remain and citizenship.

The 41,000 visas handed out last year 2007 included 17,000 from the Indian sub-continent.



Today people find it cheaper to jet into the UK to have their medical treatment free courtesy of  Britain's ' inter' health service. The British Government advertised to tell all Britain's to take out health insurance when travelling  abroad. visitors though are not required health insurance. The British courts have ruled that people  arriving in this country with a life threatening illness can't be deported to their country of origin for treatment if the treatment there is less efficient than in Britain. There is no legal requirement for employers recruiting overseas to ensure that their employees are in possession of a clean bill of health. Heathwatch[uk] has formed so that the British public can debate on whether they want the system to remain as it is or return to a primarily NHS with linkage between entitlement and access.

New immigrants face tests for HIV and tuberculosis after ministers launched a review of health screening at British ports.

1 in 6 immigrants has TB, and experts are also concerned with the number of hepatitis B cases entering Britain each year.

Doctors have been banned from checking whether immigrants signing up as patients are entitled to free care - they have been warned that it is discriminatory even to attempt to find out if patients have the rights to NHS treatment.  They must therefore accept applications without question.

Lambeth Primary Care Trust has sent a letter to all G.P's saying checking status discriminates against refugees and asylum seekers who are entitled to the same access to the NHS as UK citizens.  Anyone in Britain is entitled to emergency treatment but routine care is limited to those who live here legally.

Asylum claimants are given Home Office documents which prove they are entitled to free care.  But illegal immigrants and those who have outstayed their visas are not entitled.  The department of health states " There is no obligation to produce documentary evidence of identity".

UK taxpayers spend £1.5 million a day housing and feeding asylum seekers. Some are put up in sea view hotels. Even if they fail to win their bid for sanctury they will not go hungry. Britain shells out £100,00 a day on failed asylum seekers who have yet to be booted out. Each of them gets £55 a week.

Illegal immigrants should be returned to the last EU country they entered or their native country. Only 9,163 individuals have been sent home. 3,527 illegals absconded lasy year and 2,700 are still at large.

Britain must tell the UN that we will no longer accept anymore so-called asylum seekers under the 1951 UN charter that we signed to.

Why? Simply because the invaders themselves do not quality as asylum seekers under that agreement which states that any person wishing to avail themselves as an asylum seeker must report to the nearest democracy to their country and apply there for the UN to assess their case.


Jonathan Isaby, of the Taxpayers Alliance, said: “Hard-working people across the country have to cast their net wide to find houses they can afford, and those on benefits shouldn’t be immune to those decisions. This sets a potentially dangerous precedent.” Nzolameso, a single mother, came to Britain from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998 and claimed asylum. She now has British citizenship. She and her children, all aged between 15 and 10, moved to Westminster in 2008.  Her £1,150-a-week rent was covered by housing benefit but she fell into arrears and was evicted after a £500-a-week cap came into force in early 2012.

Westminster City Council was unable to find the family a suitable home she could afford inside the borough so it offered her a bigger, cheaper property near Milton Keynes - just 50 miles away.  But the refugee, who is HIV positive and has diabetes, snubbed the offer saying she wanted to stay near friends, not have her children move school and wanted a “safe” place to take her medication. When she turned her nose up at the Milton Keynes property, the council washed their hands of the woman, saying she had made herself intentionally homeless. Her children were separated and put in foster care and she slept on friends’ sofas.

The family have since been reunited and housed together. Yesterday’s decision was described as a “disappointment” by the council last night. Head of housing, Councillor Daniel Astaire, said: “We are disappointed with the ruling. “Nevertheless, we are already taking on board what the court has said and we will continue to review our procedures and make any necessary changes to the way in which decisions are explained to applicants. “However, we are pleased that the ruling does not, in any way, bring into question the principle of this or other authorities housing people out of borough where it is necessary. This could have had major financial implications for central London authorities in particular. “We will continue to take into account the full range of considerations when finding suitable and affordable accommodation for those in housing need, whether within Westminster or out of borough. We have always sought to discharge our legal duties in the best way possible and in ways that are consistent with the resources that are available.”

The UK has abandoned identity checks on illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the country from Calais. In a huge security downgrade, Border Force officials no longer photograph or fingerprint immigrants found stowing away in lorries at the Channel ferry port. Instead, they are handed to French police, who free them, enabling them to try again and again until they succeed. The scrapping of fingerprinting means that if the migrants reach Britain and apply for asylum under a false identity, claiming to be refugees, immigration officers have no way of identifying them as having previously tried to enter Britain illegally. As a result, they cannot expose their new identity as fake. Economic migrants, criminals and terrorists can now slip much more easily through the net. This contrasts with the increasingly strict checks on holiday-makers, who have to hand over their passport which contains biometric information to confirm their identities. Tory MP Peter Bone last night called for the 'extraordinary' and 'disturbing' loophole to be closed. The scandal, which makes a mockery of Government promises of tougher immigration controls, has been going on for more than three years. It came to light during an official inspection, which published its report two weeks ago.

The security gap also means migrants' details cannot be checked against prints and photos taken in the EU country where they first enter Europe – often Italy, Greece or Malta. Under the rules, migrants are meant to live in the EU country where they arrived while their asylum claim is processed there. But many immediately head straight for Britain because the benefits system is more generous. Once in the UK, they can avoid being sent back to the original country of entry by lying about their identity.

Terrorists and foreign criminals can create horror stories about their past lives and pretend to be refugees. Economic migrants seeking a 'better life' are also able to fabricate tales of needing urgent asylum, claiming they come from war-torn countries. This creates havoc in the UK's overburdened asylum system as officials try to sort out who is a genuine refugee. The Border Force claims it catches 8,000 would-be illegal migrants in lorries in northern France each year.

Britain's "soft touch" immigration system came under fire last night after it emerged that 130 asylum seekers are being put up at a seaside hotel. Taxpayers are footing the bill for bed and board as officials struggle to cope with the latest influx. The migrants are staying at the Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkestone, Kent, where they have free run of the facilities, including a swimming pool. All have been allowed to stay at the hotel by Home Office officials while their asylum applications are processed. Many entered the country ­illegally. The move has sparked anger among residents in the town who fear a migrant influx will turn it into "another Calais" with refugees gathering in huge numbers. Last night there was also real concern the refugees would be tempted to leave the hotel and travel undetected to other parts of the UK. Former Home Office Minister and Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe said: "It's all very well putting them up in a hotel but it's not secure accommodation. The Home Office know where they are for about five minutes. "You have to automatically detain all new asylum seekers because it's the only way we know where they are. There is nothing to stop them hopping on the first train to London, or anywhere. "People don't think we are a soft touch, we are a soft touch." The group was moved to Folkestone to ease overcrowding at centres in London. The migrants from Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Iran will stay at the £40-a-night hotel for at least two weeks.

A family of Somali benefits claimants living in a £2million home courtesy of the taxpayer admitted they couldn't believe their luck yesterday. To the anger of neighbours, the family of ten are allowed to live in a six-bedroom end-of-terrace Georgian townhouse in one of London's most fashionable areas, populated by high-flying lawyers and stockbrokers. The family use housing benefits to pay a heavily discounted rent for the four-storey house in Islington – close to Tony Blair's former home – which boasts a variety of period features, including chandeliers and wood flooring. The house also has balconies and a large back garden, while almost £100,000 was spent on extensive renovations last year to create two extra bedrooms for the family. The family are understood to pay the council just over £1,000 a month in rent, yet if the property were rented on the private market it could command up to £6,000 a month. As the house is owned by the council, which has set an artificially low rent, the case is not covered by the Coalition's benefit reforms, which are designed to stop large families claiming huge sums in benefits to live in mansions far beyond the reach of most hard-working taxpayers. Yesterday two men from the Somali family were seen leaving the house and driving away in a new black Vauxhall car. Neighbours said some of the family were believed to work as taxi drivers and private chauffeurs.

In the past three years, the Home Office admits taxpayers have paid £414million to feed and house foreigners waiting to hear if they can stay in the country.

The refugees are not entitled to work but can be paid what's known as Section 95 support "to avoid slipping into destitution". But costs are mounting with the backlog of cases soaring past 32,600 since January last year. Some claims have been going through the system for 16 years. Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, said: "This inefficiency not only impacts on the wellbeing of refugees but also means that they need support for longer."

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten said: "These astronomical figures reveal another of the failings of government policy...a failure to deal with applications quickly."

Jonathan Isaby of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "It's vital that ministers ensure backlogs are cleared as soon as possible and that taxpayers are protected from excessive costs." A recent National Audit Office survey found asylum-seekers in taxpayer-funded accommodation with iPads and wide-screen TVs.

During the first six months of this year, 61,591 migrants from Eritrea landed in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean. Over the same period last year 2013 the figure was just 7,913, the report reveals. The vast majority were heading to Calais where squatter camps in the town and near the ferry terminal are growing daily. The Eritreans as well as Ethiopians, Sudanese and Asians, sleep rough while attempting to board lorries heading for the UK. The report, leaked in Le Figaro newspaper yesterday, quoted figures supplied by France’s border police. A crisis meeting was held last month in Nice and led by the Police Prefect of the Alpes Maritimes region which borders Italy. Le Figaro revealed that French border police arrested 5,235 during the first six months of this year. “To the dismay of the police, the majority of migrants were invited to leave France or released,” the newspaper said. On Monday in Calais, the Police Prefect announced that he was delaying the razing of the new Jungle 2 camp for several weeks to allow migrants, who number between 500 and 800, to be told of their asylum and other rights.

It is obvious to me that if one country like the UK has a free National Health Service, Free social housing, free welfare and free schooling for children then economic migrants from countries that don’t have these things will try and head here to better themselves. None can be classed as genuine asylum seekers as they have past through safe lands. It is up to Italy to return these migrants back to Africa.

Meanwhile, the number of migrants arriving in Italy (en route to England and France) is rising daily. So far this year, 91,000 Africans have landed at Lampedusa, a rocky tourist island off the southern tip of Italy (the nearest European point to Libya), or after being rescued at sea by the Italian navy (EU rules say member countries have a duty to rescue migrants in their waters if they are in distress).
Numbers are far higher than in the same period last year and are expected to reach 100,000 by the end of August. In just 24 hours, between Wednesday and Thursday this week, 2,500 Africans, Syrians and Egyptians landed in Italy.

Like those before them, the latest arrivals are sent to immigration holding camps, which are already full to bursting, while their asylum claims are processed. But few will stay for more than a night’s rest, a shower and a hot meal. Inevitably, they want to move on and exploit the EU’s open- borders policy. Britain is their favoured destination. Mekki Ali, a legal expert from Sudan who advises migrants in Calais, explained: ‘If they go to France, it is difficult to get asylum because the rules are tough. So they dream of making a home in England. They think it is best for education, for welfare and to get work.’ Calais deputy mayor Philippe Mignonet concurs, saying: ‘Our port is the point of exit because it’s the shortest route to the magnet country, England. ‘The Italians have said that they can’t cope with the numbers, and neither can we in Calais.’ He has called on David Cameron to visit Calais to ‘see the reality of what we are dealing with’. He explained that there is a sophisticated mafia which runs people-smuggling gangs who make many millions of euros out of the migrants, adding: ‘No one in London seems to care.’ It was a decade ago when the Italian authorities first became worried by what began as a small, yet constant, stream of African migrants. The trickle threatened to become a torrent when Libya’s then dictator Colonel Gaddafi promised to ‘turn Europe black’ (in other words, allow countless numbers to migrate from across Africa via Libya) unless the excesses of his regime were overlooked by EU governments. ‘There are millions of Africans waiting to get into Europe,’ Gaddafi said. ‘We don’t know what the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans will be when faced with this influx of people. Tomorrow, Europe may no longer be European.’ Not surprisingly, EU leaders appeased Gaddafi. In return, he helped to stem the tide of illegal immigrants to Lampedusa. He sent police to patrol Libyan beaches, impounded boats, arrested trafficking agents and did much to halt the migrant trade. The result? In the first four months of 2010, only 27 would-be asylum-seekers arrived at the island by sea. However, with the fall of Gaddafi three years ago and the descent of Libya into lawlessness and civil war, the floodgates have opened again. The bitter truth is that the large sums of money paid to people-smuggling gangs help to finance the rebel militia groups in the country. The main hub of the migrant trade is Zuwara, a port city in north-west Libya, where traffickers operate with impunity. One recently told a journalist for a Middle Eastern publication that business has never been so brisk. Each boat journey across the sea to Lampedusa reaps a trafficker £150,000, and there is an endless demand from migrants begging for each £580 place on board. Thus we are now witnessing huge numbers of people in camps in Calais. Every Eritrean, Sudanese, Syrian, and Egyptian migrant I spoke to here this week had made the treacherous boat journey to the Italian island of Lampedusa from Libya after paying a trafficking agent.

AN illegal immigrant has mounted a “human rights” battle to stay in the UK after fathering five children here in six years.
Mohammed Zulfiqar, 55, ­smuggled himself into Britain on a fake passport. Now he will receive legal aid so lawyers can lodge a claim that he is entitled to “the right to a ­family life” instead of being deported home to Pakistan. Zulfiqar paid £15,000 to a ­mystery Mr Fix-It for forged travel documents so he could enter the UK illegally in 2002. But after spending 11 years under the radar of the authorities he was arrested when he applied for a licence to work as a doorman using a bogus passport to support his application. Checks revealed that the man named in the passport had reported it stolen, while a national insurance number quoted by Zulfiqar belonged to a dead man. Last night Zulfiqar’s wife claimed she did not speak any English when approached at the family home in Bradford where the couple lived with their five children aged under six. It is understood he is preparing to use Article 8, “the right to family life”, of the European Convention on Human Rights legislation to demand the Home Office allow him to stay in Britain.

Fewer than half the competitors who claimed asylum in 2012 won the right to stay. But 18 months on only one in four of those without leave to remain has been sent packing. Of the 82 Olympians, coaches and other back-room staff applying to stay after the London Games, 40 were granted refugee status. Just 10 of the remaining 42 were put on planes back home while the rest are either on the run, fighting legal battles against deportation or still waiting for a first decision. The delays are costing UK taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds to support the athletes and fund their legally aided appeals. Home Office figures show asylum ­applications were submitted by 82 Olympic visa holders, just 10 of whom have been removed.

The most recent figures show that 42per cent of the asylum seekers win their cases at a first hearing or subsequent appeal. But the majority of those who have asylum refused do not leave the country anyway, according to the Home Office.
I have spent days at the asylum courts and watched numerous asylum seekers, such as those Chinese Catholics who couldn’t spell ‘Jesus’. I have seen Pakistanis who say they’ve been spotted indulging in homosexual acts on rooftops in Karachi by mullahs — behaviour which will earn them imprisonment or worse if they have to go home. It is a story that resulted in a successful asylum claim a decade ago that is now repeated by others from Islamic nations. They may well be telling the truth. But the more men who offer the same story, the harder it is to believe they are all genuine. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other cases that stretch credence. One woman from Nigeria came to Britain and overstayed her visa. She took her case to appeal, claiming she would not be safe in her home country. Her reason? She was the snake killer. She said that as a result, she was a hated figure because her fellow villagers worship snakes as sacred creatures and would attack her on her return. Funnily enough, she lost her case, but whether she has left the country is anyone’s guess. Incredibly, one Bangladeshi immigrant who stabbed her eight-month-old baby in the stomach with a kitchen knife (nearly killing her) won the right to stay in Britain last year so that she can have contact with that same child. Though she was jailed for five years, when the Home Office tried to kick her out at the end of her sentence she claimed the attempt to deport her breached her human rights, and an asylum court agreed, saying her removal would not be ‘proportionate’ to her crime. In another case, an Afghan man with the mental age of an infant complained through his legally-aided lawyers that during his appeal to remain, the judge appeared to fall asleep and, therefore, ‘missed’ vital details of his evidence. The frightening farce seems to be never-ending. Earlier this month, it was reported that illegal migrants now escape deportation by claiming asylum not on first arrival in the back of a lorry or at an airport, as the rules state should happen, but only after being caught in hiding, sometimes months or years later, by immigration police. In the past six years, 19,066 of these foreigners who do not claim asylum on arrival have been allowed to stay in Britain after offering tales which persuaded the courts that sending them home would breach their rights. At the asylum courts, the hearings are not under oath, and from my experience there is an all-pervading atmosphere of benevolence. I even heard a judge in one case tell a young male migrant: ‘Whatever is decided here today, you will not be punished.’ When I have visited Taylor House in North London, one of Britain’s biggest asylum courthouses, there was an air of jollity as Brazilians mingled with Belorussians, Nigerians with Mongolians, Nepalese with Zimbabweans. In the lavatories, instructions in Arabic tell migrants where to find the footbath so that Muslims can wash before using the prayer room in the building. Signs on the wall on how to get to each court room are in 15 different scripts. I have been told by sources working at the heart of the asylum system that some of the most unscrupulous immigration lawyers prepare country-by-country ‘crib sheets’ for migrants. Girls from central Africa, where female genital mutilation is rife, say they risk this horrible practice if they return. Young men from Algeria claim they are members of a Berber minority and face oppression in their homeland. Angolans and Zaireans, even South Africans, spout parrot-fashion that they come from Zimbabwe and will be tortured under Mugabe’s regime for supporting opposition parties there. So many of the migrants offer such stories that one QC versed in immigration law admitted to me that most are ‘seriously unbelievable’. Yet it is impossible to prove one way or the other if what is said in the asylum courts is true or not. And the stories of torture and persecution are often startlingly similar. At Taylor House, I saw  one pretty young girl tell the judges she faces political hatred  in Zimbabwe. But she spoke none of the languages or dialects of the country, and was suspected by the Home Office lawyer of being from a peaceful part of Malawi. Occasionally, a smudgy black and white photocopied map of a remote corner of a foreign land was produced and scrutinised by the judge, to little avail. A membership card of an obscure political party was handed over as evidence, and suspected of being a forgery. But no one (and certainly not the judges or the Home Office lawyers) could be expected to tell one way or the other. A colour photograph of a demonstration somewhere in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was meant to prove that its owner really was a political activist whose life was at risk in that country. I asked one Home Office lawyer after a morning of hearings for an estimate of how many asylum seekers whose cases are thrown out go on to get deported. He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching. Then, only half in jest, he put  up his right hand with the ends of his thumb and index finger pressed together to make the figure nought. Asylum? No, this is bedlam.

An unemployed refugee on benefits has allegedly wrecked her £1.25million townhouse paid for by the taxpayer while her family has been branded the 'neighbours from hell'. Mother-of-seven Manal Mahmoud moved into the upmarket Fulham address following a £76,000 refit - half of which was paid for by public money - almost three years ago. But now she could face eviction after the owner of the three-bedroom property, Sue Cummings, apparently found the home had been 'trashed'.

While most migrants would expect a modest home, some councils have spent huge amounts of public money on housing families who arrive on their doorstep. Somali asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif was given a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods in 2011. The 49-year-old was granted housing benefits of almost £8,000 a month to live in the six-bedroom property with his wife Sayida and their children. The couple demanded to be moved to West Hampstead, North-West London, after deciding their home in the Midlands was inadequate. Their new house boasted a 90ft garden and was refurbished before their arrival.
It is understood Mr Khaliif has up to eight children and lives on benefits. He has not worked since arriving here three years ago. Although housing benefit has been capped at £400 a week, the Khaliifs were able to claim more because they moved before the change came into force. According to sources, the house was being advertised to rent at £7,800 per month.

A murderer who killed up to 400 people in his homeland has been granted asylum in Britain.

John Thuo, 27, who butchered many of his victims in machete attacks in his native Kenya, has spent a decade living here in rent-free accommodation provided by the National Asylum Support Service. He is believed to receive an allowance of up to £160 a month from the service, the Home Office unit responsible for asylum seekers’ housing.Thuo, who was a member of the outlawed Mungiki sect in Kenya, admitted at an immigration tribunal that he killed ‘about 100 to 400 people’. He also took part in female genital mutilation. He was granted leave to remain in the UK for three years after an appeal, under the Human Rights Act, to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber. He says deporting him would infringe his human rights because he would face execution by the sect on his return.

Covered in flour, they clamber from a foreign lorry – to the amazement of other motorists on a busy motorway. This is the moment that at least nine suspected illegal immigrants emerged from their hiding place after smuggling themselves into the UK. The gang brazenly strolled off into the English countryside. And although all were caught within minutes, almost half were immediately set free. They were even taken to hostel given free accommodation and told how to apply for asylum and benefits.

Fifty Iraqis drugged themselves to fake mental illness so they could carry out benefits fraud costing millions of pounds. The group won asylum in Britain after saying they had depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome from the conflict in Iraq.They then claimed disability payments plus housing benefits worth up to £2,000 a week in what was described as a ‘wholesale onslaught on our welfare system’. Many of the fraudsters have Dutch and Danish passports and were believed to be living and claiming further benefits in other EU countries while also letting out their taxpayer-funded homes in Britain.The scandal was exposed when Lindsey Hall, anti-fraud tsar at Westminster council in London, raised the alarm following a massive increase in housing benefit claims after Labour introduced the generous local housing allowance in 2008.

The UK Border Agency is to be abolished with its work returning to the Home Office, Theresa May has announced. The home secretary told MPs "its performance was not good enough". The UK Border Agency was formed in 2008 as an arms-length agency of the Home Office but Mrs May said this had led to a "secretive culture". It will now be split into parts focusing on the visa system and on immigration law enforcement. Both parts will report directly to ministers. It is the second time the UK Border Agency has been split in just over a year.

THE shambolic UK Border Agency was exposed last night for trying to hide the chaos surrounding the huge backlog of immigration cases. Two reporters – hired by the agency's Sheffield office as part of an intake of 800 temporary workers brought in to clear the backlog – recorded their manager ­telling them: "I'm not ­supposed to say this but...what we've actually done, I suppose, is move the goalposts a little bit. "In terms of meeting our commitment that we set at the start of the year, no we're not going to." A few days later another manager announced new plans to clear 60,000 visa applications made using the family route. But he tells the reporter that the "most complex cases" – about 50,00 applications using human rights rules – "won't be dealt with anytime soon".

MPs warn that border officials require 24 years to clear their backlog of 320,000 immigration cases.

Incompetence and foot-dragging is blamed for the sheer number of claims – the equivalent of the population of Iceland. In a blistering report, the Commons home affairs committee also said the army of foreign criminals on the streets was growing, with the total now almost 4,000. The audit into the work of the UK Border Agency, which was dubbed not fit for purpose six years ago, found 321,726 outstanding cases involving immigrants. These include 28,500 current asylum cases, 4,000 immigration cases and 181,541 people placed in a so-called Migration Refusal Pool. The pool comprises migrants who arrived legally but cannot now be found after their work or study visas expired. Officials say many of the migrants will have gone home – a view disputed by the MPs, who say the lack of proper border checks may mean 'tens of thousands' are still here. Between 1997 and 2010 about 700,000 Asylum seekers arrived in the UK. Less than a 1/3 were granted asylum but 3/4 are believed to be still in the country. Between 1066 and 1950 the UK only had a million immigrants what we have seen in the last decade is unprecedented.

A law firm invented scores of 'touching' love stories about foreign couples to convince immigration authorities that their sham marriages were real, a court heard yesterday. Solicitor Tevfick Souleiman and three immigration advisers working for him made 'substantial' sums by forging documents to hoodwink the UK Border Agency during the eight year scam, it was alleged.

Brides were flown into Britain from eastern European EU countries to marry non-EU citizens, giving the grooms rights to live and work in the UK, the Old Bailey was told.

Britain is hosting enough illegal immigrants to fill three cities the size of Newcastle, according to border officials. A Home Office report says an estimated 70 per cent of the 863,000 illegal migrants are living in London. The study also reveals that 10,000 foreigners who had no legal right to live in Britain have been granted permission to stay under the so-called 14-year rule. It means they managed to stay in the country for so long without being booted out that the Government has now given up the fight. Ministers say the situation is a legacy of Labour's shambolic handling of border controls.

Border chiefs were today accused of ‘camouflaging’ the true scale of an immigration backlog that was ‘spiralling out of control.’ The total number of immigration and asylum cases which have not been processed by the UK Border Agency now stands at more than 300,000 - the equivalent of a city the size of Sunderland - or the entire population of Iceland, the Home Affairs Committee said.

And it has also emerged that the UK Border Agency is set to grant an ‘amnesty’ to some 80,000 migrants as it struggles with a spiralling backlog of immigration cases.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers were allowed to stay in the UK without proper checks in yet another borders scandal, it emerged last night. A Government inspector found that thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files even being looked at. Officials at the shambolic UK Border Agency (UKBA) also ignored evidence of deception and fraud by applicants whose cases dated back up to 17 years. Some 124,000 cases were put in  cold storage without proper checks to see if the applicant could be found. It has since emerged 37,500 people involved could have been easily located and potentially booted out. A further 10,000 cases classified as having ‘legal barriers to removal’ had, in fact, just never been opened. Officials also repeatedly misled Parliament over what was happening, according to John Vine, the chief inspector of Borders and Immigration.

Inside Out London has uncovered stories of children who according to official records do not exist - some forced into sex work to eat. Further research suggests it is a UK-wide problem. Charities warn of stateless children in Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Oxford and Cardiff. "The problems caused by statelessness are by no means limited to London," Chris Nash, of charity Asylum Aid, said. Though, he acknowledges it is in the capital that the problem is most acute. Many of London's stateless youths came to the UK legally, but were never officially registered. They cannot access education or apply for social housing.

Almost 200 foreign criminal suspects were arrested every day by the country's largest police force last year. Just over 72,500 – a third of the total arrested – were held by the Metropolitan Police and questioned about crimes including murder, rape, robbery and fraud. The figure is up almost a quarter on two years ago when 58,870 non-British suspects were arrested in London.

FOREIGNERS are pocketing £2.1billion a year in welfare benefits, figures from Whitehall revealed last night. A Government report showed that 371,000 people claiming working-age benefits were non-British citizens. The figure, which represents six per cent of the 5.5million working-age benefit claimants in the UK, triggered fresh anger about the huge burden of benefit tourism.

Robert Oxley, Campaign Manager of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “With billions at stake the proper controls need to be in place to prevent benefit tourism from swallowing up taxpayers’ money.” Released by the Department for Work and Pensions, the report was the first time that Government officials had attempted to track the country of origin of claimants, with the top three identified as Pakistan, Somalia and India. A total of 258,000 claimants came from outside the European Economic Area – which includes the EU and the Nordic countries – with the overwhelming majority coming from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

TAXPAYERS shell out £1million a week to fund appeals by relatives of immigrants barred from Britain, a report revealed in December 2011. Almost 1,000 cases are lodged every week, eight times the number before Labour scrapped fees for family visitor visas in 2002. Critics are demanding a complete overhaul of the system which costs £50million a year. “It is an outrageously generous system which taxpayers should no longer be expected to fund at a time of severe financial stringency,” said Sir Andrew Green of the population think tank Migrationwatch which uncovered the visa shambles in a report.


We know they’re going to move Asylum seekers in there. All the flats have been done up, central heating, the works. And they’ve put up brand new net curtains. That’s a sure sign.

This is the kind of message that we have been hearing from angry locals all over the UK for the last couple of years. Many of the details change, but the total renovations and the highly visible net curtains crop up time and time again.

So too do the denials by local councils that the premises concerned are going to house asylum seekers. And almost as regular is the spectacle of those same councils being forced to eat their words within weeks as local residents wake up to find that new neighbours from Albania and Somalia have been moved in overnight.

The repetition of this pattern over the entire country has been something of a mystery up until now. Strangest of all has been the sight of so many councils telling lies to local residents and newspapers alike, even though the bureaucrats and local councillors telling the lies must know that they will be exposed and discredited within weeks. Just such a sequence of events, for example, played a major role in the by-election victory of our Robin Evans in Blackburn last autumn.

Secret Tenancy Agreement

The answers to this puzzle lies in a secret 26-page document the Revised Tenancy Agreement April 2001 – produced by the Secretary of State for the Home Office, acting through the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. Its very existence is supposed to be secret, Section 3 (p), on page 8 has this warning for people or companies thinking of making money out of housing asylum seekers:

The Landlord’s attention is drawn to the Official Secrets Acts 1911-1989. The landlord shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all individuals engaged on any work in connection with this Agreement have notice that these statutory provisions apply to them and shall continue to apply after the expiry or termination of the Term.

I don’t know whether there is anything to make a reader who is not planning to be a signatory to the document subject to the provisions of the Official Secrets Act. I don’t know, and I don’t care. This document is so shocking that the truth about it has to be told. All I will say is that this article is published here solely on my authority, so if some Hofe office legal bigwigs wants to prosecute over this shockingly democratic breach of their veil of secrecy, they know where to find me.

The anti-free speech restrictions continue on page 9, although by this time the section numbers seem to have become somewhat confused and very unclear. The actual meaning of Section (a) (iii), however, is all too clear:

The Landlord shall ensure that no press release or other public document containing Confidential Information is issued and shall not make any public statement concerning Confidential Information without the prior written approval of the Directorate and the Tenant Company as to its content and the manner and extent of its publication.

This is the answer to one key asylum mystery. This is why local councils and private companies alike, which are providing accommodation for ‘refugees’, continually refuse to comment or lie about their role in housing asylum seekers. Once they’ve signed up to this Agreement, they simply don’t have a choice.

Detailed list of items for asylum seekers

So what doesn’t the Home Office want you to know? Take a look at Schedule 1 on page 14, and you can see for yourself:

This list of requirements for any property being used to house asylum seekers begins, reasonably enough, by insisting that it shall be fit for human habitation, and have adequate light. Let us ignore the fact that many hundreds of thousands of our own people are either homeless or live in houses which are unfit for human habitation because, according to central government and local councils, there isn’t enough money to deal with all the problems.

By the time we get to Section 1.3, the secret Agreement begins to lay out requirements which are beyond the reach not just of a relatively small number of the homeless or desperately poor:

all meters shall be of the quarterly type, the use of card or key meters shall not be allowed.

Isn’t that nice? If you and your family fall into arrears on your utility bills, particularly electricity, you have to agree to the installation of a card meter set at such a rate that it gobbles up money. British families with children can’t be officially cut off but if they run out of meter credit, their lights and heating go off anyway and they have to go to bed at dusk in the winter to try to keep warm. Such hardships are unacceptable, however, when it comes to asylum seekers.

Section 1.7 insists that The property shall have a full and safe central heating system installed. Paraffin or bottled gas fed heating systems shall not be used. Perish the thought! Such devices are fine for British pensioners and young families shivering on the poverty line, but far too smelly, inconvenient and dangerous for Mr Blunkett’s favourites.

New electrical goods

After laying down requirements on issues such as fire safety, the Schedule reaches Point 10: All electrical appliances in the Property shall be either new or, if second hand, shall be supplied complete with a twelve month guarantee. Well, I don’t know about you, but when my wife and I got married and set up home, we had to get our first electric cooker and heaters from an auction, completely without any guarantee at all. And, of course, ordinary British youngsters moving into places of their own still face the same choice between paying through the nose for new equipment or going without guarantees. Pages 15 and 16 go on to provide a long list of the things needed in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathroom of each asylum property. As you’re probably expecting by now, this features everything from chip pans to teaspoons, from an easy chair for each bed space to a Boots first aid kit. The long ‘General’ list in Section 1.13 even proves that the popular observation about new net curtains showing that asylum seekers are moving in is true, since landlords are ordered to provide net & drawable curtains to all living rooms and bedrooms. They get everything, in fact, including the kitchen sink.

Free colour TV and licence paid!

One item does, however, stand out:

For Each Living/Dining Room

1 new twenty inch screen colour television complete with licence which shall be renewed at each annual anniversary of the Start Date throughout the Term. Native Brits, of course, have to wait until they are 75 to get a free TV Licence, and non-payment of this iniquitous tax is the biggest single ‘crime’ that puts British women in prison. Many of those women can’t afford a TV licence because they are struggling to bring up young families on pitifully low incomes. As a result, they are also often unable to afford proper child safety equipment. No wonder, then, that the Home Office bureaucrats being so generous with our tax money wanted to keep Section 1.20 secret:

Where there are to be children living in the Property, the Property shall include:

Adequate cot and highchair facilities

Appropriate sterilization equipment;

Child safety gates on all stairways;

Childproof resistant devices or casement stays on all windows;

Appropriate play areas both inside and outside the Property.

Another thing that ordinary families on average incomes find a big problem is the occasional cost of major repairs. Asylum seekers have no such worries. Under this Agreement, the Landlord is bound to do all repairs within seven days, and to provide an emergency repair service (Section 1.23) where a threat to health and safety is apparent. The rest of us have to turn to Yellow Pages or pay for call out insurance, but it would be unfair to expect asylum seekers to do the same, would’t it? Similarly favourable treatment is also specified in the Letting Provisions, Section (f) of which commits the Landlord to redecorate all parts of the Property in the third year of the Term. The rest of us may have to fork out down at “Do It All”, but not Mr. Blanket’s special guests.

Perhaps most ludicrous of all, however, is the next section (g) of the Letting Provisions, whereby the Landlord agrees: To have the exterior of all windows of the Property cleaned once every twelve weeks. I kid you not, it’s there on page 7. What would George Formby have had to say about it?

Who pays?

So what do all these modcons and services cost the lucky occupants of such premises? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. When various bleeding heart liberals tell us how asylum seekers only get basic income support payments, they don’t tell us about the Letting Provisions on page 4 of the Home Office’s Revised Tenancy Agreement, do they? Yet these show that not only do asylum seekers get their TV licences paid for them, we also pick up the tab for their rent, water rates, gas, electricity and council tax bills. Surely, you must think, these people must want to spend night after night on the phone to all their friends and family back home, telling them all about the wonders of Soft Touch Britain? A lot of their pocket money must go on paying the phone bill? No, as you probably guessed, they don’t have to pay a penny. Section 1 ((b) of the Letting Provisions sets out the fact that the Tenant Company (funded by the taxpayer) agrees to pick up the phone bill for every single property provided by the Landlord in question to asylum seekers. Don’t forget that every single council or housing association in this land which is housing asylum seekers has signed this document. Thousands of councillors in the ruling party in Labour, Lib Dem and Tory councils alike have either read this document or studiously avoided seeing it so they didn’t have to.

It only took one BNP member in one council to leak this insulting and undemocratic document. By contrast, we will never know how many Lib-Lab-Con merchants have seen this Agreement since it first started being used in 2001, but not a single one of them has had the guts to put the interests of democracy and their constituents before asylum seekers and the Home Office.

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the UK Border Agency will be split in two following revelations that hundreds of thousands of people were let into the country without appropriate checks. She told MPs the UK Border Force would become a separate law-enforcement body with its own distinctive "ethos". Mrs May said officials had abandoned rules and gone further than ministers had recommended in relaxing checks.

Official figures show that the number of people coming to live in Britain for more than a year, minus those who moved abroad, stood at 250,000 in the year to June 2011. This represents a rise on the figure of 235,000 for the year to June 2010, just after the Coalition came to power. Fewer people are emigrating while increasing numbers continue to settle here, in particular students from Commonwealth countries in Africa and on the Indian subcontinent. The number of National Insurance numbers given to foreign-born workers rose by 11 per cent, which is likely to fuel fears that immigration is worsening unemployment figures. Meanwhile the number of asylum seekers from troubled countries including Libya and Iran rose by 11 per cent and the number of people being deported fell sharply.

A giant new Government database is being flooded with tip-offs from the public about illegal immigrants at large in the UK. Calls are being received at the rate of one every six minutes – the equivalent of 100,000 allegations every year – raising huge concerns about the true scale of illegal working in the UK. This is despite the fact that the database, the National Allegations Database, has not yet been publicly launched. The majority of the intelligence received so far is considered to be genuine by immigration officers in charge of the system. In only a few months, they have carried out 900 separate raids – and secured 700 arrests.

Some 63million people now live in the UK, an increase of 4.3million since 2001.The population of England and Wales has seen its largest ten-year rise since records began. A quarter of all births were to mothers born abroad — that proportion rising to 56.7 per cent in London. Almost 47 per cent of all births in the capital were to parents both of whom were born outside Britain.Between 2010 and 2035, the UK’s population is expected to grow by almost 11million; around half of this increase will be a direct result of immigration. A further 21per cent will be an indirect result — through the higher birth rate of new migrants. And bear in mind that Britain already has a density of population higher than Germany, and more than twice as high as France.

When Olukayode Olusanya got  married, he had no trouble recognising the assembled guests.

Sitting in the pews behind him was his girlfriend and their young daughter – one of four children they had together. Although the wedding appeared real, it was  a complete sham designed to allow him to stay in Britain. Olusanya, 34, was tying the knot with a total stranger, Dutch resident Zunica Sabina, 28, and when the ceremony was over she simply drove back to the airport, got on a plane and flew back to Amsterdam. Her identity was then assumed by Olusanya’s long-term partner Esther Ogunrinde, 30. The bogus ceremony allowed illegal immigrant Olusanya, and Ogunrinde – a failed  asylum-seeker – to avoid being deported. Nigerian-born Olusanya was able to work as a nursing assistant while his partner, posing  as Sabina, worked as a care assistant and cleaner and continued to claim food vouchers intended for asylum seekers. The couple kept their pretence going for three years, using fake documents to fool three employers The identity swap even began before the wedding at St John’s Church in Moston, Manchester.






A CITY council yesterday warned it would stop offering housing to asylum seekers to keep resources for locals. Birmingham Council will not renew an agreement with the UK Border Agency when a five-year contract to accommodate asylum seekers ends next June, it emerged. Councillor John Lines, cabinet member for housing, said: Over the last year we have seen a sharp increase in the number of homeless people in Birmingham and we must help the citizens of this city first.

An Egyptian whose application for asylum was rejected because he lied to immigration when he entered Britain, claiming to be an Iraqi refugee, is being allowed to stay because he has now married a Lithuanian.

On average, foreign women have 2.5 children each - rising to five for those from Pakistan, and 3.9 from Bangladesh. British mothers have an average of 1.7 children each.

In 2002, the UK received a staggering 29 percent of all asylum claims within the E.U.

Most of these asylum seekers applied "within country" and many were bogus with 80 percent seeing their claims rejected.

SKILL COURSE FRAUDSTERS COST TAXPAYERS £100 MILLION.Fraudsters hijacked an adult education scheme and siphoned off nearly £100 million of tax payers money it has been revealed.  A commons committee launched an attack on the department for Education and Skills for failing to prevent the widespread abuse of Individual learning accounts, which provide cash for adult retraining. £67 million has been paid to fraudsters and another £30 million wasted on courses.


Experts believe over 50,000 illegal immigrants controlled by criminal gangs are working in the countryside.  Large growers often have little choice but to use the gang bosses as they will provide 20 or more workers.  Gang bosses take 40 percent of their workers wages.

150 Go on the run each day

Nearly 150 asylum seekers vanish each day to live illegally in Britain.  80,000 were refused permission to stay last year but only 13,000 were actually deported. A further 80 percent of those remaining lost court battles with the home office.  This leaves 53,600 asylum seekers staying on illegally.  The figures for 2002 are expected to show an all time high.


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Sacked for pointing out that illegal migrants were employed.

A industrial tribunal heard yesterday how the manager of a pizza parlour was forced out of his job for daring to point out that his restaurant was employing illegal immigrants.  Four out of the eleven workers were illegal immigrants.

Prescott homes in on another daft scheme?

Abandoned homes could be seized under a new scheme announced by John Prescott.  Buildings left empty for more than six months may be renovated by councils and rented to homeless people. [not a bad way of getting your home decorated for free, just leave it empty and get it fully renovated thanks to the taxpayer] , then claim it back costing taxpayers more in legal aid etc.

Prescott owns quite a few homes - so why not rent out the ones not being used to asylum seekers?

FACTS ON THE P.C POLICE:-  Police have been ordered to wear headscarves when entering Sikh temples.  How long before the rest of us have to wear turbans?


Jamaican drug mules:-  Ten percent of all visitors from Jamaica are smuggling Cocaine, each month 150 visitors from the Island disappear into the U.K yet we only deport 54 a week!

Britain has de-stabilised the world due to the lack of scrutiny arms deals get - it is possible for a Arms dealer to pop across to Paris to seal a deal , or rogue countries can easily forge validation certificates and then sell the weapons on.  The British and American trained Bin Laden and also supplied Saddam with Weapons of mass destruction including Anthrax and Bubonic plague.

'Bob Burke,  the Peterborough councillor responsible for asylum seekers, said  that  the  influx  was placing an  unbearable strain  on local services.  "Let's say London or Sidcup in Kent have too many  or  don't  want  any  asylum  seekers,   they  put  them  on  a  train  to  here. Peterborough  then has the problem and not London or Sidcup,"  said  Mr Burke, a former mayor of Peterborough. "It means that an  asylum seeker family  with  four  children  will have  priority  over  housing  needs compared with a local family and that causes problems."'

Diana Fund in asylum row

A fund set up in the memory of the Princess of Wales is to give thousands of pounds to asylum seekers.  Money will be handed to schools to help them celebrate "Refugee week" which marks the contribution of immigrants to Britain.

More awards will be announced next week by the Diana, Princess of Wales fund, sparking criticism that case raised by public donation is being "misdirected".   Three Londinistan schools, in Chalk Farm, Harrow and Southall, which are being recognised as welcoming refugee children, will recieve £9,000 between them.  The Somali Community Centre,  the Afghan Association of Londinistan and the Refugee Council , will get £1,000 each for nominating the schools.


Students can go bankrupt to avoid paying off their loans.

Labour's plans to triple University fees have been thrown in chaos by a loop in the bankruptcy laws.  Graduates can now wipe out their student debts at a stroke by declaring themselves bankrupt.  Changes in the insolvency laws mean some bankruptcies can be discharged within one year.

Debt ridden students simply have to take a year off after graduation and file for bankruptcy to start their careers free of debt.  Guideline issued by the Governments Insolvency Service added student loans to the list of debts that can be cancelled by bankruptcy.

The Empire Strikes Back


Economic migrants are being encouraged to learn more about the British way of life with free trips to the Panto, football and the seaside.

Last night a group of 20 watched Snow White at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. The college in Wolverhampton has been given a grant of 1000 pounds to pay for asylum seekers to have day trips.

ASYLUM: BNP Stems the Tide

THE HOME OFFICE has suspended the dispersal of asylum seekers to Burnley and Blackburn because of the election of BNP councillors, in May and November, in the two Lancashire towns.
Delighted BNP campaign workers celebrated the news as it was announced by Government spokesman, Lord Filkin, in answer to a question from Pendle Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Greaves: "The dispersal of any asylum seekers to the whole cluster for Burnley and  Nelson had been suspended. The dispersal to the whole Blackburn cluster area has also been suspended."


A huge search was underway on 29/9/03 for asylum seekers who broke out of the secure Home Office detention centre at Lindholme prison.  Twenty men scaled the 20ft perimeter fence, using beds as ladders and laid a mattress over the razor wire at the top.   The escapees were four Sri Lankans, three Nigerians, two Egyptians, two Jamaicans, and one from Iraq, India, Algeria, Kosovo, Pakistan, Cameroon, Macedonia, Sierra Leone and Turkey.

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Bravo Adrian.  Well said!  I think the reference to Hitler and the Jews is a bit unfair.  The Jews were booted out of certain areas of finance and the public service because they ruined the place.  In the case of Britain and other western countries, our fearless leaders are the ones ruining their respective countries.   Well said though, bloody good!   Gavin This is a great site this.  I may have seen it once before.  The immigration into the first world is nothing less than a conspiracy to break down the Anglo Saxon way of life in Anglo countries.   All these immigrants come from 3rd world countries, and when they reach critical mass, you can expect wages to hit rock bottom as these people will outbid us for work.   A conspiracy theory you think ?  Nonsense I hear you cry!  No way.  I am serious!  Why would our " representatives allow this this obviously stupid thing to happen.  They have been told by big business to bring in a cheap labour force. Why can't we tell the Government of these 3rd world nations to treat their own better! Loved the site great stuff.   Gavin via email. 

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The UK AND USA Should run Iraq.

USA has guaranteed that Iraq's Oil revenues will be trusted to a UN protectorate.  The French Oil company  Total / Fina / Elf  has exclusive rights to develop two huge oil fields. Russia also has made deals with Baghdad worth £40 billion.  Iraq cancelled this contract when the UN was scrabbling for a second resolution hence Russia suddenly started opposing military action.  Therefore France and Russia were trading blood for oil and not concerned with the victims of the Baghdad regime.  Mr Blair has not been pitching for British firms to gain contracts because he is fixated with the idea that the UN should run post war Iraq.  We have seen in recent years Britain colonized by economic migrants from poor countries without social security systems.  If we don't "colonize"  we will just keep getting colonized by more peasants from the third world.

How we help Dictators

An encryption system known as Jaguar V was sold by British company Racal under a secret export scheme funded by British taxpayers to the dictator Saddam Hussein.  This system changes the frequency of his phone calls , ten times every second , making it difficult to listen in to his conversations without another handset with the same settings.


The number of state subsidised homes given to foreign families is four times higher than previously claimed, ministers admitted on the 1st July 2007.  200,000 citizens of foreign countries hold the keys to council or housing association homes.  The figure means that 1 in 25 of the five million state sector homes is occupied by those who are not British citizens.

Police are looking for 14 asylum seekers who escaped from a detention centre after a fire was started there.

A total of 26 people broke out of Campsfield House, near Kidlington in Oxford, but 12 have been caught. Officers in riot gear were brought in to deal with a disturbance at the centre on Saturday night, when a fire was lit in the building. A helicopter, police dogs and a large number of officers are searching for the escapees.


Police fear being called racist so illlegal immigrants stroll free
Wednesday August 4,2010
By Martyn Brown, Political Correspondent THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants are routinely freed instead of deported because police fear they will be branded racist if they question a suspect’s nationality.

The number of foreign students let into the UK is "unsustainable", Immigration Minister Damian Green will say. In a speech later, he will question whether Britain is attracting the best students - with only half of student visas issued for university courses. Mr Green's comments come as Home Office research suggests one-fifth of students were still in the UK five years after being granted visas.The Home Office study tracked non-EU migrants who came to the UK in 2004. The largest group - some 185,000 people - were students, and 21% were still in the country five years later.

For young people living in the remote valleys and bustling cities of Pakistan, the incentive to move to Britain can be great. Living in Britain offers them freedom from family shackles and the prospect of financial gain. The existence in Britain of large Urdu-speaking communities is further incentive. Of course, there is the problem of entry. What skills can a teenager from a dusty, school-free village in North West Frontier Province possess that will convince border officials that they will enhance Britain's economic richness? One way to gain entry to Britain has been to secure a letter of admission to a British college, which has frequently proven to be enough to obtain a student visa.

BRITAIN faces a fresh wave of migrants from next Sunday, when rules on benefits are relaxed. As many as 100,000 people from eastern Europe are expected to head for the UK after May 1, when they will be able to claim up to £250 a week in handouts.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the monitoring body MigrationWatch UK, said last night: “This needs to be watched very carefully. Nobody knows what impact it will have.”

A CONMAN with a few poor GCSEs who got a top job at the Home Office has been jailed for a £500million fraud. Andrew Waldron, 38, was jailed for four and a half years – his third conviction in nine years. No one checked his record and he became head of an investigation unit at the UK Border Agency. He admitted lying about qualifications to get a job with Gloucestershire Police in 2002 and was jailed last December for lying to the Home Office, where he worked from 2005 until his arrest in August 2009.

Waldron, from Rugby, Warwickshire, was put in charge of scores of contracts to house asylum seekers worth £20million each and committed the frauds while on bail last year. He took £69,000 from property firms by claiming he could give them £480million in contracts to house diplomats as director of a fictitious agency called the Cross Border Intelligence Service.